Wuthering Heights

“The heaviest blow that ever struck humanity was the coming of Christianity.”


Today I reread my best comment ever on The Occidental Observer. See it slightly revised on the Addenda of this blog here.

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  1. Of course: by conflating Hitler’s quote with my view of Brontë’s novel I had in mind what I said in “Schweitzer’s niglets”:


  2. If one wants to reflect upon the influence of the other, the barbarian who does not belong, one could also consider Euripides’ Medea.

    As you say, folks have missed the idea of a negative alien influence well described within our literature, literature that has highlighted the destructive potency inherent within “the other”. It is nothing new, but inasmuch as we have long abandoned our heritage, whatever can be expected?

    There is to my mind a caveat in all this. Those inherently possessing the Spirit of high culture (and high culture is spiritual) can be expected to, if not wholly assimilate, at least be able and willing to abide by the dictates of a dissimilar high culture. Thus, in small quantities, certain high caste Indians, Japanese and Chinese, and Persians could be permitted to reside in our lands, as long as they abide by what would be to them alien, albeit alternate, high cultural norms. No citizenship or other “benefits” ought ever be offered any “foreigner.” That, by the way, is the condition they impose upon foreigners.

    Thus it is with a white person in Japan. The white person adapts, but always has the understanding that they are an alien presence, and are always subject to deportation without appeal.

    Marriage would be limited to natural and racial citizens; any non-racial unions would be along the lines of concubinage–that is, holding no formal legal rights stemming from legitimate marriage.

    Dual citizenship would be abolished.

    Jews could be allowed residency, but would be denied the ability to own or operate any news media outlet. They would have the same legal rights as non-citizens–that is, they must obey the laws or be deported somewhere. If Jews want to become citizens, they should emigrate to Israel, as that is their legal homeland. No Jew (or any other alien, for that matter) could ever be allowed to be a part of the executive, legislative of judiciary branch of government.

    The government must abolish the Federal Reserve, and issue its own currency. Government borrowing for future expenditures should be illegal.

    I think this was Miss Bronte’s plan, but I could be mistaken.

  3. I try to understand what is the participation of Jews in the advancement of technology, so much so that yesterday I discussed with some people on the validity and importance of the ”genius of Einstein.

    • Regarding Einstein, see the writings of Christopher Jon Bjerknes, such as “The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein” (a free PDF download at: link

      Bjerknes also wrote the book “Albert Einstein: The Incorrigible Plagiarist”. At (link) the book description says:

      “The name ‘Einstein’ evokes images of genius, but was Albert Einstein, in fact, a plagiarist, who copied the theories of Lorentz, Poincare, Gerber, and Hilbert? A scholarly documentation of Albert Einstein’s plagiarism of the theory of relativity, ‘Albert Einstein: The Incorrigible Plagiarist’ discloses Einstein’s method for manipulating credit for the work of his contemporaries, reprints the prior works he parroted, and demonstrates through formal logical argument that Albert Einstein could not have drawn the conclusions he drew without prior knowledge of the works he copied, but failed to reference. Numerous republished quotations from Einstein’s contemporaries prove that they were aware of his plagiarism.”

      • And most importantly, the full connivance on the part of the media about it, why is it?
        A few days ago I was discussing it. Yes, Einstein like as Freud or Sartre became the new gods of the intelligentsia. You can not say anything bad about their careers that people who think they are smart, will come with four stones in hand to attack you.
        It is interesting in the case of Sartre. There was one day a colleague of mine invited me to watch a documentary on the life of the” philosopher”. I was ‘surprised’ when I saw that ‘beautiful’ Sartre had said again, something as fantastic as
        ” The man must live by yourself” (More or less so).
        In other words, the guy says the most obvious thing in the world and is still treated as a genius.

  4. “Every single critic of the novel, even the most conservative, seems to have missed the racial aspect of this drama.”

    You’re right. Although Heathcliff’s non-whitness didn’t elude me, I hadn’t thought about the book’s plot in racial terms.

    The other day you wrote something to the effect that you were not a lover of literature. Be it as it may, there is another telling narrative concerning race relations in the English literary canon: Othello. A stupid (albeit noble) nigger kills the also stupid (albeit sweet) Desdemona. Have you read the play? Naive Desdemona elopes with the apish warrior, against her old father’s will, and is killed by the nigger during a fit of anger, out of jealosy. The plot brings to my mind stupid Europeans importing blacks and other non-whites against the common sense of their foreparents, with similar tragic results.

    • Very interesting. I certainly am no lover of literature but now that you mention this I agree with Sunic that this sort of reading the classics is a must to understand what’s happening in the World today. (Not exactly what some OD commenters like to say unabashedly: that they love watching American sports even when niggers are the stars of such junk culture.)

      • You see, I’m a Literature guy, that’s my stuff. My White nationalist sympathy is based on the perception that you can’t have a White culture and civilization without Whites. Left to their own devices, non-Whites not only will not produce any high art worthy of this term, but will also neglect the cultural heritage that was handed down to them — much like the blacks and mulattos in relation to the ancient Egyptian civilization that they inherited and destroyed, as Kemp narrates in his great book. Think of a bunch of apes being put in charge of the Louvre Museum and you get the picture.

      • I said I don’t read much literature because I come from a family where music and the visual arts were their fortes. I should have been movie director; not blogger or a researcher on child abuse (what I eventually became). But at least I have the sensibility to appreciate great literature, as that novel by Vidal that nobody in the movement seems to appreciate; or that book by Zweig on Nietzsche and other tormented souls that tomorrow I will quote again (just compare it with what some ODers like to watch…).

        When I was younger, there were more bookstores in Mexico City and even stores exclusively dedicated to sell LPs of classical music. Now they are becoming scarcer and scarcer and the few remaining whites at town are so infinitely stupid as not to realize what is happening just in front of their silly blue eyes: all this as this city increases in millions upon millions of browns within our lifespans.

        As you said in the other thread, Latin American whites who have mudblood relatives are the worst sort of Body-snatched Pods in the whole continent…

      • The only problem with literature is that it is built with a material that changes and dies over time: language. In this sense music (and more exactly instrumental music) is the only really perennial form of art, unlike literature or the plastic arts, which depend on physical and therefore perishible materials for their existence.

        In a certain sense, Schopenhauer got it right: music is the supreme form of art. In addition to its perennity, it speaks straigh to the soul. I mean, much as I prefer literature, you simply can’t compete with the emotional appeal of things like this: link.

  5. Off Topic: link

    So much for White liberal anti racism: niggers for thee but not for me.

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