Best racialist treatise for newbies

These days I’ve been listening to the magnificent audio version of David Duke’s 736-page book My Awakening: A Path to Racial Understanding. It is infinitely better than the recently published Suicide of a Superpower by Pat Buchanan for the simple reason that Pat avoids the Jewish Question.

In recent posts I’ve been advertising Michael O’Meara’s Toward the White Republic as the best philosophical pamphlet in white nationalism. But the target audience of O’Meara slim book are those nationalists who already know that race matters. On the other hand, the target of Duke’s treatise are the common whites completely clueless about race and how the present system is the biggest threat to the existence white people.

While the print version of My Awakening has received many favorable reviews at Amazon, I find it shocking that it is no longer available from that multinational company. However, it still can be purchased directly from Duke’s website where nine sample chapters can be read for free.

I highly recommend Duke’s book. The more recent audio version has been taped with Duke’s own voice. Racially conscious people could send links of the audio version of My Awakening to their friends and acquaintances who might be open to our message. If a single audio clip of My Awakening is listened each day, the whole book is finished in month and a half.

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Listen to uncle Harold!

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