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Two historical lies are demoralizing the white peoples: a millennial lie about Christianity and a more recent lie about the Second World War.

See the masthead of this site to understand Judeo-Christianity, and also the Hellstorm Holocaust that the Allies perpetrated in Germany: the best-kept secrets in History!

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A response to Highrpm

(Re: this)

But why Game of Thrones resonates with whites? Why the novel and film of Ben-Hur resonated in the last centuries in the West?

It doesn’t matter that one can say that the authors of Ivanhoe and Ben-Hur were silly Jew-admirers. The question remains: Why did their novels become such huge bestsellers?

White nationalists who presently are ignoring Game of Thrones are also ignoring the buttons the show had pressed in the white psyche to become so popular.

To me, it’s obvious what lies behind: a longing for pre-technological civilisation, when life was cruder but in many aspects fairer than the unnatural ways of today’s lifestyles; a return to a sort of idealised Middle Ages, the adolescence of the white people’s story, but without Christianity, as in the Game of Thrones universe there’s not a single Christian whatsoever.

Because in activating the right archetypes in the collective unconscious lies the possibility of white awakening, nationalists are ignoring the Game of Thrones phenomenon at their own peril.

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About meaning in Game of Thrones

by Vig

– an original for this site –

I am really amazed by this whole fascination for Game of Thrones. I consider myself lucky not to have wasted my brain cells on digesting this TV series.

As a regular Youtuber I have seen snippets of this series and seeing it convinced me that I had to do with degenerate stuff. I have to admit that in spite of this I am fascinated with powerful myths.

I saw a filmed edition of The Nibelungen and it inspired me to make a few paintings.

Commenting on this platform and other blogsites made me aware that it is better to ask essential questions instead of blurting out opinions, which after all is like a fighting match, you get counterblows instead of understanding.

What is the fascination with GOT really?

The massive popularity and then the following anger as things were not to the expectations of a lot of watchers are puzzling. It looks like that there is a deeply unconscious dissatisfaction that the average watcher cannot get ready with.

In my view Cesar’s understanding of this phenomenon is the deepest by referring to the anima and the animus. Here comes of course the work of the German psychologist Carl Gustav Jung in the picture. But we Europeans have chosen to neglect him after it was clear that before the war he said some positive things about Adolf Hitler in his essay about Wotan.

It looks like “we” are massively attracted to some thing that we pretend to be opposed to. What is it? In any case it has the appearance of schizophrenia.

Could a philosophical genius bring the answer here? No, not at all, philosophy is exactly the problem here. This whole issue falls totally out of the domain of intellectual and rationally comprehensible expressions. That is why it is nagging us.

As a visual artist I am very much bent on perceiving the “Gestalt” in things and happenings, that means the overall pattern, which comes down to the visual and spatial aspect of things. Exactly that is what Jung in his later work came to see as the essence of the anima, our hidden shadow of the mind which expresses itself in images.

In spite of the awkwardness that verbally expressing myself is as a visual thinker, I want to raise questions about the meaning of the Gestalt in GOT and other Youtube videos that I have seen, and I am curious to know how other commentators will see that.

First of all: The heroine of GOT the queen Daenerys is blond, decisively blond, and has intricate braids in her hairdo. Did one know that German educational advisers warn for schoolgirls having braids because it is interpreted as a sign of right wing extremism? No kidding. Jewish scriptwriters?

A dominant actress here having very blond hair is not without meaning, however unconscious of himself the scriptwriter may have been.

What is the meaning here?

In a lot of other movies with Jew scriptwriters I found some patterns over and over again, the details of which you can find in Renegade Tribune.

It is so remarkable to me that in these endless repetitions of the same dumb Hollywood clichés the girl saved is always BLOND!

Blond seems to have the highest status in the world and that is why the Jew likes it. How all those Jewish and coffee coloured women must hate everything that has blond hairs, because that is what their spouses actually would have liked them to have had. No wonder that a lot of darkies and negro females are conking their hair and dying it. This is one more reason for them to hate whites.

And then the movies about the Nazi terror! This category is in the chapter of sado-masochistic semi porno movies in which the Jew excels. You know the stories of hidden concentration camps where prisoners are tortured by sadistic SS members.

And, Lo and Behold, the female SS officers who like to humiliate male prisoners are always stunningly beautiful Aryan blond females, and the male officers who like to rape the females are always the perfect blond Aryan types.

What is the meaning of all this?

Did we hear the word “projection “ here?

And where would the whole Hollywood film industry be if they would not have had the fearsome enemy of the German soldier of the Third Reich, especially the Waffen SS? Their war movies would be terribly boring and make no money.

If you can pretend at least in the image that you have defeated an enemy whose military glory is without precedence in human history then you must be a super hero !!!!!

The dumbed down whites take it for entertainment. This is really perplexing.

It means to me that the image itself, let us be precise all images in the eye of the beholder (!), have become devoid of direct meaning, they are not nurturing the heart anymore. Only on the instinctual level, the level of sex and violence there is a resonance.

If this is true it means that the white industrialised man has lost in his psychological functioning a faculty that has to do with the giving of meaning to visual images, including the images of his own body and his race. There is no identification on the feeling level, it is either rational and verbal, or it is instinctual. It sounds extreme but I would say that modern man has incapacitated his nervous system significantly by his degenerating lifestyle.

Let us look at the state of contemporary western art. In the last decades the absence of the development of new styles and new themes clearly in the visual arts but essentially over the whole front of western art signifies the absence of real creativity. It is spiritual emptiness. It supports my statement above.

The only real question is: can this incapacitation be healed within the lifetime of one generation? If yes there is hope, and with a proper spiritual inspiration work just has to start, but if not, the process of extinction for the white race and for all the ethnicities who are going to be in the same boat like the Jews is inevitably going to happen.

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any reference to Game of Thrones whatsoever, in 2015 I already knew that only good stories, however mythical, can galvanise the white psyche to the point of boosting its self-image and self-esteem, let alone racial preservation.

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Martyr myths, 1

Editor’s Note:

I added on the sidebar an image of the boy Bran under the tree of his house in Winterfell because the central message of this site has not reached even several regular visitors: if the white man does not recover his story, the apocryphal story for us that the Jews invented will lead to white extinction. (In fact, I have just used that image for my laptop’s desktop, and I recommend you do the same.)

This is something so obvious that even hurts to repeat it, but it apparently does not fit into the little heads of the people of the alt-right because, as I said in my previous entries, many have not even read the story of their race that Pierce wrote.

Of course, Who We Are is just an introduction to a more scholarly study (which includes what we have been translating, step by step, from Deschner’s ten books). But the fact that white nationalists are not even able to read Pierce’s entertaining book cannot but mean that, unlike the Jews who weaponize their stories in their struggle against us, whites are unwilling to review the Jewish POV about their past. And only a historical review of the white man’s past can shed light on how it was that we arrived at the darkest hour in the West.

When writing these words I cannot help but remember the ubiquitous advertisements throughout London that I saw on my last visit: advertising visuals of black men with white English women!

Where is your fucking hate, English readers of Rudyard Kipling’s poem about the wrath of the awakened Saxon? Why can’t you become an exterminationist like me consumed by hatred? Why is there so much negation and abnegation in your hearts? Why is there so little fate in your looks?

Following what I said in my recent posts using the end of Game of Thrones, I must add that white nationalism will continue to be obvious quackery as long as they are unable to face the most basic facts of their own story.

Candida Moss is one of those English liberals unable to see that their liberalism is the most destructive ideology for their race that has appeared in history: a Night King whose objective is to wipe out the entire white race. But her book, The Myth of Persecution: How Early Christians Invented a Story of Martyrdom, sheds light on one of the myths that helped Judeo-Christianity conquer the Aryan soul so long ago. Following are some excerpts from the introduction to Candida’s book:


______ 卐 ______


The Myth of Christian Martyrdom

What if Christians weren’t continually persecuted by the Romans?

The evidence for Christian martyrdom is of three basic types: evidence for persecution from Roman sources and archaeology, stories about martyrs, and descriptions of Christian martyrdom in the writings of church historians. On the Roman side, there is very little historical or archaeological evidence for the widespread persecution of Christians. Where we do have evidence for persecution, in the middle of the third century, it is not clear that the Romans were specifically targeting Christians at all. Even the so-called Decian persecution in 250 CE was about political uniformity, not religious persecution. Nothing in our evidence for Decius’s legislation mentions targeting Christians. Before Decius, the prosecution of Christians was occasional and prompted by local officials, petty jealousies, and regional concerns. That Christians saw themselves as persecuted and interpreted prosecution in this way is understandable, but it does not mean that the Romans were persecuting them. This interpretation does not match up with the political and social realities: Christians were ridiculed and viewed with contempt, and they were even sometimes executed, but they weren’t the subjects of continual persecution.

Then there are the stories about early Christian martyrs, commonly known as “martyr acts” or martyrdom stories. Most of these stories have been handed down from generation to generation and accepted as authentic on the basis of tradition. The vast majority of these stories, however, were written long after the events they purport to describe. There are literally hundreds of stories describing the deaths of thousands of early Christian martyrs, but almost every one of these stories is legendary. There are many pious reasons why someone might choose to fabricate a story about a martyr, and there are plenty of examples of genuine errors, but for those interested in the history of martyrdom, fabrication causes a problem. In some of these cases, scholars are not sure that the people described in these stories even existed, much less that they were martyred.

The problem with forged martyr stories was so widespread that in the seventeenth century a Dutch Jesuit priest named Héribert Rosweyde began to sort through the European manuscripts that preserved the earliest stories of the martyrs. The size of the task of cataloging thousands of manuscripts proved to be too much for Rosweyde alone, and the project was eventually taken over by a group of scholars led by an ambitious priest named John Bolland. The Society of Bollandists, as they came to be known, spent the next three centuries culling the corpus of hagiographical literature (literature pertaining to the saints) into a huge sixty-eight volume collection of texts about the saints. Of these sixty-eight volumes of texts and commentary, they decided that only a handful of stories were historically reliable. The rest—the vast majority—had been thoroughly edited or had simply been made up.

Scholars of early Christianity agree that there is very little evidence for the persecution of Christians. Although there are references to the deaths of Christians in the writings of the early church, these are vague and often exaggerated. For the first two hundred and fifty years of the Christian era there are only six martyrdom accounts that can be treated as reliable. These stories describe the deaths of Christianity’s oldest and most beloved saints: the elderly bishop Polycarp, the young mothers Perpetua and Felicity, the teacher Ptolemy, the philosopher Justin Martyr, the martyrs of Scillium, and the brave members of the churches of Lyons and Vienne in ancient Gaul, modern-day France, who endured unspeakable tortures at the hands of the Romans. Even today some of these martyrs are mentioned in the religious services of the Catholic Church.

When we look closely at even these stories, however, it becomes clear that they have been significantly edited and changed. They refer to theological ideas that didn’t exist in the period described in the stories and contain elements borrowed from other ancient sources. Details like these suggest that even the earliest stories have been tampered with…

There’s almost no evidence from the period before Constantine, or the Age of the Martyrs, to support the idea that Christians were continually persecuted. Most of this information comes from later writers, especially from the anonymous hagiographers who edited, reworked, and even forged stories about martyrs during periods of peace. The stories of beloved martyrs like St. Valentine, St. Christopher, and St. George were written long after the time in which these people supposedly lived, by authors who were preserving folklore, not facts.

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The Power of Stories


How Bran the Broken was always the ending

by Yezen IRL

Given the massive controversy and confusion around King Bran, and the ending of Game of Thrones, I figured I would give a brief explanation why Bran the Broken was always GRRM’s endgame, what this means for the story, and what it says about fate, free will, justice, and the stories that bring people together:

Melissa Krauss: I really did like this summary. Instead of criticizing, you explained how it really did fit the book. It did make a lot of sense. I’m glad that you showed this perspective.

Adrian du Plessis: A fantastic level-headed insight that enriched my experience of the show and renewed my excitement for the upcoming books. Thank you.

Nicole Cox: Well done! You gave a reasonable analysis of themes that were underdeveloped… But, nevertheless, present if we look for them.

Loopy Luppy: I would very much appreciate it if you were to continue this channel as I love your perspective on this show and would love to see it on others!

Kimseungsoofan: I loved Bran since the beginning and it made me happy to see him as the king, but what made fans mad was the build up!

Undertow: You know, I wasn’t a fan of the writing for the past couple of seasons mainly because of the rushed pace and the way they tossed the last two books aside, but it sure is refreshing to find a channel that stays positive and tries to find hope in the things we got. And considering you have read the books it sure is great you interpreted the spirit of the plot points… so thank you and keep up the amazing work!

Al Rezz: You make me love GOT again! I am going to rewatch it!


D&D: Were we right? In what we wrote?
RR: What WE wrote.
D&D: It doesn’t feel right.
RR: Ask me again in 10 years.

Ty Hijau: I was hooked on your channel since watching your last video about Bran being crowned king, well before the end of the series. Don’t know if I have ever come across another channel where the creator uses this level of critical thinking and analysis…please, keep it up. There are some out there, like me, who do appreciate this content. All your videos have been top notch!

Abilyn: Your perspective is the comfort needed for this end… Thank you.

Daniel Polanco: Thank you for appreciating and delve into the reasons for Bran’s kingship when everyone else seems enraged by it. This final season (and your video essays) gave me all the more reasons to dive into the books I’ve been holding back from ever since I started watching the show. Cheers.

______ 卐 ______

My two cents: Why am I posting so many posts about GoT?

Because of what I said a couple of days ago: ‘Jews win because they have a story. Whites lose because nowadays they’ve lost their story’.

It is high time for the white race to recover their stories, starting perhaps with Pierce’s Who We Are. Otherwise, the Jews will continue to win.

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Tyrion Lannister’s little speech

Watch it in the context of my recent reply to a commenter on Red Ice’s historical ignorance about the religion of our parents (the Red Ice couple are YouTube personalities, part of the Alt-right movement):

Update of 5 p.m.:

According to the plot of Season 8, the Night King planned to bring about an eternal night, wiping out mankind altogether, and in order to accomplish that he needs to kill Bran—the Three-Eyed Raven. As Sam points out, true death is only achieved when people are completely forgotten by the living, and the Three-Eyed Raven has access to all of human history, making him a crucial target for the Night King (NK).

In real life, this almost happened when Judeo-Christians destroyed all temples, libraries and even the human lives of the carriers of the white man’s culture, especially in the centuries 4th and 5th.

Following this analogy, white nationalists have failed to see the Three-Eyed Ravens’ messages to retrieve such history after the NK (Christianity) destroyed the most germane knowledge for white survival. I refer specifically to the histories of the white race by Pierce and Kemp that ‘nationalists’ still refuse to read, and apparently will continue to refuse until the eternal night finally reaches the entire West.

See the previous posts on this site under the title of ‘3-eyed raven’ (actually, quotations from Pierce’s Who We Are):

Three-eyed raven, 1

Three-eyed raven, 2

Three-eyed raven, 3

Three-eyed raven, 4

Three-eyed raven, 5

Three-eyed raven, 6

Three-eyed raven, 7

Three-eyed raven, 8

Wisdom in the Game of Thrones finale

Further to my previous posts, including ‘Bran the Broken’.

At the end of the 1960s and the beginning of the 70s, when I was a kid, I read the Sunday comics of Prince Valiant. In a comic strip that Harold Foster had originally written and illustrated from 1948 to 1951, the following appears:

The child that I was did not read English yet. But retranslated to English, the two pictures on the right say:

Arf: What use is strength to an invalid? To cut the meat with the sword [in the kitchen] and use the shield as a bowl?

Prince Valiant: The knight takes the cheers, but it is the wise one who, with his wit, directs the destiny of the nations! Forget your sword for the benefit of your books!

Arf had lost his left leg in the previous episodes, but in the strips of the following weeks he became a scholar.

Now that I was reviewing the Prince Valiant collection in my library, I saw other strips that would be unthinkable in the Game of Thrones film screenplays. For example, Val’s blonde wife once says in the volume bound under number VII (1959-1962): ‘When women mingle in the affairs of men these matters do not prosper. I know because I’ve tried it myself’.


Not even the pundits at Counter-Currents have understood the message of the Final Episode of Game of Thrones!

It is a simple message, as can be seen in my post yesterday about exterminationist anti-Germanism—ethnic cleansing—under the rule of the non-white Christian emperor Honorius (in times when Julian Apostate still could be Roman Emperor if this white emperor, Julian, had not been assassinated).

The pundits at Counter-Currents are not three-eyed ravens…

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Christianity’s Criminal History, 117

Editor’s note: Still more retrocognitive visions from the cave of the three-eyed raven that white nationalists, so addicted to their Semitic cult, simply don’t want to see:

______ 卐 ______

At the end of 405 a new group of Germans broke out, more violent, formed mostly by ‘pagan’ Ostrogoths, led by King Radagaisus, from Pannonia, and in early 406 invaded Italy: some two hundred thousand people according to Orosius and even four hundred thousand in opinion of Zosimus, which is nonsense. Be that as it may, panic spread throughout Italy. The Goths besieged Florence, but in the presence of Flavius Stilicho they had to retire to the mountains (Fiesole). There Stilicho surrounded them with a routine strategy, ‘thanks to Divine Providence’ (Orosius), and he rendered them out of hunger; according to Augustine, who attributes it to ‘the mercy of God’, ‘over a hundred thousand men died, without killing a single Roman or even injuring anyone!’

On August 23, 406, when trying to cross the Roman lines, Radagaisus was taken prisoner and shortly after beheaded. His troops capitulated. The number of prisoners turned into slaves was so great that it affected market prices. One by one they were sold for a few gold coins. God has helped, Augustine celebrates, ‘wonderful and merciful’.

Meanwhile, a few years ahead of the events, Alaric threatened a new invasion of Italy. Stilicho was in difficulties. He advised to give in, but the Catholics were opposed. They hated the descendant of a vandal; they hated a man who in spite of all his struggles against the ‘heretics’ had suspended the destruction of the temples, and who had even restored the statue of Victory to the place it occupied in the Senate session room, although not as a cult image but as an ornament. In short, the anti-Germanism of the East was penetrating more and more into the West.

On the occasion of the incursion of the ‘barbarians’ into Italy, the father Church of the Jerome attacked the policy of Stilicho. He saw in the Germans the foreshadowing of the Antichrist, and even considered the Antichrist personified in them.

According to Jerome, the culprit was not the pious Catholic ruler, but Stilicho, to whom the inscription of his statue in the Roman forum immortalized as a participant in all the wars and victories of the emperor (the name Stilicho was now stripped from it). A semi-barbarous traitor had brought the Romans against the Empire with Roman money. In any case, the Roman ‘pagans’, all the anti-Germanic opponents of Stilicho, ‘of the administration and of the Catholic Church’ (Elbern) believed the same thing.

But it was the Catholic Olympius, the leader of the enemy faction of Stilicho in Italy, who most incited the emperor against him. And when, on August 13, 408, Honorius presided over a military parade in Ticinum (Pavia), Olympius, a fervent Catholic ‘of the strictest observance’ (Clauss) who owed much to Stilicho, had Stilicho’s friends’ throat cut off in the imperial entourage.

After having eliminated his supporters and having attacked and killed while sleeping his personal guard, formed by faithful Huns, Stilicho was dismissed. On the morning of August 22, 408, the soldiers removed Stilicho from the church by deception. They swore and solemnly affirmed in the presence of the bishop that the emperor—Stilicho’s son-in-law—had not charged them to go kill him, but to escort him. A letter from his Catholic Majesty gave him more security. However, he had barely left the church, when he was read a second imperial letter, which communicated his death sentence for high treason; the next day his head fell.

Olympius became the strongman. He tortured Stilicho’s friends to death and confiscated all the property of his companions. The anti-Germanic party achieved supremacy with Olympius. Throughout the Western Empire the followers of Stilicho and all the Germans were persecuted. Likewise, by order of the Senate, the widow of Stilicho, Serena, niece of Emperor Theodosius, was killed in Rome. They also killed the husband of Stilicho’s sister, the comes africae Batanarius, and his position was taken over by Heraclianus, who was later killed. At the same time, in all the cities of the country, Italian troops murdered numerous women and children of German mercenaries.

With the fall of Stilicho, not only his son and his brother-in-law were executed, but also his wife… As Augustine writes, the promotion has taken place ‘for his services’. He immediately urged Olympius to make the enforcement of anti-‘pagan’ laws a reality. It was time to show the enemies of the Church what the laws mean! On the side of the Catholics it was believed that a victory over the ‘barbarians’ required as a precondition the annihilation of paganism.


To contextualise the above excerpts of a 6-page section of Vol. II, ‘Radagaisus, Stilicho’s death and new massacres of Goths’ in Karlheinz Deschner’s encyclopaedic history of the Church in 10-volumes, Kriminalgeschichte des Christentums, read the abridged translation of Volume I.

Bran the Broken

Before Jaime Lannister threw him from a turret, the child Bran Stark had dreamed to be a knight of the royal guard. With his back broken all his dreams came down. Analogously, before my parents dismembered my soul and my sister’s, I dreamt to be a film director.

Instead of a life in Hollywood I have spent most of my life in the cave of the Three-Eyed Raven among huge roots, dense darkness and skeletons to try to understand what happened in my family. Such time in that underworld, and thanks to the retrocognitive vision that I developed about the most unpleasant human events, has transmuted my soul into a kind of fusion between the Night King and Bran the Broken.

Although last Thursday I translated a few paragraphs from one of my books, I promised myself not to talk much here about what I have seen in the darkest passageways of the cave. But that does not mean that I cannot begin to translate it, tome by tome, so that my most intimate confessions reach the English paper. Only thus, in the printed word, it could be understood why I want only a fraction of compassionate whites to inherit the earth (as I said on the 5th of this month when talking about the novels by George R. R. Martin).

Unfortunately, apparently my main sponsor died and, since I must put some bread on my table, the translation of the twelve books will take longer than I had originally expected.

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On Game of Thrones finale

by Andrew Anglin

The series finale of Game of Thrones, the most popular television show in all of history, was severely based and severely redpilled.

After leading a horde of violent nonwhites into the land of white people, Daenerys, the white feminist queen, went insane and committed a genocide in last week’s episode.

In this week’s episode, which aired Sunday night, the heroic Aryan Jon Snow murdered the stupid feminist bitch. However, even though the throne was rightfully his, the chad manlet Jon Snow decided to give the throne over to an autistic incel, Bran Stark.

This is the most based and redpilled show I’ve seen yet.

Of course, the final season was extremely problematic in terms of basic storytelling. The plot issues were so large that it is impossible to even try to address them. But, you know—whatever.

The bottom line is that the feminist nigger-loving queen is dead and the autistic incel rules the land. This is true justice of the highest possible sort.

Furthermore, Daenerys’ nigger army was expelled to the Isle of Naath, where they will all die of a disease that makes the flesh fall off the bones.

It is extremely satisfying to see these sluts and soyboys having mental breakdowns over this expectation-subverting plot twist that twisted itself into a full redpill. They told us we were evil racists and sexists when they destroyed all our video games—but the shoe is on the other foot now, ain’t it?

Game of Thrones is a Jewish show, so I’m not really sure why it is that they decided to go the route of trying to redpill the goyim on how white women are flooding our countries with niggers and our only solution is oust them and install autistic incels as our rulers. I suspect that these expectation-subverters were so subversive that they decided to subvert their own Jewish agenda.

The Game of Thrones Jews are on steroids
and decided to redpill the goyim.

Whatever their reasoning, this shit is funny as hell.

There are over a million signatures on a petition for HBO to remake the final season as a total bluepill.

But that’s not happening.

The ultimate redpill that is the final season of Game of Thrones will forever stand, mocking the sluts and their soyboys for trying to destroy Western civilization with a horde of niggers—and letting them know that in the end, the autistic incels will reign triumphant.

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