My minority report

Part of Maxfield Parrish’s 1913 Florentine Fete murals exhibited at the National Museum of American Illustration. If an ethno-state is ever created in the Northwest, my ultimate dream is that in the distant future its people will resemble the paradisiacal world of Parrish (click here for individual detail of this mural.)

In my last posts we discussed the majority report in “orthodox” white nationalism: Capitalism and the Jewish Problem as the twofold etiology of Western malaise. But I also mentioned my minority report: that the most extreme cases of self-hatred among whites—those who celebrate that their kind will become a minority in a dehumanized society inundated by non-white swarms—cannot be explained satisfactorily by any of these two factors.

In a recent post I briefly talked about how child abuse among whites drives them to hate the culture of their parents, and also presented my book Hojas Susurrantes (“Whispering Leaves”), most of which has not been translated to English.

Since this is a novel, if not a far-fetched subject for most nationalists, I cannot deal with it in this blog. However, you can visit a blog I started this week, Fallen Leaves, where I am gathering texts on the toll of child abuse in adult life I’ve been writing or collecting since 2005.

If in the near future I don’t add new posts to The West’s Darkest Hour as often as I used to do, it’s because I am busy with my minority report in another blog; for example, translating to English articles I originally wrote in Spanish: Fallen Leaves

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  1. “child abuse among whites drives them to hate the culture of their parents”

    There was a lot more “child abuse” in the past but most of those abused turned out to be pretty chauvinistic, often murderously so.

    • True: in the past group fantasies were not suicidal but homicidal. That’s why we must consider today’s self-hatred among adults who were abused as part of the current “group fantasy”: as Lloyd deMause calls the acting out of childhood wounds in a given zeitgeist.


    Yiu might revise yiur vews after reading this.

    • On the contrary: that article enforced my views (see e.g., this phrase: “Your friend in the bar was not motivated by concern for the dignity of blacks. He was personally insulted because he sees himself as an oppressed black person”) so well that I might reproduce it here.

  3. Chechar,

    I believe the ‘suicidal’ aspect is so visible only because the dominant (Jewish) culture promotes it. In past ages the self-hating whites would have been pushed out of sight or ostracized. Today they’re promoted and given positions as university professors and best-selling authors.

    As Linder says, most people – the masses, are only followers. They support whoever happens to be winning. If race-conscious whites took power tomorrow, you’d see a total reversal of racial attitudes. Non-whites would respect us, whites would claim to be us, and the self-haters would be a fringe cult.

    Hope you’re doing well.

  4. When we say that the problem comes from the Jews, it is only a pragmatic assessment, not a great philosophical explanation. It doesn’t explain everything, but at least, we know that something must be done about that. First of all, we must spread the information.

    Some time ago, Guessedworker asked this question at his blog: “Exactly how did elements of the left – the white gentile left, that is – ever get themselves in the position where they cheer on our genetic destruction for the sake of “defeating racism”? I imagine that all politically free-thinking European men and women have pondered this mystery.” What inspired that question was the violent anti-white behavior of UFA members (Unite Against Fascism) in England. I ask myself the same question.

    I don’t know what’s going on inside their heads, but this is what I think :

    1. The problem is caused by an anti-white ideology that circulates openly through our society. The anti-white values of the UFA are not independently arrived at by each UFA member.

    2. Jews obviously have a lot to do with the anti-white ideology that circulates openly through society.

    What remains mysterious is how UFA members and other loony leftists come to internalize the anti-white ideology. Maybe they are not good at critical thinking, not very smart, had unhappy childhoods, have a grudge against society, a natural tendency to violence, a need to conform, a puritanical evil streak, a lack of ethnocentrism…

    It’s interesting to speculate what might be going on in their minds, but it doesn’t matter all that much. We don’t have to understand everything before we start taking action against the anti-white ideology that pervades society.

  5. In my case, what I find puzzling is what happened to the Breton movement. Actually, there is not much left from that movement. Around 1970, I think common sense Breton nationalists started to fall silent and were replaced by leftist Breton nationalists. It had something to do with the leftist counterculture of the 1960s. It was also associated with a revival of Breton traditional music. Preserving society and traditional music ought to appeal to conservatives, but the movement was hijacked and co-opted by the crazy left.

    Forty years later, the last leftist Breton “nationalists” seem to agree with the French government’s policy of race replacement, even though most people in the street disagree. The Breton leftist “nationalists” were supposed to be more rebellious than average. At least, they were rebellious to French authority and French mischief. But in the end, they completely absorbed the anti-white ideology!

    Theoretically, if you are a political activist in favor of things like: having at least one TV or radio station made by Breton people for Breton people and heard all over the Breton territory, having Breton history and the Breton language taught at school, having Breton political institutions in order to protect Breton interests, it is surprising that you, of all people, would gradually come to support the idea of race-replacement. I suppose the leftist nationalists were partial frauds from the beginning, and they were co-opted by the reigning counterculture ideology. Many of them were interested in Marxism, and they were “antiracists” from the beginning, but it didn’t matter at the time, as mass immigration had not started yet.

    • Yes: I’ve thought of that too. That’s why I like NS in Europe and Linder in America.

      A political movement must be pragmatic. People only need to know that Jews are the enemy and that we need a Judenfrei state. But the point of my previous posts about Judenfrei New Spain was that even so the Iberian whites screwed the continent big time. So if NS or Linder’s white mania would work in the political sphere, in the intellectual sphere we’ll need to know why the UFA and the antifa hate their ethny to the point of extinction.

      I am for both: a simple, straightforward political movement that leads us to a Judenfrei ethnostate and at the same time for a deep pondering on the psychological issues that led these white Britons to commit what I call the sin against the holy ghost, a sin against the most perfect Caucasians (the English roses).

      In my recent entries at my other blog in English (here and at the bottom of here), I’ve just criticized my former mentors and online friends on child abuse studies. Basically, the message is that precisely because they don’t write painful confessionals about how they were mistreated as children, they’re now unhealthily transferring those affects toward their parents’ culture (see also here). The difference between these eight individuals that I debunk and me is that, although all of us claim to side the abused child, only I dared to write an (extremely painful) autobiography.

      In other words, unprocessed pain invariably leads to false escape valves, like jumping up to the current anti-white wagon of today’s Judaized culture. It’s precisely because I know some of these people that I’ve reached the conclusion that all of them are using liberalism as a false valve for their traumas.

      But the real thing will be the analysis of my abusive parents. In my blog in Spanish I will analyze my father, a fanatic Catholic who at the same time sides the Amerindians against the Conquerors even when—perhaps I’ll include photos of my young father in Franco’s Spain among his coarser buddies—he looks like the most refined Mediterranean.

      My conclusion is that he’s transferring his child wounds onto substitute objects as he has been unable for more than three quarters of a century to criticize my (late) grandpa. Cf. the link above as I quoted: “Your friend in the bar was not motivated by concern for the dignity of blacks. He was personally insulted because he sees himself as an oppressed black person [even though he’s white]”: an example of such pathological transference.

      • Chechar,
        Have you ever been to England?
        I was rather taken by your comment:”I am for both: a simple, straightforward political movement that leads us to a Judenfrei ethnostate and at the same time for a deep pondering on the psychological issues that led these white Britons to commit what I call the sin against the holy ghost, a sin against the most perfect Caucasians (the English roses).
        If, by English roses, you are referring to the fair sex, I suggest you come to England as soon as possible and see if you can find many specimens of what you call “the most perfect Caucasians,” English roses.
        The English roses that you speak of are infected with the American disease, and I quote a rather famous American, Gore Vidal, who said: “I can’t imagine any nation on earth that would want invade or attack a country that is encased in fat.”
        Encased in fat, that is the American disease that afflicts millions of
        “English roses”to the extent that the average English rose almost resembles a beached whale, and like millions of Americans, these “English roses” appear to have no understanding of human nutrition, only American style junk food.
        I live in England and I would dearly love to see English roses as the most perfect Caucasians after their Germanic cousins.
        Dream on, Chechar.


      • I saw a few English roses when I visited England, especially in London: the first time in 1982, the second in 1991. When I lived in Manchester one year in 1998-1999 I didn’t see as many but still I could appreciate the incredible, snow-white beauty of some of them.

  6. “child abuse among whites drives them to hate the culture of their parents”


    What are you talking about. All races of people abuse their children, but I don’t see them working for their own destruction.

    • You have to read this post in context of what I say at Fallen Leaves (e.g., here). It looks like whites are the only race which present “group fantasy” is ethnomasochist, presumably because their innate altruism transformed into deranged altruism and even self-hatred after WW2.

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