Isildur’s mess

Note of 2015: I have just moved this piece to the Addenda: here.

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  1. Let me alleviate a little the severity of this post on a lesser note. Today Counter-Currents also published an entry about the recent American Renaissance conference in Tennessee: the latest CC radio podcast. By the end of the show Johnson expressed his dismay that some nationalists emailed him mad letters only because CC published a piece on Covington’s new mantra.

    Silly white rabbits! Don’t you know that Bob’s original mantra points out a problem but never to a solution? How many among you have read my excerpts of Covington’s Brigade?

  2. I highly urge everyone to debate with the Mantra and their talking points. It is just as effective in real life just as it is online as well.

    • Of course: but the second mantra is for graduates.

  3. Whitaker’s mantra in essence is defensive. As you said, it points out a problem, but not a solution.

    “…most people are not good…” What else is new. If you don’t already have that as part of your inner foundation, you have 3 strikes against you, as the ancient writer said under the direction of the Spirit, “there is none good , not one…”.

    I don’t like Covington’s saying either. Mantras won’t work against the opposition. Shaming, mockery, sarcasm, and putting the fear of God into the opposition will.

    • But shaming, mockery and sarcasm have not worked for Linder’s VNN either. We need the aftermaths of the dollar crash.

      Since you like theological vocabulary, let me say it this way: Whites in general and Anglo-Saxons in particular need a little spanking in the Purgatory until their Sin is completely burnt. Fortunately, Dies Irae is coming in the form of currency collapse (very soon), societal chaos, ethnic warfare in the US cities and a political crisis for Americanism—whether the US government confiscates or not other nations’ gold—, and later in the century an oil depletion so serious that, since food depends on it, will become the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

      Younger people than us should storage lots of popcorn for such a big time Show…

  4. Monocause? Perhaps not. Sine qua non? Without a doubt.

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