The West’s Darkest Hour

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  1. “—which would require that they act contrary to the dictates of the religion—”

    Oh, how true. Christianity is inherently contradictory. It requires large families, but forbids wars of conquest.

    • The link you provided is great. Thanks!

      When in Pierce’s chapter I read, “They must be prepared to outgrow all baggage of superstition…” I immediately thought on how pious WN Christians will have to give up their cherished beliefs once the convergence of catastrophes hits mankind later in this century.

      • Spread it like the Mantra.

    • @oogen, re “Oh, how true. Christianity is inherently contradictory. It requires large families, but forbids wars of conquest.” Nonsense, Christianity does not forbid wars of conquest.

      • Proof from the New Testament, please. And how to get around the Sermon on the Mount?

  2. @oogen, yes, show me in the New Testament where “wars of conquest” are forbidden. You are making that stuff up as you go along.

  3. @oogen: Why asking evidence from the New Testament. most Christians are no Marcionites (sadly), so they , especially and particulary the big churches accept the authority of the Satanic Testament (‘old testament’). That tehre are PLENTY of examples in there, you know. This is why you were asking from the New Testament. But even the New Testament contains the book of Revelation which is good enough to justify any war. By the way, the New Testament clearly dismisses large families (Marcus 10,28).

    • Thanks that that is set straight.

  4. The workers at the task will be only a tiny minority of the race. Any program which envisages an “awakening of the masses” or which relies on the native wisdom of the great bulk of our people—which is to say, any populist program—is based on a false vision and a false understanding of the nature of the masses.

    Like I said in a previous comment I made in another thread the other day, White nationalists should first and foremost try to save themselves instead of trying to save the whole race.

    Sometimes, when I see White antifas parroting the Jewish bla bla bla about the “inexistence of such a thing as race” I laugh in my mind, thinking that the inevitable mongrelization of these folks is a deserved punishment for their stupidity. That’s what Darwinism is all about after all, right?

    • Vanguardism is superior to populism. It is better to recruit activists from other activist groups.

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  6. But by the war’s end the Jews had fastened their grip so tightly on the media that dissent against their policies was denied any large-scale public hearing. No major newspaper, motion picture company, radio broadcasting network, or popular magazine was left in the hands of their opponents.

    All the chutzpah gang did and is doing is feast over a corpse.
    Whites have been self-defeating, and self-flagellating, and that, not Jewish activism, is the real origin of their present, and prospectively much more serious future, problems.

    • I mean, it’s enough to think of a few little incidents and facts.

      Take Susan Sontag. She says the white race is the cancer of the world. Where was she when she says that? In the USA.
      Where did she live after saying that? In the USA. Without encountering any trouble, I bet.

      And what about the Frankfurt School?
      Still today school texts present these hate-mad deranged psychotic physically-disadvantaged (and destined to spend their whole life taking revenge from the whole world for the feelings of inferiority coming from being physically sub-standard, by the way) wretches under the most favourable of lights.
      They were allowed, on leaving Germany, to settle in the USA.
      To me, this looks unbelievable. No living organism (societies and ethnic groups can be thought as organisms) can allow that sanely.

      Now, what organism fails to develop the proper antibodies to deal with agents of infection and plagues? A dying or dead one.

      • For at root it is a moral defect which threatens the race’s survival.

        If the will to survive existed among the White masses, and if they were willing to take the necessary measures

        Glad there’s somebody who can see the root.
        They are discouragingly few.

        Your average right-wing fellow is going to say that “Obama is the problem”.
        Or Mexicans trespassing the Southern border (and Obama not telling the police to send them back).

        If you think about the verb “to define” and its etymology, and its two main senses, you infer that to give something meaning is to draw its contours, to limit it.
        That very word clarifies why unrestrained, unlimited freedom brings with it a loss of meaning.
        Especially a complete lack of hardships to overcome in the personal growth process brings to people being man kids.
        Identity takes its shape from the struggle to overcome hardships, and the overcoming of at least some of them.

        We are witnesses to how even very high-IQ total cretins abound around.
        What’s the feature common to all of them? A totally comfortable life since infancy, a troubleless existence. Their egos are as amorphous as it gets. Their will is the faintest.
        See what trivia frustrates them, how quick they are to assume, every time they fail at something, that the flaw or fault is inherent to the task and none of their own.

      • “Whites have been self-defeating, and self-flagellating, and that, not Jewish activism, is the real origin of their present, and prospectively much more serious future, problems.”

        That’s the Aryan problem. Cf. the book I edited (linked almost at the top of this site).

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