A postscript to Dies Irae

WilliamLutherPierce Note of 2015: This piece, previously called “On the morality of dispatching 500 million of degenerate whites,” has been chosen for my collection Day of Wrath. It has been slightly modified and presently can only be read as a PDF within the book, ready for printing in your home for a comfortable reading.

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  1. I think that the writings of William Pierce had a more profound effect on the development of my thinking on history, race and politics than of those of any other individual I can think of. I met the man a few times and was not impressed by him in person. However, his clear and exact writing style, which seemed to be able to get right to the essence of the problem every time, was powerful. ‘Turner Diaries’ was not the greatest racialist fiction, certainly not compared to Covington’s Northwest series, but it was a break from everything that went before and set a new standard. It undoubtedly influenced Matthews and the Order, the only white men to pick up guns and fight ZOG since the catastrophe in 1945. Even now his work can still be a powerful influence.

    • I agree with a commenter in the movement that there ought to be a “Pierce City” in the ethnostate if we manage to survive the darkest hour later in this century. Compared to Pierce, today’s figures in the movement look like dwarfs to me. Most of them don’t even have the nerve to talk about final solutions or to indict almost the entire white race for having surrendered its most important institution—the media—to the tribe. Pierce must have been right when he wrote that most whites will fall with the System.

      Covington’s novels don’t propose a takeover of the world, not even of the US, after the balloon goes up; only a corner in the Northwest. I believe that it would be impossible for a Northwest Nazi state to survive without nuclear weapons of its own and with the traitorous Yankees still in charge at the other side of the Union.

      Millions, if not billions will die before the paradigm that’s feeding the traitorous Yankees collapses. How I wish to see that day.

  2. Although Covington’s novels strike a chord with me I have to agree with you. I think the jews would not hesitate to destroy any white ethnostate with nuclear or any other hellish weapons they control. They did not hesitate to use maximum brutality in destroying National Socialist Germany, and would certainly have used the Atomic bomb if it had been available at the time. Only the threat of total destruction against them would act as a deterrent. Without such weapons a NW type state could not survive. I think that the whole world will have to go through a terrible experience before this vile, parasitic life-form is finally erased from history.

    • But the whole point of this P.S. is that whites are not good people either—for the sole reason that they allowed their empowerment in the first place.

  3. I certainly can’t argue with that. The jew would never have succeeded to the extent he has without the active cooperation of so many of the white ‘elite’ and the passive acquiescence of the mass of whites. That is why I believe that we will have to learn a very harsh lesson if we are to survive and thrive as a race. I agree; possibly billions will die, including most likely the majority of the white race. Nature does not smile on stupidity and perversion.

  4. Some passages of Gregory Hood’s latest article vindicate in some way what I said above—:

    An estimated 80% of the Greek people support the crackdown on the Golden Dawn… people either won’t understand, or won’t care. More importantly, even those who understand that something is deeply wrong in their society are taken away from the struggle by problems with family, money, or pleasurable distractions…

    Let there be no confusion – most people, if offered a choice, will take the easy life, the purposeless path, the slow suicide of fast food, easy entertainment, hard drink, and soft bodies…

    —although he’s light-years away from me.

  5. Who qualifies as one of the “500 million” whites?

    • Since most humans are “Neanderthals” according to the logic of these two posts, the right question is what qualifies as a survivor. See the category on animal rights which contains part of the answer.

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