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The multicult has absolutely nothing to do with either reality or liberal, universal values of non-discrimination. The multicult is not anti-racist. The multicult is disguised anti-white racial hatred. And combined with open borders and forced integration it becomes genocidal.


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“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny
but in ourselves.”


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“Equality is a slogan based on envy.”

—Alexis de Tocqueville

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“White Nationalism in the USA is bogus because it refuses to acknowledge that the penultimate standard for whiteness is the Nordic type. Period.”


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“Our problem is us, not the Jew.”

—Farnham O’Reilly

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“It’s not for lack of the right ideas that our race is going under; it’s for lack of character.”

William Pierce

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“I have lost faith in a pro-white movement run basically by liberals, eunuchs and even degenerates.”

Cesar Tort

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“We need a regime that (1) bans pornography and (2) erects statues of gorgeous naked nymphs and athletes in every public square and crossroads.”

 —Greg Johnson

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“The behaviour of the British and Americans in their wars to destroy Germany and all that was best in Europe has put them beyond the pale forever.”

Brian boru

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“Spite is the foundation of all morality.”


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