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I have been asked why the recent focus of The West’s Darkest Hour on Nietzsche. I replied that my intention is to explain (1) the “transvaluation of all values” (Nietzsche’s ultimate philosophy) and (2) “poisonous pedagogy” which goes together with the “trauma model of mental disorders” (illustrated in Nietzsche’s life).

As to #2, I believe that one of the ingredients of the witches’ brew that is killing whites is the toll of child abuse in the adult. In the white nationalist movement no one has suspected this. A few months ago Alex Kurtagic wrote on The Occidental Observer that the engulfing behavior of Jewish mothers towards their male children explained the haughty behavior of the grown-up Jew. But Kurtagic and the rest of writers of the pro-white blogosphere have failed to ask what could the engulfing behavior of white mothers cause on their white children.

I am the only one in the movement who has written on the implications of the trauma model on white pathology. See for example my seminal article, “A body-snatched Spaniard.” I even plan to translate to English the rest of my book Hojas susurrantes, the most didactic and comprehensive explanation of the model under a single cover.

However, since that kind of literature is very strong meat indeed, and since pro-white advocates are uninterested in the subject, I better start introducing it by means of baby steps, like my next series of entries on Carlo Collodi’s novel for children.


The original Pinocchio tale by Collodi is must reading. A 1880 magazine series (Disney’s 1940 film is a betrayal of the original Italian tale), Collodi projected his feelings for his abusive parents onto the characters of the very manipulative Blue Fairy and Geppetto.

In chapter XV Pinocchio is hanged in front of the Blue Fairy mansion and the motherly Fairy didn’t help him at all. The wooden puppet exclaimed Jesus-like words on the cross:

The editor asked Collodi to rescue Pinocchio in the following issue of the magazine.

As a child Collodi had been tormented in a Jesuit school (incidentally, as a child my father was also tormented in a Jesuit school). Since Collodi (like my father) never settled accounts with the perpetrators, he later identified himself with them; hated the children, illustrated boring school textbooks for them and always lived with his manipulative “Blue Fairy” mother.

The original Le Avventure di Pinocchio is poisonous pedagogy at its worst. The parents and the school system are idealized at the expense of the child’s true self. (Later in my series on Nietzsche you will see the relevance of the Prussian pedagogy applied to the child Nietzsche by his mother and other female figures and his adult breakdown.) A major bestseller, Collodi’s novel was used to manipulate and socialize children in the early 20th century.

In future entries I will show that together with the German biographers of Nietzsche I will be quoting, Alice Miller is the obliged reference to understand “poisonous pedagogy” and ultimately my interpretation of both Pinocchio and many people who have suffered mental breakdowns.


  1. I do not believe that environmental factors explain human behavior, because I simply do not believe they exist. Everything is at least 30% genetics, this without taking into account the very complexity within this entails.
    To understand the behavior of adult Jew, you should seek behavioral similarities, genetically influenced in their mothers. Psychologists Nazis had already realized that the Jewish man tends to be more effeminate men Germans. It seems that the vast majority of American Jewish women are feminists. Feminist women seem to have more testosterone than women within the normal range. If normal women, through his ability to verbal manipulation, can already tame most men, imagine a woman with high testosterone?
    Taking the ”jewish princess” most Jewish women do not seem the most attractive. Many of them have a more masculine in their appearance, unlike the beautiful women, usually full of estrogen.
    I think that sincere Jews have much right when they say that they are not completely to blame for the behavior of his people, because they are anyway. They were born to design this world we live in ambiguity, moral values ​​completely subjective, mental manipulation etc.
    Just as we should not blame 100% on a killer because it is their nature that created for it. Yet imagine the day when liberals embrace these ideas and begin to defend the innocence biological crime, do not doubt it.
    I always preach on the same subject, because we will not until we figure out what is the true role of biology in human behavior. It is not a matter of making the white liberals wake up, it is a matter of taking the”awake” white to take them to their future ethnic countries.

    • I do not believe that environmental factors explain human behavior, because I simply do not believe they exist.

      Nonsense. I will not even read the rest of your comment after reading this phrase. Even biologists (that is, people not trained in the humanities) speak of the environment as a contributing factor for the success of any species. Even the best adapted species could become extinct if a comet or something hits the Earth. “Not believe they exist…” Lol!

      • When I speak of environmental factors I do not mean the environment itself, but the biology of the people. Clearly if you are in an environment x, certain traits are more advantageous and it will be selected. No need to read the rest of my commentary is in ordinary English, spoken by the lower classes.
        Most psychologists will recommend a good dose of medication to control their ”pathological” condition of racist and most biologists will recommend the book of Gould.
        What I said is that much of the mainstream educated, believe for example, that education has the ability to make someone smarter. But that phrase is already absurd at its root. Nobody becomes smarter, everyone is born with a genetic predisposition and certain factors can depress its full capacity, not to the point of making it more stupid. Even if you become a stupid, in a cultural sense, is still smarter than the ”biological stupid”.
        Ashkenazi Jews are not what they are only because their mothers are overprotective, but also why. The maternal treatment Jew is an increase in the psyche of Jewish men, but it is not significant. There must be numerous cases of people who have been spoiled by their mothers but became nice people and responsible. The exception breaks the rule and makes us wonder why some people in the same conditions evolve differently than others even in the same environmental conditions.
        When I speak of environmental factors i’m not referring to the environment in its natural state, but the way and Lamarckian erroneous that most educated people interpret.
        you completed
        Jews are so because of their mothers

        I concluded
        The behavior of overprotective Jewish mother is solely Jewish behavior reinforcement in male.
        Women with high testosterone have a tendency to have men with low testosterone, because they tend to have children later than women with high estrogen, which in turn, marry earlier and are more fertile.

      • I stand corrected then.

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