Dies Irae

H and N

Note of January 2017: I have removed this text because a slightly revised version of it is now available in print within my book Day of Wrath. However, this specific article can also be read as a PDF for free. If you want to print it at home for a more comfortable reading with Letter-size or A4 sheets of paper in your printer, remember that in the PDF it is sized as a Pocketbook (4.25 x 6.88 in):


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  1. “And such a Dies Irae may be closer than we dream…” wrote the author of my favorite film.

    Believe it or not, but later in this century whites will be challenged with something analogous to the above scenario insofar as the Earth’s energy reservoirs will be increasingly depleted precisely while the human population still grows exponentially.

    The choice will be to hostilely takeover the oil supplies from non-white, Third-World nations or die—an action that would obviously condemn millions upon millions to starvation; but the grim alternative would be starvation inside the coming white ethnostate.

    It’s high time to become familiar with what peak oilers have been saying. Although Chris Martenson is no white nationalist, his arguments that we will soon be living in apocalyptic times—I’ve heard the 5 billion figure of unnatural deaths by the end of the century from the peak-oil community more than once—are compelling.

    Enjoy Martenson’s 45 minute Crash Course!

  2. Outstanding!

    “The lack of a great, creative, renewing idea means at all times a limitation of fighting force. Firm belief in the right to apply even the most brutal weapons is always bound up with the existence of a fanatical faith in the necessity of the victory of a revolutionary new order on this earth.” —Adolf Hitler

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    Yes, the oil should fall in our hands.

  4. Magnificent!! A returning star-child would not only destroy, but build an Order to carry out his will. Much like the one in Pierce’s novel.

    • Thanks, and by the by, today I sent you an email. Cheers.

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    Amazing piece by Chechar.

  6. Well done.

  7. Neo-Christian Greg Johnson joins Christian Vox Day in a podcast where, again, he erroneously claims that The Turner Diaries’ exterminationism is Leninist-like genocide (here; see also my article here).

    Isn’t it pathetic that no anti-Christian (or anti-Neochristian) voice has become popular among the American pro-white movement?

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