Germanics and Romans

Celtic buffer and Tacitus

Five decisive things

Alaric and the Fall of Rome

Christianity Spreads

The toll of Judeo-Christianity



  1. Love your blog! Very informative for me as I’ve just recently come to the entire topic of race realism. BUT, you’ll have to excuse me as I am an unapologetic devote of old Europe for which Christianity was, and shall remain, the sine qua non.

    I first discovered your blog a while back but was not prepared for its content. Slowly, I’ve come around.

    Again, thanks for your monumental efforts.

    • I am glad you liked it. I just discovered these Pierce articles last month and find them extremely revealing and insightful (the first time I read a racial interpretation of history).

      On the other hand, I’m not against, say, Middle Ages Christianity in Europe. Alas, presently almost all Christian churches hold an anti-white agenda…

      • We’re on the same page sir. It is of course the Middle Ages to which I referred. The muscular unapologetic Christian warrior ethic of old Europe. Were Christianity the pussified, mealy mouthed,sallow chested, pasty faced, limp wristed, feminized jewdaized monstrosity it has become I too would agree with you. But my faith is that of old Europe.

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