Lethal mixing of bloods

Most of present-day Greeks are mongrels, not peoples of pure “Indo-European” (whites for short) origin. According to William Pierce, the only way that the ancient Greeks could have survived as pure whites would have been to eliminate the entire indigenous population, either through expulsion or extermination:

MycenaaeansGreece was invaded by Greek-speaking Northerners several times during prehistory. Those who arrived in the period 2,100-1,900 B.C. founded the great Mycenaean civilization, which flourished from the end of the l6th century until about 1,200 B.C.

Homer, whose Iliad and Odyssey describe Mycenaean Greece, refers to the Greeks, or Hellenes, inclusively as “Achaeans.” In fact, however, the Achaeans were only one of the Hellenic tribes which were in Greece in Mycenaean times.

In addition to the Achaeans, who occupied most of the Peloponnesus (the southern peninsula of Greece, in which Mycenae was located), there were the Aeolians and the Ionians, who occupied other portions of the mainland, many of the Aegean islands, and the west coast of Asia Minor. The Ionians, in particular, settled in Attica and were the founders of Athens.

These tribal divisions apparently predate the arrival of the first Hellenes in Greece, and it seems likely that the Achaeans, Aeolians, and Ionians invaded the Aegean region separately, over a period of several centuries.

And there were also the non-Greek Pelasgians, the Mediterranean aborigines, who occupied the lowest stratum of Greek society and substantially outnumbered the Hellenes in Mycenaean times. As pointed out in the last installment, the Mycenaean Greeks were influenced culturally by these Mediterraneans—and, as time passed, racially as well.

In the late 14th and early 13th centuries B.C. more Greek-speaking Indo-Europeans arrived, coming westward across the Aegean in ships. They were Homer’s “divine born” heroes, the fathers and grandfathers of the warriors who sacked Troy about 1,250 B.C.: golden-haired Achilles, the sons of Atreus, and the other princes and kings of the Iliad. They settled in Greece, founded dynasties, and lived in a manner remarkably like that of northern Europe’s feudal lords more than twenty centuries later.

A couple of generations after the fall of Troy—exactly eighty years afterward, according to Greek tradition—a new group of divine-born warriors swept down on Greece, this time from the north. They were the Heraclidae, the supposed descendants of the blond demigod Hercules, and with them came the Dorians, the last of the major Hellenic tribes to reach the Aegean region.

The Dorians, who had settled in central Greece a few years earlier, proceeded to conquer the Achaeans, occupy the Peloponnesus, and extinguish Mycenaean civilization. But, in so doing, they prepared the way for the rise of a new civilization which would greatly surpass the old one. Displaced Achaeans, Aeolians, and Ionians migrated to new areas, sometimes displacing those people already there and sometimes amalgamating with them.

The Dorians were blonder than the Achaeans they conquered, but that is only because the Achaeans had been mixing with the Mediterranean aborigines for several centuries before the Dorians arrived; originally the two tribes had been of the same racial composition.

But the Achaeans were certainly more civilized than the rude, new arrivals from the north, and it was 400 years before Greece recovered from the cultural shock of the Dorian invasion.

Historians’ bias

The four centuries between the Dorian invasion and the flowering of the literate Classical civilization are referred to by most historians as “the Dark Age,” for much the same reasons that the period between the fall of Rome, more than fifteen centuries later, and the flowering of Mediaeval civilization is also called “the Dark Ages.”

In both cases a people of an older civilization, who had begun to succumb to racial mixing and decadence, was overwhelmed by a more vigorous and racially healthier but culturally less advanced people from the north. And in both cases a period of gestation took place over a dozen generations or so, during which a synthesis of old and new elements, racial and cultural, occurred, before a new and different civilization arose from the ruins of the old.

Unfortunately, most historians tacitly assume that the records of political and cultural activity which have come down to us from periods of civilized literacy provide all the data needed to yield an understanding of the historical process. The state of development and degree of organization and complexity of city life are taken as a yardstick by which to evaluate the significance or historical importance of a particular period. And if one’s standards of value are geared to such things as the volume of commerce, the gross national product, or even the intensity of scientific, literary, and artistic activity, such a yardstick may seem, at first glance, to be proper.

But there are other standards of value, such as those of the National Alliance, which differ somewhat from the customary ones. For it is not in the external forms of organization and activity of a people that we see the most important criteria for making a judgment as to the significance of a particular period, but rather in the actual racial constitution of a people and in the dynamic processes which, for better or worse, are influencing that racial constitution.

Although the basic racial constitution of a people is always intimately related to that people’s achievements in commerce, science, industry, art, politics, and warfare, still the two sets of criteria can lead to fundamentally different evaluations of a given historical period. This is a consequence of the fact that race building and decay are usually strongly out of phase with civilization building and decay.

Thus, the long ages between the periods of maximum civil activity—ages which the historian customarily ignores as being of only slight importance—may very well be periods of the greatest interest from a standpoint of racial dynamics.

It is, of course, true that the periods of maximum civil activity are precisely those which yield a maximum of written records, artifacts, and the other raw materials from which the historian builds his tale. But relative abundance of evidence should not be interpreted as equivalent to relative historical significance, regardless of the historian’s value criteria.

The record of the rise and fall of pure races constitutes the primary history of mankind, and the rise and fall of civilizations occupy a place of secondary importance. This statement may seem self-evident to those already accustomed to looking at history from a racial viewpoint, but it is by no means generally accepted by historians today. Until it is, much historical writing will continue to be flawed in a fundamental way.



The Dorians of Laconia organized the Peloponnesian population in a three-layered hierarchy. At the top were the citizens of Sparta, the Spartiates, all of pure Dorian blood, ruled by their kings.

At the bottom of the social structure were the Helots, or serfs, consisting of the aboriginal Mediterranean elements as well as many of the conquered Achaeans of mixed blood. No Spartiate could engage in trade or practice a craft. The Perioeci handled all their commerce, and the Helots provided all their other needs.

Sparta thus had the only full-time, professional army in the Aegean world, and this fact gave her an influence vastly disproportionate to her numbers. So thoroughly did Sparta dominate all her neighbors, and so thoroughly feared and respected by all other Greeks for their military prowess were the Spartiates, that for more than 800 years the city had no need of walls or an acropolis, in marked contrast to every other Greek city of those times.

For another thing, the Spartiates gave an emphasis to racial fitness which went far beyond the needs of a strong and efficient army. Their eugenics program placed a premium on physical beauty—on aesthetic qualities, not just on raw strength or robustness. Spartan women, for example, were a far cry from the muscle-bound behemoths one sees on Soviet women’s Olympic teams these days; instead, they were judged by other Greeks to be among the most beautiful and graceful, as well as the fairest, of Hellenic women, rivaled in beauty only by the women of Thebes.

Another Spartan practice which suggests that racial rather than imperialistic motives may have been uppermost in the minds of their leaders was the regular thinning out of the Helot population, in what was known as the crypteia. This admirable institution sent teams of young Spartiates out into the countryside with daggers to dispatch Helots by the hundreds—an undertaking hardly consonant with a desire for as many subjects as possible, which is the norm for imperialists.

It is easy to imagine the Spartiates, upon their arrival in Laconia, surveying the moral decadence and the racemixing which had made the Achaeans such an easy conquest for the Dorians, and then instituting a carefully designed program to safeguard themselves from a similar fate. For a time this program succeeded; the moral character and the racial quality of the Spartiates remained famously high. But ultimately it failed in both regards.

As with other ruling classes at other times, the Spartiates did not produce enough children to make up for their losses in war. Even heavy penalties for celibacy and late marriage, and exemption from taxes for those Spartan families with four or more children, did not solve the problem.

At the beginning of the fifth century B.C. the Spartiates were able to field an army of 8,000 men against the Persians, but after the costly Spartan victory over Athens and her allies in the Peloponnesian War (431-404 B.C.) Spartan numbers declined rapidly. When the Spartiates marched against Thebes in 371 B.C., there were too few of them to prevail. After their decisive defeat by the Thebans at Leuctra, the Spartan army numbered only 2,000 warriors. A century and a half later there were only 700 of them, and they passed from the pages of history.

The Spartiates never succumbed to racemixing, but they did succumb to their own lifestyle. They would have been well advised to eliminate the Helots of the Peloponnesus and the Mediterranean population of Crete altogether and to establish a purely Dorian peasant class in those areas. Then they may well have been able to practice a successful eugenics program, maintain their moral health, and have a stable population too. But, of course, they did not have the advantage which hindsight gives us.

The other Hellenic tribes did succumb to racemixing. Their populations did not suffer the decline in numbers which the Spartiates did, but they suffered a decline in racial quality which resulted in their extermination, perhaps more slowly but just as surely—and less cleanly.



Athens was Sparta’s great political rival during much of the Classical Age. Athenian society came to be organized along quite different lines from Spartan society, but at the dawn of Greek history the similarities outweighed the differences.

The earliest Athenians were, like the other Hellenes, predominantly Nordic in blood and culture. Their social structure was aristocratic, and they were ruled originally by hereditary kings, just as in the case of the Spartiates.

In the seventh century there were two principal differences, from a racial viewpoint, between Sparta and Athens. The first difference, in favor of Sparta, was a culturally and racially more homogeneous class of citizens in Sparta than in Athens. The second was that Athens had a free citizen-peasantry—a decided plus for her.

By the beginning of the sixth century, however, the Athenian peasants were in danger of losing their freedom, many of them having already been sold into slavery and others being effectively chained by indebtedness.

The social unrest resulting from this situation led the Athenians to give absolute power to Solon, a nobleman, in the hope that he could improve things. Solon gave Athens a constitution which wrought a number of changes with long-lasting effects, some good and some bad. On the positive side, he outlawed the practice of enslavement for indebtedness. But he also took the decisive step of transferring the power of the Athenian state from the hands of the aristocracy into the hands of a plutocracy.

Although this latter change was only de jure at first, since the aristocrats were also the plutocrats, it shifted the ultimate criterion of fitness to rule from blood to gold. Henceforth, any sufficiently wealthy speculator who had acquired enough land to yield the specified amount of agricultural produce could theoretically qualify for the highest office in the state and for membership in the Council of the Areopagus: the highest judicial body in Athens, made up of nobles who had formerly held the office of archon, or ruler.

Race-Based Citizenry. Even after Solon, however, democracy did not devour the Athenians all at once. Solon and the tyrants who gained power shortly after his administration, the Peisistratids, governed an Athens in which citizenship was still a racial matter, being based on membership in one of the kinship groups, or clans, which made up the Hellenic tribes of Attica.

In 509 B.C., 85 years after the beginning of Solon’s administration, another “reformer,” Cleisthenes, took office, and he undertook a program of gerrymandering which laid the basis for changing citizenship from a racial to a geographic affair. From this point it was downhill all the way for Athens, racially speaking.

Half a century later the last remnants of power were transferred from the Areopagus to a popular council. All the abuses of mass party politics with which Americans are all too familiar were thenceforth the lot of the Athenians.

As the prosperity of Athens grew, more and more foreigners crowded into Attica, with intermarriage inevitably occurring. A temporary halt to the pollution of the Athenian citizenry by the offspring of aliens came in 451 B.C., when the great Pericles pushed through a law restricting citizenship to those born of an Athenian father and an Athenian mother. Only four decades later, however, in order to make up the enormous losses suffered in the Peloponnesian War, Athens bestowed citizenship on tens of thousands of foreigners.

And in the fourth century, although the citizenship law of Pericles remained on the books, every variety of Levantine mongrel was claiming Athenian citizenship. The banking industry of Athens, for example, was entirely in the hands of Semites, who had taken Greek names and were awarded citizenship for “service to the state,” much in the way Jews and Negroes have been elevated to the British “nobility” by the score in recent decades.

Darkening of Hellas. Intermarriage was rife, and the darkening of the Hellenes of Athens was well under way. Racial, moral, and cultural decline went hand in hand. The second-century historian Polybius described his countrymen as “degenerate, pleasure-seeking beggars, without loyalty or belief, and without hope for a better future.”

A century later, in the reign of Augustus, the Roman writer Manilius reckoned the Hellenes among the dark nations (coloratae genies). And so the Athenians, like the Spartiates, passed from the pages of history.

Extermination or expulsion

If it is difficult to believe that as great a state as Athens could pass from Nordic genius and glory to mongrelized squalor in a few centuries, just think for a moment of the racial transformation of America which has taken place in a single century. And imagine what America will be like two or three centuries hence (barring a White revolution), when Whites are a minority, outnumbered by both Blacks and Chicanos. America’s technology and industry may coast along for a century or two on the momentum acquired from earlier generations, as Athens’ culture did, but the American people—the real Americans—will have passed from the pages of history.

The passing of the Hellenes must be regarded as one of the greatest tragedies of our race. A great-hearted and noble people, filled with genius and energy, they seized upon the resources in labor, material, and land which their conquest of the conservative Mediterranean world offered, and they wrought one of the most progressive civilizations this earth has yet seen. Indeed, many of their creations remain unsurpassed to this day.

This catastrophic mixing of bloods has occurred over and over again in the history and prehistory of our race, and each time it has been lethal. The knowledge of this has been with us a long time, but it has always failed us in the end. The Hellenes of Sparta and Athens both strove to keep their blood pure, but both ultimately perished. The only way they could have survived would have been to eliminate the entire indigenous population, either through expulsion or extermination, from the areas of the Mediterranean world in which they settled.

The Hellenes always possessed a certain feeling of racial unity, distinguishing themselves sharply from all those not of their blood, but this racial feeling was, unfortunately, usually overshadowed by intraracial conflicts. The rivalries between Hellenic city-states were so fierce and so pervasive, that the Mediterranean natives were more often looked upon as a resource to be used against other Hellenes than as a biological menace to be eliminated.

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  1. This piece is part of chapter 10 of Pierce’s study on the white race. Other abridged chapters can be read on the Addenda. Polybius’ words by the way, who described—:

    his countrymen as “degenerate, pleasure-seeking beggars, without loyalty or belief, and without hope for a better future”

    —are a mirror-image of most of today’s westerners.

  2. Not wishing to contradict Mr Pierce, but from a logical point of view, civilization it`s probably more mediterranean than nordic in essence, and before you start throwing any stones to my roof I will explain why.

    5000 years ago, when almost all races where pure blooded and independent from each other, the nordic races were formed by hunter gatherers tribes and mediterraneans were the ones who practiced agriculture, which allow them to relax and organize themselves in peaceful societies until the nordic conquerors came to invade them and adopt the lifestyle of the conquered people (mediterraneans).

    This is something that was repeated many times in ancient history, the nordic conquerors adopted the civilization just when their lifestyle was the same as the mediterraneans, something that ended up terrible all the time. Civilization is deadly for nordic people, the results are always the same: fratricidal wars between their many empires leaving the weak safe at home, miscegenation, relaxation (slavery for works they can perfectly do, or the current levels of immigration for example) and moral decay (pornography, drunkenness, etc)

    I believe that nearly all ancient civilizations might have ended through miscegenation, but this one will probably be a combination of many factors, resources depletion, currency crashes (dollar, euro, etc) and climate change perhaps.

    • Pierce’s main concern was not mixing with Mediterraneans, but with Levantines, producing Levantine mongrels or non-whites. Interbreeding of Nordic and pure Mediterranean on the other hand still produces whites.

      Present-day Greeks have been further mongrelized after the Turks. They are definitively not pure whites.

      • Golden Dawn?!

        Compared to the PVV in the Netherlands and what about Sweden?

      • Yes: present-day Greeks are not as body-snatched Pods as Nordics. But what wee need is a GD-like movement in Germany, Scandinavia and in your country. Only awoken Aryans can make a difference in the world.

  3. Civilization originated in the Mediterranean region but the blood that formed it originated in the North. Both Hitler and Himmler were right in their own way.

    That’s the only thing that needs to be understood about history, if you are in a hurry.

  4. Re

    “If it is difficult to believe that as great a state as Athens could pass from Nordic genius and glory to mongrelized squalor in a few centuries, just think for a moment of the racial transformation of America which has taken place in a single century. And imagine what America will be like two or three centuries hence (barring a White revolution), when Whites are a minority, outnumbered by both Blacks and Chicanos. America’s technology and industry may coast along for a century or two on the momentum acquired from earlier generations, as Athens’ culture did, but the American people—the real Americans—will have passed from the pages of history.”

    And here is the crux of the matter. Murka-Firsters come in all sizes and shapes with all degrees of intellectual capacity…and non-capacity. At the core of “anti-Europe”, i.e. Murka, is an extremely false exceptionalism and blatant imperialism…which in turn has been front-end loaded into Murkan White Nationalism. The imagined Manifest Destiny of “the House on the Hill” is an enemy of all peoples, Europeans inclusive.

    Unlike a Francis Parker Yockey and a small contingent of like Euro minds who recognise that the racial challenge is a spiritual challenge, the likes of a Rockwell and Pierce are left with empty chest-thumping in defence of a brutish and decadent Empire, the existential underpinnings for which were in place long before the first Jew stepped ashore. Any attempt to mix Murka with White racial integrity, as was most of Pierce’s narrative, is bogus and a non-starter. The institution was hot-wired to become its destiny. That destiny has arrived. Secede to survive… as Murka’s Ethno Nationalist and secessionist “Others.”

    • It seems that Pierce shared Yockey’s spiritual concerns. Have you read these sentences of his Turner Diaries?

      • Re “If we fail, God’s great Experiment will come to an end, and this planet will once again, as it did millions of years ago, move through the ether devoid of higher man.”

        I do not consider this to be a spiritual statement. It is a religious statement. Quote #1 is followed by quote #2:

        “One day we will have a truly American press in this country, but a lot of editors’ throats will have to be cut first.”

  5. I don’t know much about genetics, but I recall reading that the Dorians were of the R1b haplogroup which predominates throughout Western Europe from Iberia, France, and the British Isles.

    “The presence of R1b1b2 in Greece could be attributed to the Dorian invasion, thought to have happened in the 12th century BCE. The Dorians could have been related to the Trojans and the Hittites belonging to the oldest Indo-European linguistic branch, or to the Proto-Celts of central Europe and the Danube valley. One way of the other, their Y-DNA lineages would have been predominantly R1b1b or R1b1b2. The Dorians could be the descendants of the first (R1b) steppe nomads who settled in the Eastern Balkans (Cernavoda and Ezero cultures) and did not continue their migration up the Danube to central and western Europe.”


    It seems that one of white man’s failings is a tendency not to breed enough, and to be too kind to the indigenous people whose lands they invade and colonize. Other races don't seem to have any compunction about commiting genocide against their enemies (just read up on the history of the Turks since they invaded Asia Minor).

    • Thanks for the link. Very informative.

      P.S. From the pen of another nordicist: “The ancient Romans, Greeks, Hittites, Sarmatians and Indo-Aryans displayed the same blond or redhead traits as do modern ‘Nordics.’ The swarthy skinned Southern Euros are so because of admixture from Jews and Moors (in Spain), Negroes (Portugal), Syrians & Berber-Hamites (southern Italy), Arabs & others (Greece), etc.”

      This of course does not mean that all Southern Euros are mixed.

      • ‘This of course does not mean that all Southern Euros are mixed.’

        Very true. Whilst I haven’t read a great deal of White Nationalist literature, I get the impression that there is a small degree of chauvanism directed by Northern Europeans at Southern Europeans. As you say, this isn’t really justified, as much of the Southern European races remain untainted by either E3b (Berber) or J (Arab) haplogroups. You only need to look at Italian-Americans like Al Pacino and compare them to some modern day English-Celtics to see the simlarity.

        It’s less a case of the Northmen needing to invade the South and replace the natives, and more a case of separating the Southern wheat from the Southern chaff. There’s plenty of R1b, R1a and I type down there (the Balkans has the same proportion of I-type haplogroup genes as Sweden and the Ukraine for instance).


      • Y-chromosome is passed from father to son. No female involvement, so draw your own conclusions.

  6. Hi, Chechar! How are things, pal? I hope you’re fine.

    Two quick points, both of them off-topic.

    Are you familiar with this guy called René Salm (http://www.nazarethmyth.info/), an atheist New Testament self-taught scholar who maintains that Nazareth did not exist before very late into the 1st century AD? It was only the other day I stumbled upon his website and I found this theory fascinating.

    I also would like to know if you heard that Jim Giles’ interview with Arthur Kemp on the Radio Free Missisipi. I don’t have the link at hand, but the guy has a very harsh view (to say the least) of William Pierce’s influence on the American WN scene. I’d like to hear your thoughts about it.


    • Thanks. I was unaware of that. I googled and found a 2009 interview that Giles has now deleted.

      But there’s a 2009 OD thread where Kemp’s interview is discussed openly; there I’ve just read this:

      Kemp installs himself as the arbiter of White Nationalist seriousness and begins by denouncing everyone who is now to his right.

      This is Brad Griffin’s (“Hunter Wallace”) formal reply to Kemp before Griffin was hurt by other WNsts and started to criticize the movement.

      I agree with Griffin and would add that I see Kemp as the Newton of history; not as a politician.

      • Here you are, I’ve just found the interview I’ve just mentioned, it is the fourth one from top to bottom on the left: http://archive.org/details/Giles

        Basically, Kemp’s point is that White Nationalism has to go mainstream, so to say, and must somehow get a normal political outlook, with a regular political party to take part in the electoral process. In other words, it must be hygeinized, purged from “klansmen”, “nazis”, “skinheads”, etc., etc., and go mainstream.

        I totally disagree with him, but the guy, as you know, is very articulate and well spoken and at a certain point in his interview he makes what, at least to my mind, is a cogent, powerful argument: He asks Giles what exactly American White Natinalists accomplished in the public arena in the past 25 years.

        Anyways, listen to it for yourself and give me your personal impression.

        By the way, did you take a look at the first link I sent you, the one about Nazareth? That guy reminded me a lot of you, in the sense that, just like you, he is also a self-taught scholar and an intellecual maverick in his field of studies.


      • Just listened to it.

        Kemp is ignorant on the JQ. He doesn’t seem to having read Kevin Mac. His views on anti-Semitism are still stuck with the Protocols. That’s quite odd since in his monumental book he perfectly understood the Juden issues in the historical past.

        His sentence that he blames our woes on white nationalists tempts me to write a whole essay about it. Of course: he is absolutely right about 9/11 cranks. But like all pro-whites with the exception of Pierce, Kemp is blind to what’s causing the failure: whites themselves. All of them, especially the non-WNsts.

        Will I write that essay? It’s extremely tricky because I’d have to elaborate on my “Star Child” axiology and my philosophy about what I call “the Neanderthals”. And nobody except the late Pierce and perhaps the 1888 Nietzsche just before he went mad would understand this hardest of all POVs.

        Whether I write it or not, thanks for the link. I believe we have far more in common than what you might think.

  7. I must confess that I was as puzzled as you after having listened to this interview and that I still don’t know what to make of it.

    Here we have an intelligent, very well-informed WN who authored a massive book of the caliber of the History of the White Race and who at the same time, speaking like a NYT journalist, dismisses anyone who points at the Jews as at least partially responsible for the woes of Whites as loons cranking up cartoonish conspiratorial theories. I would bet my bottom dollar that he knows better than that because it simply doesn’t add up.

    But on the other hand, although I don’t think his idea of having the WN moviment disassociate its image from any radical rhetoric (Nazism, the Klan, etc.) as a smart PR move would make any dint in the way the Powers that Be treat it, it must be said that he has a factual point when he states that the WN movement has not accomplished anything since the days of German National Socialism. I don’t think his plan to turn the WNM into a mainstream political force would work (AT LEAST in the PC lines he is proposing), but the fact of the matter is that he is right on the money when he says that SOMETHING PRACTICAL, CONCRETE has to be done somehow.

    • The WN movement has not accomplished anything since the days of German National Socialism because, unlike WNsts, most whites are not good people. Remember my Hamilton quote at my postscript to Dies Irae: “What I failed to realize for many years was the depth of the evil and the resistance to individual redemption. Obviously, if people are evil when evil people rule, and good only when good people rule, they are not really good”. It is as simple as that. And our tragedy is that though these Neanderthals must be exterminated we don’t have any power to do that.

      Just imagine for a second what would happen in the white world if only one percent of whites had the spirit of William Pierce… Today we would start reclaiming our respective nations.

      But there are almost no truly emergent people in the white world. Only spiritual Neanderthals. Kemp is wrong.

      • Obviously, if people are evil when evil people rule, and good only when good people rule, they are not really good

        Very sensible remark, Caesar… indeed, the White masses are capable, without the right leader, of astonishing levels of degeneration, decadence and stupidity, but also astonishing levels of evil. This is the case since the death of religious Christianity, at least. How many times I have seen brothers betraying brothers or friends betraying friends for a vagina or a bag of money…

        It has often led me to question the very idea of “saving the White race” — something Hitler had tried to do.

        The more time went by, the more I inclined to think the White masses should be left to rot and die, in order to allow the emergence of a new, stronger Aryan genetic stock.

        That led me to embrace separatism (first economic and cultural, then territorial) as a political strategy.

      • Your spam filter is a bit too sensible Caesar. A new message of mine has ended up in it, it seems.

      • Yes: once in a while, WordPress’ spam filter has prevented some of the best commenters to post here. Too bad.

        Non-whites are more evil and far uglier than whites. Think of white female beauty and you will see why a portion of the race must be spared from divine retribution. The best metaphor I’ve encountered on the boards is that of a huge forest burnt and vivid green shoots budding above the gray ashes.

        That’s what’s coming soon. First the dollar will collapse. A few days after the hungry niggers will riot throughout the US’s major cities as described by the Western Riffle Shooter Association. Social chaos will be followed by a political crisis that will endure for decades, with a broken Murka that can no longer play GloboCop. Germany will no longer be an occupied nation and the end of the evil empire after 1945 will be at hand.

        Although many whites will die in the above scenario, especially in the cities inundated with non-whites, then the real killer will come, the exponential depletion of oil. Malthusian laws predict that billions will die during the convergence of catastrophes, including many whites.

        It is this stage where my highest hopes are placed, insofar as only deep pain will move the white soul to an examination of its consciousness, repentance, and a possible atonement for its sins.

        What is coming on the white race is a punishment of truly biblical proportions and we must be glad that we will see at least the beginning of the Apocalypse. The only way that this won’t happen is that both Austrian economists and peak oliers—neither of whom are WNsts—got their data all wrong but I very, very much doubt that.

  8. “It is this stage where my highest hopes are placed, insofar as only deep pain will move the white soul to an examination of its consciousness, repentance, and a possible atonement for its sins.”

    Indeed, shuch a civilization (link) DOES need to repent.

    But although I’m deeply pessimistic in the short and medium term, I’m very optimistic in the long run because Nature itself is on our side. You just can’t make facts go away.

    This article was linked yesterday on the Drudge Report as its main headline: (link). Granted: the folks behind this project quite certainly are not WN’ists, but who do you guys think will overwhelmingly join it? Things like this are just a tiny sample of what Whites will do in the future.

  9. “It is this stage where my highest hopes are placed, insofar as only deep pain will move the white soul to an examination of its consciousness, repentance, and a possible atonement for its sins.”


    Hitler could only succeed because of the very dire, desperate circumstances, especially the economic ones, in Germany at that time. Had times been anywhere near normal, we would never have heard of him. Many observers are aware of that. Hence comments like Hitler was born in Versailles or similar. Thus one must clearly face the fact that most whites, and especially those of today, respond only to material needs and not to reason or conscience, i.e. only when the good times are over. Good times meaning a job, some food and housing, and cheap entertainment.

    In that sense our future looks positive, as we are facing some inevitable changes, as you very correctly point out:

    The financial system as it is will not last much longer, at least not in a form where it supports the general populace. Not only Schiff states so, but a host of others as well. Having looked deeply onto the matter I am convinced of the logic as well. One can see already very clearly how economic power is migrating to the East on a huge scale and how debts are escalating. Just think of this idiotic idea of minting the trillion dollar coin.

    Your second aspect of Peak Oil is perhaps not quite as pressing as believed some time ago. The new method of fracking appears to make quite a dent and has pushed out the limit somewhat further. One should never underestimate technological progress. Still, generalizing the concept, there is no doubt that the rapidly growing humanity is drawing down the natural resources at an unsustainable rate. Sooner or later we shall experience the consequences.

    Additionally with the interconnectedness of everything these days it may well be that once one problem becomes imminent it will in turn trip the next one, thereby creating a cascade of catastrophes, also of other problems we are not even aware of right now. Naturally this will create prolonged circumstances very conductive to the awakening of the white man.

    • The difference is that, unlike Weimar Germany, the US now has 100 million non-whites and a media monopolized by a hostile tribe.

      But you are right: there are others speaking out besides Schiff. This is a Martenson interview last month:

  10. “Hitler could only succeed because of the very dire, desperate circumstances, especially the economic ones, in Germany at that time. Had times been anywhere near normal, we would never have heard of him. Many observers are aware of that. Hence comments like Hitler was born in Versailles or similar. Thus one must clearly face the fact that most whites, and especially those of today, respond only to material needs and not to reason or conscience, i.e. only when the good times are over. Good times meaning a job, some food and housing, and cheap entertainment.”

    The paragraph above immediately came to my mind while I was reading this disgusting NYT article a couple of minutes ago (link). Read it yourselves. I almost puked.

    One of the commenters summed up my thoughts on it:

    “These kids (all young adults these days actually) need to go live in a 2nd or 3rd world country and see what real issues are. Someone please pop the bubble they’re in! The self-absorption is pitiful and shameful. As human beings they’re actually so much more than these definitions they define themselves by!”

    When one seriously consider for a moment the sort of decadent, degenerate, effeminate, bitchy, surrealistically frivolous generations the sterllarly affluent West has been producing for several decades now it is hard not to look forward for whatever cataclysms which can make these people MAN UP.

    • Re your question way above, no: I have not read this self-taught, New Testament researcher. By the way, have you read Kemp’s chapter on the genocidal evangelism of Charlemagne and the Teutonic Knights?

  11. Yes, I have. It remindeded me of what Tom Sunic wrote in an article I recommended to you and you posted last year: Christianity had a huge dysgenic impact on the European gene pool. BTW, my intention is to order Kemp’s book very soon and read it from cover to cover, thanks for the tip.

    On a side note, last night I accidentaly found out this guy called Edward Tarte, a Catholic priest turned atheist. Check his series of videos on the Bible and the Catholic Church (http://www.youtube.com/user/edwardtarte?feature=watch), I think they’re worth it, just ignore his blatant liberalism — but most atheists are liberal/leftist, we have to put up with it anyways.

    • I watched only the first minutes and didn’t like it. Jessica sided a Jewess about a complain about a Christian ad. These kind of atheists are scum to my mind: as bad as the evangelicals who preach the universalism of man.

      • Like I said before, most atheists are on the left, that’s a fact.

  12. On the other hand, I think you know these guys: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheAtheistExperience?feature=watch

    • No, and I tend to agree with Brad Griffin (cf his recent exchanges with Linder at the Jim Giles show) that together with homos atheists are the most liberal (i.e., race traitors) of the Western world.

      By the by, a few days ago I called one of my former mentors (who died last year) “scum” at TOO: Paul Kurtz, the grandfather of American secular humanism who I met twice in my life.

      • Finally free of the fear of eternal damnation, one finds oneself alone with oneself. Or, as the old saying goes, “If God doesn’t exist, then everything is allowed”.

        Atheism is an incandescent magma which destroys everything on its path. It is powerful but dangerous, which is the reason few are worthy of it, and the privilege of being an atheist was reserved in the past to kings and philosophers (cf. Machiavelli). You can either decide to keep it as an unruled magma, or decide to spill water over it in order to form new continents.

        The problem with most Western atheists is that they never, mostly because of limited intelligence (“too clever by half”), take the second path and offer a consistent philosophy in response to the question “What do you believe in”. Most cling bitterly to the idea that “God doesn’t exist”, like to a badge of honor or a medal, and forget the necessity of forging themselves new sets of values, rituals and traditions. Hence why they don’t find abhorrent at all that homos marry or preteenagers have sex together. Most Western atheists are stunted cripples who never overcame the maturity level of an adolescent.

  13. Another message of mine in the spam filter… :)

    • That’s exactly why the Anglo-Saxons committed the Sin against the Holy Ghost in the century when we were born. Just when the next paradigm was born, a paradigm not devoid of a spiritual message, they killed the baby in its cradle. As Heidegger put it, “the Anglo-Saxon world of Americanism has resolved to annihilate Europe, that is, the homeland”; it has resolved to annihilate “the commencement of the Western world.”

      Now that the Shire is being scoured by the Saurumans and that all head of States of Western nations wield Rings with a curse on them we are stuck with a thoroughly nihilistic form of atheism. Only a collapse of the financial system will move these degenerates to have second thoughts.

  14. Chechar just wanted to alert you that our old pals@ Gates of Vienna seem to have lost their blog. Not sure what’s happened, but it seems Blogger has pulled the plug:


    • Thanks. This is what I’ve just emailed to “Baron Bodissey”:

      Hey Ned,

      On March 2011 exactly the same happened to me: along with my two other blogs hosted by Blogspot, WHD was axed. When I tried to open it I got a message that I didn’t write down, something like: “Sorry, the blog at caesartort.blogspot.com has been removed. This address is not available for new blogs.”

      At the same time my G-mail was blocked. I emailed them and got a bot reply. They wanted me to verify with a mobile number which I did and I got a code which I inputed.

      ONLY AFTER DOING IT my three blogs and G-mail were opened.

      At the beginning of December 2009 something similar happened to Dennis Mangan.

      As to date, WordPress has not nuked the newest incarnation of WDH. But the safest way is to have your webpage. I know a Spanish blogger who managed to transfer all of his Blogger posts & comments to a web page, including most of the page style.

      Likewise, last time I checked, WordPress has a magic button to move all of it, from Blogger to WordPress in a single stroke.

      Perhaps you’ll find this a little hilarious but Blogger took that action against me when I “translated” all of what Westerner (Auster?) wrote in the GoV article about nuking Mecca to an entry I dared to title “Nuking Jerusalem”—an attempt to show double standards. According to Blogger I crossed the line, but never received an email from any real person of Blogger.

      Blogger is a time-bomb. Sooner or later they’ll ax the politically-incorrect blog with no warning and with no explanation. The same happened to the “anti-Semitic” blogger Svigor before he moved to WordPress.

      Have a nice new year,


      • Yer always a class act. You treat them far better than they treated you :)

  15. Sparta and its law (Esparta y su Ley) (link) What do you think about this topic on both articles?

    • Looks like a must read. Have you tried to translate it to English?

      • No. I will do it on December.

      • I have started to read it, but cannot find the source of Nietzsche’s quote in the epigraph: not even in Spanish. Could you provide it please (book, chapter and if possible page)?

        ¡Felices tiempos aquellos del pasado remoto en que un pueblo se decía a sí mismo: “¡Yo quiero ser el amo de otros pueblos!” Y es que, hermanos, lo mejor debe dominar y lo mejor quiere también dominar. Y allí donde se enseñe otra cosa es porque falta lo mejor.


        And I will need also the source of other N quotes, e.g., the one which starts thus:

        Confesemos pues, sin rodeos…

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