The fruits of Judeo-Christianity

Who among American white nationalists knows of Karlheinz Deschner’s monumental work about the criminal history of their religion?

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  1. As usual, many neglect to mention the greatest calamity when it comes to the ‘development’ of Europe and that is the rise of Islam. Once it took the Mediterranean, it shut off much of the necessary conditions to sustain the West. eg, the loss of trade, the breadbaskets, the papyrus etc.

    A superior presentation of our History, without the Enlightenment bias can be found at this site:

  2. Varg Vikernes, the man who hated Christianity so much he burnt down churches that had been built on (formerly) pagan holy sites.

    “If they don’t respect OUR culture, why should we respect their culture” —Varg Vikernes

    Good man! Synagogues and Mosques need to eventually be eliminated too.

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