March of the Titans

The following sentences of March of the Titans: The Complete History of the White Race by Arthur Kemp caught my attention:

The fall of Rome – triumph of the slaves

For centuries, scholars have debated how the Roman Empire—once so mighty and powerful—could have come to an end. The explanations have ranged from a lack of morals right through to the sheer size of the Empire becoming too unwieldy to administer. But all of the explanations have ignored the real cause of the dissolution of Roman power, namely the fact that the Romans themselves disappeared. Simple demographics was the cause of the collapse of Rome.

[Kemp’s book made a dent in my worldview, starting with the massacre of the German women and children:]

The partly mixed inhabitants of Rome, rich and poor alike, resented both Visigoths and Vandals alike, and in 408 AD, Stilicho was assassinated. This was immediately followed by a massacre of thousands of the wives and children of the German soldiers in Italy. It was easy to pick out the Germans—their light coloring and light hair stood out in marked contrast to the vast majority of the inhabitants of most of Italy of the day.

This foolish act drove the Germanic tribes into taking reprisals. For two years Alaric led an embittered combined army of his men, Stilicho’s soldiers and even remnants of the defeated Frankish army, up and down the Italian peninsula, exacting a terrible revenge for the massacre of the Germanic women and children. During this time the marauding Germans took a heavy toll of the local population—countless numbers were killed, considerably thinning out the largely mixed race population. Alaric demanded a huge ransom from the inhabitants of Rome and forced their slave traders to release some 40,000 German slaves from captivity.

Then Alaric’s Goths sacked Rome itself on 24 August 410 AD. This date is marked as the official end of the Roman Empire in the west, although of course the vast masses of true Romans had long since vanished. Even after the sacking of Rome in 410 AD, and the Vandal invasion of 455 AD, a semblance of an imperial line of emperors was maintained in Rome, although the emperor was by then little more than a puppet.

[Kemp’s concluding remarks are an answer to the blindspot of politically-correct historians who advance complex theories of Rome’s decline and fall. Why white nationalists don’t pay attention to this interpretation of Western history is still a big, big mystery for me:]

The truth behind the disappearance of the Roman Empire is in fact much simpler and stunningly obvious. The facts are that the people who created the Empire, the original Romans, mainly Indo-European tribes, vanished, absorbed into the masses of non-Indo-European peoples they conquered.

In the West, the Romans were absorbed by the racially similar White and numerically superior Celts, Gauls and Germans.

In the East the Romans were absorbed by the racially dissimilar non-White mixed race Middle Easterners and North Africans, who also immigrated in massive numbers to Rome itself, filling the city and the southern parts of Italy with their numbers.

The noted British historian, Edward Gibbon, in his monumental work The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, estimated the numbers of people within the borders of the Empire during the time of the Emperor Claudius (43 AD) as some 120 million people—and of this amount only some 6,945,000 were proper Roman citizens.

The twin effects of the opening citizenship to all in the empire and the toleration of unrestricted immigration into the city of Rome, does therefore not have to be speculated upon—the 7 million original Romans were overrun within a relatively short space of time by the 113 million foreigners.



The effects of racial mixing are evident on the face of this baker (left) in Pompeii, Italy. The fashion at the time was to have one’s portrait painted on the walls of one’s house. The eruption of the volcano Vesuvius preserved a great number of the houses in Pompeii, including these portraits from circa 50 AD. Compare the features of this baker to one of his neighbors, a still Nordic woman (right) whose house portrait was similarly saved. Eventually the “baker” types were to dominate Roman society.

The change in the make-up of the Roman population from the original Nordic/Alpine/Mediterranean into a mixed White/non-White racial group was the real reason why Rome “fell”. This is also the reason why today some Italians, particularly in the south of that country, have a distinctive “olive” appearance.

Italy was later invaded by a new wave of Germanics, the Lombards, who brought a fresh infusion of Nordic blood into the Italian peninsula—and today the vast majority of White Italians are descendants of the Lombards, not of the Romans.

In a nutshell, the truth is that the Roman Empire disappeared because the Romans themselves disappeared. It is as simple as that.


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  2. The result of Rome’s deracination is not unlike New York City’s massive white flight begun in 1970. New York had genetically become a majority third world city by 1980. Paris & London may be headed in the same direction (if not already).

    As for Southern Italy made note of within this article, I have found it extremely difficult in viewing this region as European. It is much, much more Levantine & to a minor degree: sub-Saharan.

    The genetics have already beared this out (let alone distinct temperaments).

  3. Could you write about Hannibal Barca and whether he was European or Semitic or Black. I did a search of your site and couldn’t find what I was looking for. It bothers me that so many people today, especially blacks, think that Hannibal was black. I’m a Scipio Affricanus lover myself because he was the better general and because he was white. But I would love to know if Hannibal was black African.

    • A Stormfront opinion:

      The city of Carthage had been colonized by Nordic Macedonians under Alexander the Great. Apparently, Hannibal Hamilcar was descended from the noble class of these Macedonians. There is an excellent picture of the face of Hannibal on a silver coin in the Book, “March of the Titans” by Arthur Kemp.

      The coin is well worn down, but clearly depicts the profile of a man with a slim pointy nose, small lips, Caucasian jaw and chin…

      His image on contemporary silver coins indicates Nordic facial features. I see no reason to assume that he wasn’t Aryan.

      Unfortunately, I cannot find it in the 2011 edition of Kemp’s book. The illustration must be in the older edition because I remember it seeing it as if it was yesterday.

      Another opinion:

      Hannibal was a Caucasian, but he probably wasn’t descended from Macedonians. More likely from Phoenicians, and other Caucasians that established colonies around the Mediterranean or that inhabited Northwestern Africa.

      Still another opinion:

      Hannibal was definitely not Arab or black in any way. I am obsessed with ancient history and have over 40 books on history before the end of the Roman Empire. I also have a Maltesian friend and from what her family says, the north coast of Africa from Algeria to Libya has a large mix of different demographics.

      For example, not counting the descendants of the French settlers, it is not uncommon to see light skin or light hair in Algeria or Tunisia. They claim the Carthaginians probably looked like southern Italians or southern Spanish.

      Now it is true that there has been a lot of mixing in the past 2000 years but there are a large amount of unmixed native populations. Hannibal, Hamilcar, Mago, Hasdrubal, and all the rest of the Barcas were probably not Macedonian or blonde hair Germanics, but they were most likely Mediteranean Indo-Europeans. Even non pro-white books will tell you that the Punics were a big mix of Semitic and Indo-Europeans something like if you mixed Arabs with Phrygians and (those are some of the invaders to the area at the time of the Phoenician displacement).

      I actually heard that Vin Diesel was going to play the part of Hannibal in a movie soon. Although he is a mediocre actor in my opinion, I think he would much better fit the part of Hannibal in looks than an African American.

      Still another:

      Well there’s no way he’s black.

      • Thanks. Those comments confirm what I have been able to piece together for myself. I just discovered your blog recently and I am really enjoying your writing. I’m also influenced by Julian Janes’ work like you. I hope you translate your book into English.


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