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“Relative to historical analogy,
PPO (post-peak oil) die-off
will make the Black Death
seem like a nosebleed.”


The new white nationalist carpetbaggers

Abridged from Vanguard Renaissance, one of the
sites administered by Sebastian Ronin:

As stated in previous entries, White Nationalism is an inherently flawed ideology, doomed to fail, amounting to little more than multiculturalism for white people. Rejecting White Nationalism as a rallying point in favor of Ethno Nationalism does not imply support for multiracial nations. The Renaissance Party [Ronin's party] simply recognizes that there are irreconcilable ethnic and cultural differences among White Euros, all entitled to their own space and institutions, with ethnic divisions being the foundation of nations. There’s no such thing as a singular “white culture” or identity; Whites are not interchangeable cogs. To ignore the differences and resulting implications between North American continental White Euros is beyond stupid.

On that same note, there’s no such thing as an “American Ethno Nationalist”; “American” isn’t an ethnicity. It’s an abstraction built around liberal-enlightenment premises, leading it to gradually broaden to include a greater range of ethnicities, and eventually, races, while remaining logically consistent in accord with its foundational principles. These flaws made it possible for the Jew to take root with greater ease and less resistance than in Europe. America, from its inception, was hardwired for Jewish takeover, delivered on a silver platter. Hardwired to become New Zion. Hardwired to become the unrepentant harbinger of world kikery. Hardwired to fail. No point in replicating failure—whether it’s a futile attempt to save America, or to “restart America” in pseudo-secessionist breakaways. If a supposed Ethno Nationalist secessionist thinks that “the problem” is limited to ZOG, then they have already missed the boat. This isn’t an attack on just the current American government, but on American identity, the American ideal itself. It’s all trash…

“America” is absolutely meaningless and unsalvageable, with collapse permeating mainstream discourse more and more. “American” dies a much-deserved death on all possible levels. As such, we owe it to our constituencies to facilitate a transition away from “America” towards healthier directions, as opposed to sending mixed messages and reinforcing ethnically-undermining American identity…

Pieter_BruegelOf course, the old guard is unwilling to listen to anyone besides themselves while attempting to shoehorn an entire condition (collapse) and related generation which they don’t understand into their uninspiring and irrelevant vision for resurrecting 1950’s America. Scratch your average White Nationalist and you’ll just find a typical faileocon / Teabagger with more pronounced racial sentiments and the same pitiful, polite wailing about some past bygone age nobody else fucking cares about. Apparently, they think this is the future standard of racial politics, the aegis and salvation of the White European Race, the Aryan ideal™! Absolutely pathetic…

To the old guard of White Nationalism: your strategy sucks, your country sucks, your constitution sucks, your tired old nostalgic platitudes about “the good ole days” suck. Your inability to get over your misplaced sense of propriety—to see or admit any of this, sucks, as does your resulting inability to work with others toward any relevant solutions. You suck. You’ve had numerous chances over the course of 50 years, and fumbled the ball every single time. Get outta the way because you are in the way. It’s time for something better.

On Spain and literature – II

“Zionist Occupied Government? Pffft! Zionist Occupied Culture? Closer. Zionist Occupied Soul? Bingo! The Inner Jew.”

—Sebastian Ronin

retrato de soledad anaya
On page 227 of her textbook, Soledad Anaya mentions that Naples and Sicily, Flanders, Germany, Hungary and Bohemia; Portugal and all the kingdoms of Spain itself became subject to the scepter of Charles V, the Holy Roman Emperor, in addition to the rich new lands of America. Anaya mentions that the subsequent, various Philip kings lost, one by one, all the European lands; and she also recounts in passing the religious wars that ripped Christendom apart. On the same page, Anaya began her introduction of one of the Spanish poets of the time, Luis de León, born in 1527, “who has been described as the greatest of the Spanish lyricists.” Luis de León professed in the Convent of St. Augustine and was a teacher of theology and scriptures. But at the very end of that same page, Anaya tells us that in 1572 he was put in jail by the Inquisition of Valladolid, accused of not having the Vulgate as authentic, something considered contrary to the warnings of the Council of Trent.

I made a pause while reading that page and thought about writing an entry, “Iberian blunder on a colossal scale.” But it is a huge subject and I must limit myself to mention only a couple of thoughts of my soliloquy.

Precisely what I value the most about my favorite philosopher of the Greco-Roman world, Porphyry or Tyre, is that he could have prevented what the Führer called the greatest calamity that fell upon the white race: Christianity (for a couple of entries explaining my admiration of Porphyry, see here and here). It comes as a shocker to see that, unlike Revilo Oliver, Ben Klassen, William Pierce and others, most American white nationalists still stick to their parents’ religion. This month for example, Matt Parrott wrote in his Facebook page, “I’ll be praying for his [Craig Cobb] merciful treatment, for his health and vitality, and for his discovery of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ while he’s being persecuted.”

Wow. I wonder if Americans know how and why the Iberians lost their power in both Europe and the Americas? It was precisely what Spain did not tolerate in Luis de León; precisely what Christian Rome did not tolerate in Porphyry, what caused the fall of both Rome and Spain.

I have added to WDH many entries on how this Semitic-inspired religion (“prolefeed for the gentiles”) did not pay any attention to the racial boundaries. But the real point is that white nationalism, as a project that doesn’t reject our parents’ faith, is a lost cause insofar as the Christian problem has been more serious than the Jewish problem, even according to Hitler’s table talk.

Sebastian Ronin also believes that white nationalism is a non-starter. It should be a no-brainer among racialists that, in order to save the race, the first thing to do is to abandon the faith that amalgamated the Aryan psyche with the Semitic one. Only in such way it is possible to understand, as Tom Sunic does, why the US committed the vilest act in all Western history: siding the subversive tribe against her brothers in the century when we were born, and perpetrating with the other Allies a true Holocaust of Germanic people. Although Sunic has been video-recorded as politely saying to white nationalist Christians “Give up this Christianity!” I see no reason why not saying the same in more direct terms:

There’s no way to save the white race except by rejecting the Inner Jew to use Ronin’s words in the epigraph above, which I interpret as rejecting the symbol “Jesus Christ.” So let’s start with the very honorific name of this semi-historical or completely fictional personage, whoever he was. Just as “The Buddha” is a title of the very human Siddhattha, “Jesus Christ” is a title of the very human Yeshu.


My previous post has moved me to use the below description of Sebastian Ernst Ronin’s most recent book in Amazon Books:


Anschluss: The Politics of Vesica Piscis (Energy Devolution, Ethno Nationalism, and the Secessionist Fracturing of the Industrial Nation State: A Polemic) is a ground-breaking work that pulls into focus the inter-related political dependencies of North Amerikan Ethno Nationalists, Preppers, and Secessionists. The bold claim that all three rising demographics either succeed together against the onslaught of Globalization or fail individually leaves the reader with few comfort zones.

Ronin has pointed at a door that few will open, let alone venture through. Underlying the several themes that run throughout this polemic is the argument that the Radical Right and the Radical Left have more in common than they do not. The last hurdle to bridge is that of race and ethnicity.

The hypothetical bridge constructed with an Ecology of Race and Ethno Nationalism takes readers from both camps into the hybrid of a new ideological and political dimension. This is not a book for the ideologically faint-hearted nor for political reformists. It is a must read for all Ethno Nationalists, Preppers, and Secessionists who are prepared to do what they must do as opposed to what they would merely prefer to do.

For better and for worse, Anschluss will go down as a game-changer at these most crucial of times as the Globalist boot begins to come down seriously and hard. This work will be a benchmark for many years to come.

Ronin was born in Vienna, raised in Toronto, and lived most of his adult life in Vancouver. As a widower, he now lives a Prepper lifestyle in rural Nova Scotia. He is one of the most respected, though not always liked, secessionist voices in North Amerika. Mr. Ronin has been the driving force and is the current President / CEO of the Renaissance Party of North America.

The source of all evil

The Jewish-American entity is Jewish as respects its head, American as respects its body… [It] will not surrender, since the very existence of Jewry is at stake, and the whole United States and its population is there to secure the existence of Jewry.

—Francis Parker Yockey

Amerika is a racial and cultural abortion. The scalpel of pop culture has performed a lobotomy on racial memory, with the full and eager endorsement of the patient.

—Sebastian Ronin

An awakened, recommencing Europe promises, thus, to repudiate America’s betrayal of herself—America, this foolish European idea steeped in Enlightenment hubris, which is to be forgotten as a family skeleton once Europe reasserts herself.

 —Michael O’Meara

Hugs in white nationalism?

by Benjamin Noyles

big hugStarting with what to my understanding is the origin of a recent dispute, the appearance of RPN (Canada) President, Sebastian Ernst Ronin, on The White Voice (79:00). Sebastian: “Matt Heimbach is within the White Nationalist community, or Ethno Nationalist community, is a staunch Christian… He will always frame his perception of the world as a Christian”—this forming part of his wider argument that there needs to be an intellectual street fight where differences of opinion are hashed out in blunt terms. In a follow up Traditionalist Youth Hour – 2013-06-24 hosted by Matt Parrot and Matt Heimbach, this was also identified as the source of contention, and so will begin with that.

Both parties have completed a consensus on the “debate”—I don’t think Heimbach would actually disagree with Seb’s point that he is a Christian first, and that it is ideological.

I believe these are some examples that go some way to proving this with previous statements such as “I hate Hitler”; “if a Jew converted to Christianity, I would accept him as a brother in Christ”; (29:00) “I have more against a White Pagan than I would a Black Christian” (32:00). Rather than these being just differences of opinion, I will give Matt the benefit of the doubt that this is part of a thought out and consistent belief—it is polite society to go on that assumption, otherwise how would anybody expect to be treated seriously?

If these comments have been repudiated by supporters as naive folly, then for exactly that reason we should not be carving words of what are called “leaders of the New Right” in gold. I think this is where some people don’t seem to understand the discussion, which hinges on the supposed infallibility of the Hug Box. In my opinion, any change in opinion by such persons is incremental and should they stumble on truth it will be used in such a way as to not be correctly seized upon. It is just wood, hay, and stubble.


Matt Heimbach is a nice Christian kid, and I mean that obviously. I don’t think he drinks, but I would take him to Burger King (and it would be on me). He also has balls, he is trying to make a point, and he looks like an intelligent man—however, those things acknowledged, it still doesn’t help in the slightest. I have a legitimate concern that this thinking is deeply, deeply flawed. It is 100%, subverted race treason, and it is the sort of thing that some point down the line will blow up in everyone’s faces. At that juncture there is nothing personal about that, but it is a fundamental concern.

This is where all the white knights come in. Even though on the face of it this should be an honest and frank exchange, the following is the “unwritten rule” of the “new” White Nationalist movement: Any criticism of a “figure” who identifies as a white racialist in such a time as this where “we” are in numerical weakness—is in itself divisive and counterproductive.

The basis of this position is the argument that we must preserve harmony at any cost, so they do everything possible to reduce friction, despite friction being the concomitant of motion. You would think that a living and expanding movement has a certain quota of difficulties as the result of its life and activity. There is only one human society that has no disagreements; it is called a graveyard. Under this system, inside the “Hug Box”, everybody is a winner, but the penalty is sterility and lack of achievement. The question is who really benefits from this? When you have a situation where instead of embracing criticism you have people reacting emotionally, what is it exactly that they have to hide?

Calling somebody out is not a curse—if it is false the individual only has to dispel that claim. If this criticism cannot be dispelled, then it was justified in the first place. Defection of the kind we have seen is clearly done with the deliberate intention of drawing “personal attacks” —because it has to be asked, “Why are you beyond criticism?” This can produce unkind assertions to the contrary.

I believe that [Matt] Parrott correctly summarised Ronin’s position as follows: “He doesn’t want a group hug, he wants to defeat the various factions of the Ethnic (sic) Nationalist community, and come out victorious.” Knowing Seb, this may very likely be his exact intent and strategy. If this is so, it would seem to be a reasonable tactical progression towards the very objective that Parrott himself identifies.

The truth of the Hug Box is that it is an ugly, poisonous, rubber spiked commode. Why did an “attack” on the views of an individual incite a community response? On the face of it this is strange as the only thing the New Right culture does is debase and criticise—it is in its stated mission. I remember Jonathan Bowden defined as the “critical analysis to revive inegalitarian cultural forms that have been dispriveledged” for what purpose?

“First the fight – then pacifism.” – AH

(Read it all, here.)

Martenson interview

Nationalists don’t want to do their homework and research peak oil objectively, for example, how Chris Martenson answers to the abiotic theories of oil:

Instead of debating here on WDH, nationalists are beginning to discuss the subject of my previous posts at Occidental Dissent, where Sebastian Ronin is dismissed by one of them as “a deracinated conspiracy doomer” and others are posting comments like: “I am increasingly skeptical in light of rising oil production due to fracking,” and also “I told you so. Technology. Never leave it out of your equations on predicting the future. There will be no ‘energy devolution.’”

There will be no energy devolution—a flat statement that ignores that mere tech cannot create energy out of thin air!

There’s nothing to do with those who don’t want to do their homework. It reminds me somewhat my experience with the counter-jihad gentiles that didn’t want to read literature on the Jewish problem, not even literature written by well-respected academic Jews!

I am afraid that those who, like Ronin and I, want to show the pro-white movement that energy devolution will tremendously impact racial politics, will be talking to a different audience.

Weigel on the Ronin controversy

My Full Support for the RPN [Renaissance Party of North America], by Erick Weigel, Co-Chair, RPN (USA) Steering Committee


I am not interested in getting into an online pissing match with anyone, but since I have a stake and role in the future and successful development of the Renaissance Party of North America (USA) as one of two Co-Chairs of the RPN (USA) Steering Committee, I will make some statements.

All of the concerns put forth in the recent criticisms of Sebastian E. Ronin and the RPN can be alleviated by simply reviewing the Renaissance Vanguard website and the Renaissance Party of North America website. The Three Pillars (Peak Oil, Secession, Ethno Nationalism), the Ten Principles of Ethno Nationalism, the RPN Constitution, and the RPN Policy Positions in particular, will address all concerns and criticisms. All of them:  Ethno Nationalism, Peak Oil, race, religion, left/right or otherwise, White Nationalism and so on.

Read it there. Either you get it, or you don’t (or won’t). Either you jump onto the program, or you don’t.

Regarding Ethno Nationalism:

The Renaissance Vanguard and the RPN have reached out to nearly every potentially friendly North Amerikan White Nationalist personality and organization at one point or another over the last three years regarding mission, policies, and positions. The concept of Ethno Nationalism has always been met with a degree of contempt and/or ridicule by most Amerikan White Nationalists, up to and including a total black-balling by the WN community of the RV [Renaissance Vanguard] and the RPN.

That is until recently. Now it is the “new thing” among the so-called elite of Our Cause, several being those who have ridiculed, that we are all supposed to rally behind as the next great concept to save our race (and get page hits).

From my observations this recent jumping onto the Ethno Nationalist bandwagon by White Nationalists is either one of two things.  It is either that there has been suppression of egos coupled with a very uncanny instance of synchronicity where everyone concerned had a moment of clarity on the subject…or…they finally realized that Mr. Ronin may be onto something and feel they can run with it as their own.

The former is quite unlikely. So that leaves a greater possibility of the latter. Naturally, one would take extreme offense to such blatant attempts to re-package and peddle their position as belonging to one of our own WN “great thinkers.”

Would it not be more honourable and respectful to simply give credit where credit is due? I mean so many personalities and activities are cross-promoted in certain circles, why not in this case? It comes down to egg on the face, personality conflicts, online pissing matches, and that most arrogant and suicidal of Amerikan cultural poisons, imperialist exceptionalism.

Regarding left/right/libertarian or whatever:

None of that matters. It’s all bullshit. The tags of leftist, ring-winger, liberal, and conservative no longer hold any meaning. They are all potentially, i.e. more than likely, the problem.

“No enemies on the Right” as adopted by the New Orleans Protocol no longer applies, as pointed out by Mr. Ronin, because the Right is every bit of an enemy as the Left. Over the years I have met people that have come to Our Cause from all over the political map. Some of the most ardent have been former “lefties” (or worse).

The RV appeals to all factions at a point of overlap. This is the gist of our philosophical Vesica Piscis. We don’t want everyone, just the ones in each sphere that “get it.”

Regarding Heathens and Christians:

This fight has been a long standing one. It has nothing to do with peak oil, Ethno Nationalism, RV, the RPN, or Sebastian Ronin. Unless, of course, pointing out some really poorly thought out public statements by certain people is considered instigating.

Actually, some of these poorly thought out public statements re-opened the Pandora’s Box of religion once again, just when it was quietly drifting towards a non-issue.

It just so happens that most RV participants have a non-Christian view of things. The only people that it seems to bother are the Christian zealots who insist that faith (theirs, of course) be a firm basis for any organizational statement of principles.

In conclusion, I would simply like to make it public that Mr. Ronin has my full support in the ongoing attempts at character assassination and theft of ideological breakthroughs tossed in his direction by cowardly and unprincipled detractors. No one stuck a gun to my head to force me to come over to the RPN from the American Third Position for which I was Northeast Regional Director. I came over of my own free will, as will others in time. I came over because I am convinced, as has been pointed out by Mr. Ronin, that the RPN is the future.

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Sebastian discusses peak oil with skeptics


A fascinating interview of Sebastian Ernst Ronin (front left in photo) with Joe and John on The White Voice. And not only about why peak oil should be the central subject among ethno-nationalists. Sebastian also answered tough questions from the interviewer about why he had been critical of Christian Identitarian Matt Heimbach.

Since most nationalists are willfully illiterate about the total energy devolution that is coming—very few know that America’s bottom will drop out within our lifespans—, I agree with Sebastian that his party “is the future.” I also agree that there is no record in revolutionary history that the faction that will become the dominant ideology can do it through courteous diplomacy with the competing groups and without any in-fighting.

Listen to the interview starting in minute 52 (here)!

Collapse is both tomb and womb

A brief discussion in another thread moves me to add a few excerpts from the beginning and the end of “Novacadia: White European Political and Geographical Redoubt” (based largely on the coming peak-oil crisis later in the century) by Sebastian Ernst Ronin:


Over the last several months the notion of secessionist breakaways has gained considerable traction within the NAmerikan White Nationalist community as a legitimate political option to ensure the continuation of the White Race on the NAmerikan continent. The clarion call of Michael O’Meara’s 2009 TOQ Essay Winner Toward the White Republic begins to take some form. Seasoned secessionists take note with one eye cocked. New secessionist arrivals exuberantly and naively trip over themselves to enter the debate…

In conclusion… White Nationalists need not overly concern themselves with having to “do” such task. It is the historical condition with corresponding opportunities and synergies that will unravel the artificial identity of large-scale nationalism. Secessionists need merely to perceive such and adapt accordingly. This is the unfolding of history; it need not be taken personally.

There is much work to be done. There are no guarantees and there most certainly are no freebies. Secessionist adversaries are many and have at their disposal the full resources of the state. If, as according to a 2008 Zogby poll, secession is more favorable to traditional liberals than to traditional conservatives remains to be seen and is highly debateable. As offered above, a realistic argument can be made that White Nationalists have now “captured” the NAmerikan secessionist movement. Within the context of an energy-depleted future, Empire implosion and related depletion of a nanny-state social infrastructure, the support of liberal, and largely urban centrists and statists could easily wane while support of conservative, and largely rural decentralists increases. No one yet knows how the hybrid political initiative of “radical right meeting radical left” will actually present and play itself out. However, the political hybrid does slowly begin to come into focus and, as with any other birthing process, will carry like dynamics.

For most NAmerikan White Nationalist secessionists it may be time to deal with the political schizophrenia of attempting to be both a secessionist and a national patriot. To borrow a strand from current pop culture: It is time to let it go. Tourists will need to be shown to the tourist compartment of the secessionist vehicle. Once the secessionist Rubicon has been crossed, there is no turning back.

Most of the work to be undertaken over the next two decades by White Nationalists will be to agitate and to educate, as the revolution we propose is largely a revolution of thought, a revolution of perception, a revolution of identity. People fear what they do not understand.


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