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The Aryan Race needs a religion of war, not a religion of peace.

The Aryan Race needs a religion of hate, not a religion of love.

The Aryan Race needs a religion of boldness, not a religion of meekness.

The Aryan Race needs a religion of anger, not a religion of sorrow.

The Aryan Race needs a religion of severity, not a religion of mercy.

Richard Beaudette

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  1. More to the point, the only reason why our enemies have the upper hand, is because we feel guilty.

    But a religion of war is usually connected with the right to have sex with conquered women. How to reconcile that with racial purity?

    • Only the Sabine women are fair game: they’re whites…

  2. I’m reading a condensed version of The Myth of the 20th Century, particularly Rosenberg’s thoughts on Christianity. Here are some of his assertions on the difference between Semitic (especially Judaic)religious forms and Aryan (especially Germanic) religious forms:

    Semitic religion is based on submission to a single deity or pantheon (Yahweh, Allah, Ba’al, the Babylonian gods), which capriciously harms the people who rely on it for sustenance. Aryan religion is based on a conflict between two gods or forces (Heaven and Hell, the Olympians and the Titans, Ahuramazda and Ahriman) one of which is supposed to be supported by mankind (sometimes one faction is known to be more powerful than the other, sometimes they’re evenly matched).

    Semitic religions have their gods as pre-existing and they create the rest of the universe from nothing, giving them complete control over it (and making them at least partially malicious). Aryan religion either has the universe pre-existing with the gods or at least has the creation of the universe partially out the good side’s control (either the evil side interferes or a third party sets things up). Semitic gods are motivated by human glorification and a sense of pity while Aryan gods are motivated by a sense of existential conflict.

    Semitic religions are materialistic, with their gods acting both as “merchants” (that trade miracles for sacrifices) and as the general explanation for why things occur (Yahweh tells Moses to tell the pharaoh to let the Hebrews leave Egypt, then Yahweh “hardens pharaoh’s heart” so that he says no, then Yahweh makes frogs rain from the sky, and so on). Aryan religions are dualistic, and have a spiritual force (goodness, knowledge, light) in conflict with a material force (evil, ignorance, darkness), leaving humanity caught in the middle.

    Semitic religions have human “souls” insofar as they exist as artifacts created by their gods, making the gods infinitely superior to humans and making humans infinitely indebted to them. Aryan religions have human souls as eternal and lesser but still co-existent with the gods, or as incarnate parts of the gods themselves, which gives them some degree of standing among the gods. The follower of a Semitic god attempts to earn its mercy by abolishing his sense of pride, the follower of an Aryan god attempts to earn its respect by abolishing his cowardice.

    Related to the above distinction, Semitic religions characterize humans as slaves before their gods who only exist by their mercy, while Aryan religions characterize humans as allies with their gods in the face of a common adversary.

    Semitic religions base all human interaction on “love”, compromise, pacifism, and sympathy with the individual, allowing for the priesthood and state officers to command with the least amount of resistance. Aryan religions base human interaction on honor, courage, truthfulness, and dedication to the group, which leaves a smaller gap between any sort of clergy and laity.

    By extension, Semitic religions promote feminine and mercantile values while Aryan religions promote masculine and martial values. Semitic religions are better suited for mass population control while Aryan religions are better suited for high levels of social cooperation. Semitic religions require an extensive secular framework which governs the spiritually paralyzed while Aryan religions are fully integrated with their society’s state and with its social mores.

    For Rosenberg the archetypal Semitic doctrine is Judaism and the archetypal Aryan doctrine seems closest to the Zoroastrianism of ancient Persia. Rosenberg saw conventional Christianity as fatally compromised by Semitic ideas, primarily due to the subversion of Saul of Tarsus. He considered the gnostic trend within Christianity to be the Aryan part of it rebelling against the rest of it.

  3. The war, hate, boldness, severity, anger has to come from within the White male before a religion comes into being containing those virtues. Set yourselves free, white males. Become what you are again—a White Man.

    • Yep.

  4. The aryan race today has been taken over by the jewish religion of Saturn/Set/Dionysus/Satan/Yahweh.

    Sarurn is both the god of absolute spiritualitt and absolute primality/debauchery. He is reaponsible for the destruction of our values which were martial in nature, having come from our fathergod Mars, or Ares.

    Mars and Saturn are always at war, much like the aryan and jew souls, we can never coexist in the same way a degenerate drug sddicted sex addled drunk whore, and a healthy aryan nationalist woman can never coexist. They are diometrically opposed to one another.

    Our failure today is not in losing against the jew at all, but in not engaging and fighting as a race. Our people are too pascified by the jew financial system (war via money is very saturnarian) and the debauchery and materialistic dogma of which they have fallen under its spell.

    If we are to regain the reins over our people, it will be both a physical struggle against the kike, but also a deeply spiritual one, we must transmute the aryan soul back to its birthrite as the supreme warrior race.

    We have to shift the mass cultus, the cult worship practice, from a wothless weakling race to a ferocious fighting animal, from which we still look back at the pasts glory as a guide post to chart our progress of the futute. Cowards die each day, but a warrior lives forever.

    In my vision, we will acomplish this by 1) Waking up to the natural order of the universe, and reestablishing it as our code. We must live only by thr law of the jungle- AND NO OTHER. We are begining to see this concious shift between the whites accepting the natural mortality of non-white crime, that we have become weak, and they prey on us because of that sin.

    2) Destroying the jewish money tyranny system, and the aryan love of the jewish capitalist/communist slavery. We can acomplish this in two or more ways. 1) Our people reject the want and frivolities of the shop-till-you-drop culture. 2) We break the financial system as a whole, cutting off both its internal money counterfit scheme, and its internal and external markets. We eliminate money as we eliminate this jew. Cryptocurrency will be vital in this. And as you have clairvoyantyly pointed out, the problems of the aryan race today are exactly the problems of Sparta mileniums ago. With much the same solutions.

    In the end we gain nothing without fighting, and our race has yet to fight back in the beginings great racial world war.

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