Let’s atone for Gomorrah’s sins through Gomorrahite art!

Criticizing poser metal bands, William Pierce committed the terrible mistake of proposing to use that sort of extremely degenerate music to counterbalance the message of it—through the same musical genre! While Pierce liked classical music and loathed death metal (cf. this video), his situation was so desperate that, like today’s nationalist pundits, he believed that if only the lyrics would be changed, like some rockers who introduce pro-fascist letters in their melodies, that would be a great asset for white nationalism!

Poor Pierce. No wonder why he failed so miserably. As I have implied elsewhere, you are fooling yourself if you believe you can atone for Sodom’s sins through Sodomite art. (The only righteous way is to leave the damned cities and pray for divine, fiery justice.)

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