Are Germans screwed?

These days I have been very busy reading and, with the author’s permission, quoting extensively from his book Hellstorm: the crime of the age against the Germans that most people are totally unaware of. And what do I find today in presumably the best white nationalist blog in German language, As der Schwerter? The article “9/11 und das heiße Eisen” where the author claims (translated to English):

• Never before and never after a reinforced concrete high-rise building has collapsed because of a fire. On 11 September this happened but three times…

• A few published still-images from a surveillance camera refute the theory that a small truck caused the explosion. We see, in fact, no vans, but no airplane [my emphasis].

Doesn’t it occur to As der Schwerter that claims such as the above have been refuted as nauseam by those who truly use an ingrained Occam’s Razor in their cognitive processes and have studied the case with such parsimonious frame of mind?

Had nationalist Germans vaccinated their minds against American virulence—and many contemporary conspiracy theories, not only 9/11, are the product of transatlantic infection—, they would be translating to German not only Hellstorm but many books of other authors that expose how monstrously the Allies cracked up the German spirit seventy years ago. But no: they are still re-infecting their cognition with mind-rotting American myths…

The following is a very recent exchange in a TOO article about why present-day Germany is screwed:

Karlfried said…

I am a farmer in Frankfurt in Germany. I want to give some information about Europe to you. Europe is not small. Total area is the same as the USA; European population is 750 million, double that of USA.

The most important question to both Europe and the USA is whether their white populations (that is “us”, in the German language “wir”) shall get out of existence within the next 50 years due to incoming millions of poor people from the Third World, plus their offspring plus mixing with the white population.

In Germany we have had for decades and up to recently a kind of strong “brain washing” from the government, saying that “Multiculti is a good thing”. Now that it is obvious that the contrary is true, the rollback in public speaking has started. Almost everyone who does openly support multiculturalism will not be taken serious by the audience.

Of course, those lines of development need their time, probably they need decades. But in Germany, a very good start has been made in the last two years.

Fender said…

Sorry but you Germans are screwed. The people who rule you are never going to give up their power, and you’ll never be able to deport the millions of third worlders in your country without the jew-led US and UK declaring war on you again for turning “evil” and “fascist” once again.

You guys went all in with Hitler and the Nazis and unfortunately you lost. You won’t ever recover from what happened to you in 1945. Believe me, I wish it were otherwise, but I just don’t see Germans having the intellectual and spiritual strength required to utterly abolishing all German guilt, re-taking their country and kicking the filth out.

To my mind, spiritual strength involves also the rejection of every single American conspiracy theory, from the theories about the John F. Kennedy assassination to the Moon Landing “hoax” and the Satanic Ritual Abuse of thousands of children in the US.

I had no plan to write anything about September 11 this day when I will continue my extremely painful reading of Hellstorm. However, the conspiratorial cognition of naïve Germans at As der Schwerter made me change my mind, and I feel compelled to point out the list of articles on September 11 that have appeared in WDH:

Oh silly truthers…

9/11: White nationalist paranoia

A flaw in the white nationalist psyche

Greg Johnson on 9/11

Popular Mechanics on 9/11

By the way, don’t even try discussing the minutiae of September 11 “truth” in this thread. Now that I’m studying what really happened after the Second World War, I have no time for pointless discussions. Those willing to discuss their pet theories are advised to do it at the forum linked at the top article in Screw Loose Change: a blog devoted to a point-by-point rebuttal of September 11 conspiratorial nonsense.


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