The Struggle with the Daimon


For an easy reading,
you can read all of my excerpts
of Zweig’s essay on Nietzsche
at Ex libris (here).


  1. Off Topic:

    Checking the links in the “Categories” section of your blog I’ve noticed the absence of German IQ scholar Volkmar Weiss ( there.

    I’ve read a couple of his articles in English and this one in particular ( caught my attention. One of the most enlightening race realist pieces I’ve ever read. It is one of those rare texts that can bring about a whole paradigm shift in the reader’s understanding of the race/civilization question. Since I’m thankful to the reader of my blog who sent me this text a year ago, I’d suggest you consider publishing it on your blog, I’m sure your readership will highly appreciate it.

    (By the by, American Renassaince published his review of Thilo Sarrazin’s book in 2010

    • It is a huge read (more than 13 wds). But I’ve now printed the essay you recommend in particular and will try to read it.

      • :)

    • This Weiss’ text is worth several shelf-meters of high-quality books or years of reading blogs, even good blogs like this.

      • I read it yesterday and was not impressed. Too much IQ boring stuff. Too much technicalities.

  2. “This Weiss’ text is worth several shelf-meters of high-quality books or years of reading blogs, even good blogs like this.”


    I thought the same after having read it. In fact, as I said in my above comment, this is the sort of opinion I expected from regular readers of this blog. Why such a dense, cogent, eye-opening essay has not been reproduced all over the WNlist blogosphere is something I dont get.

    “Too much IQ boring stuff. Too much technicalities.”

    The fact that it is long and data-laden is not an excuse. Are we supposed to only read short, data-free texts? I can envisage leftists attempting to refute Pierce’s essays on the tension between dysgenics and civilizational collapse, for example. But trying to refute such a powerful piece is an altogether different matter. Or take Kemp’s chapters of his Magnum Opus, for another instance. Its achilles’ heels are precisely its lack of references since it is a more loose, popular-oriented read. Weiss makes more or less the same points (i.e, eugenics and dysgenics are the pendulum behind civilizational thriving and decaying) but in a palpably more tightly argumented way.

    I’m a fan of Kemp’s and Pierce’s essays, but by building a whole intellectual base just around this sort of intellectual output one runs the risk of giving one the feeling that our ultimate motivation are just politics, instead of science and reason, as it is the case.

    • Even so, I prefer Phil Rushton’s or KMD’s academic pieces on IQ and Jews than this paper that lacks the ferocity of the above authors.

      • Keep in mind that authors like Weiss and Richard Lynn, for that matter, are scientists writing about their area of expertise (IQ and Sociobiology). They are first and foremost men of science writing for an academic audience instead of political activists writing for like-minded people. Rushton and Kevin Mac use a militant tone in their works, but such a tone does not appeal to everyone. I don’t think every single author who writes from a White nationalist perspective is necessarily supposed to use a biting, caustic, combative tone in their works, among other reasons because the White nationalist literature would become literally monotonous (MONO -TONOUS) if such a thing ever happened. Moreover, sometimes such a tone is made redundant by the very nature of the scenario the author is trying to portray. A well-researched, solid piece like this one by Weiss, arriving at the utterly depressing conclusions that it does hardly needs to be adorned by a combative style. The facts speak for themselves. Sometimes such a stylistic procedure is even more striking than the use of emotional appeals to the reader’s morality.

        If you allow me the liberty to give you a suggestion, I think you would be able to enlarge your readership if you diversified a little bit the contents of TWDH. Alternating more combative, propaganda-like (no pejorative meaning intended here) posts with more academic ones like the mentioned article and also commenting now and then on real-life current events would make wonders for your blog. In other words, to laser-focus on WNlist topics but diversify the scope and the tone used. You must have noticed that (it’s just a guess) the overwhelming majority of the comments are concentrated on a minority of posts. In this thread, for example, besides me and you, just two other posters showed up and one of them did so just to ardently praise the essay I linked and which you downplayed as unimpressive because it lacked an aggressive tone. Well, some White-leaning folks out there are attracted exactly to a more objctive, scientific, non obviously activist perspective. Why not appeal to them as well and by doing so increase your readership concommitantly?

        Off topic again: having in mind that Nietzsche is not one of us as you yourself have already pointed out, I don’t get the current focus on him on TWDH.

      • You are right that many college boys need to read non-strident texts. That’s why the only site I link in my blogroll list is Kevin Mac’s. Linder has just the opposite style, including slurs and even vulgarity. Both antithetical styles are needed in the movement. I am a believer of the saying “Let a thousand flowers bloom”, yes, even the monocausalists and those who focus on Dixie.

        The reason I am focusing on Nietzsche’s fall is because I am convinced that my area of expertise, that we might call “the trauma model of mental disorders”, i.e., the toll of child abuse, has unfathomed implications to understand white ethno-suicide. I tried to explain a little of it in my article on the “body-snatched Spaniard” but didn’t get substantial feedback because this subject represents a whole new continent of human knowledge; it has yet to be explored and I am one of its first pioneers (the subject-matter of my book, Hojas Susurrantes).

        My big hope is that in the ethnostate this new continent will be fully explored. It is impossible right now because we are living on the edge of an historical cliff. We have to wait for the collapse to occur and then wait for a phoenix-like revival of the West. Only thus will a full venture into this continent be possible. (It has to do with the “other universe” or subjective world I alluded to in one of my recent posts where I mentioned Kant’s second Critique.)

        So I will be preparing my readers for the disturbing content of my Hojas Susurrantes even if that means, in addition to Janz, using the texts of still another biographer of Nietzsche, Werner Ross in forthcoming entries. I’ll use N’s biography to illustrate both the trauma model and the necessity to revaluate Christian values.

        As to adding news to this blog, I can only add the stuff I feel passionately about, even if that means that this blog would be restricted for the sophisticate.

        Anyway, see the list of my most recent entry: the most popular entries of this blog according to my stats page. You can see that quite a few non-trivial subjects have attracted most traffic.

    • By the way, I am planning to quote translated texts from Deschner’s Criminal History of Christianity—a maximums opus of ten volumes with tons of academic endnotes but that is, notwithstanding, ferocious and emotional.

      • “By the way, I am planning to quote translated texts from Deschner’s Criminal History of Christianity”

        Looking forward to it.

  3. Stefan Zweig was an Ashkenazic Jew — and a very gifted writer. Why did you delete this before? Too much cognitive dissonance?

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