On Megalodons and scorpions


Megalodon tooth with two great white shark teeth.

I have re-read my year-old post “Blaming the shark, sparing the Megalodon” and it struck me as solid.

Those familiar with my classification (see for example: here) are aware that “bicausalists type B” like me maintain a totally different cognitive process than “bicausalists type A”: those who basically blame the Jews for our woes.

One of the most important questions in the movement that both monocausalists and the type Bs avoid is, What enabled Jewish empowerment in the West? (keeping in mind that they never took over the media in, say, China or the Muslim world). We must never forget that in the aftermaths of the French Revolution, Adrien Duport, a member of the Jacobin Club, ascended the tribune and said:

I believe that freedom of worship does not permit any distinction in the political rights of citizens on account of their creed. The question of the political existence of the Jews has been postponed. Still the Moslems and the men of all sects are admitted to enjoy political rights in France. I demand that the motion for postponement be withdrawn, and a decree passed that the Jews in France enjoy the privileges of full citizens.

Duport’s proposition was accepted amid loud applause, which means that Whites empowered Jews; the members of the tribe did not empower themselves. To my mind, the event reflects white suicidal tendencies, with all the euphoria of a triumphant liberal Revolution, in a nutshell. If the West survives its current condition, historians of the future will surely mark this momentum event as the quintessential not only of French pathology, but of white pathology in general.

I am starting to suspect that my “bicausalism type B” stance is the reason why my metaphor of the witches’ brew, that I picked from Pierce, is not being taken seriously—let alone my initiative to identify each ingredient of the brew (yes: including the transferences resulting from child abuse).

If I could I’d poll readers of the pro-white blogosphere: TOO, CC, MR, OD, AmRen, AOT, AltRight, VNN and NWF to see who’s bicausalist type A and who’s type B; asking them to intuitively assign percentages of blame on Jew vs. White.

In such an hypothetical poll I would say this: Since Jewish power is completely derived from white treason I would assign, tentatively, a bicausal blame to whites approximately in proportion to the size of the Megalodon vis-à-vis a modern white shark (see e.g., this virtual image of these two animals in the sea). If this hypothetical assignation reflects reality, it would mean that white pathology is the main factor of the West’s darkest hour.

Of course, I could be wrong. But I need reasons and facts to change my mind rather than insults, especially because I still believe in final solutions to the J problem. (Even when, mixing metaphors, bacterial pneumonia is a secondary infection to viral AIDS, such bacteria is still killing us; we must get rid of them.)

I cannot emphasize strongly enough that I find it rather comical when either a monocausalist or a type A bicausalist drops Jewish names in discussions with me pointing out that some kikes were involved in the Revolution. The central issue in this debate is, again, that whites empowered them and precisely because of enlightened ideas developed by whites.

Moreover, if my reading of history is accurate, the most important century to understand our current dilemma is the 19th century. After those Jacobins I quoted above, in the next century European nation after European nation subscribed the French emancipatory ethos throughout that century. (The singular case of the U.S. is even more pathological as that nation was founded not only upon Enlightenment hubris in 1776, but even previously by the original founding fathers of puritanical extraction that used the Old Testament as their guiding star.) From this point of view, the 19th century was the traitorous century par excellence: European whites virtually started to hand over their banking, media and cultural institutions to a clearly subversive tribe.

I cannot figure out a best way to close this entry than to quote from the mentioned article “Blaming the shark, sparing the Megalodon,” where an intelligent commenter responded to Greg Johnson, a type A bicausalist, with these words:

Deinking said…

When 2 percent of a population controls 98 percent with impunity, it’s empirical proof that that the 98 percent is inferior. If they weren’t inferior, things would be the opposite. Blaming Jews would be understandable if they were 20-30 percent of our population, but when they’re just a tiny fraction and still rule over us, we have no one to blame but ourselves. If we were just one-tenth as motivated, organized, and pitiless as they are, there would be no possible way for them to dominate us. They would hardly matter at all.

We Whites have always been too naive, too gullible, too kind, and idealistic. That’s our problem. If we were hardened realists then we would have destroyed Judaism and Jewish identity thousands of years ago, when the Romans had total control over Judea. But even the Romans were too softhearted and continually let the Jews have their own society even after they viciously slaughtered Roman citizens in their various rebellions… and this was before Christian morality warped our minds. There’s something seriously wrong with us.

Greg Johnson said…

Are humans inferior to scorpions and spiders because we are vulnerable to their stings? The term “inferior” is misplaced here. We are vulnerable to Jews, just as we are vulnerable to bullets. When a man has been shot, you don’t blame him for not being bullet proof. You blame him, though, if he handed his gun over to a criminal.

Denikin said…

A human getting accidentally stung by a scorpion is one thing. But when millions of humans have been repeatedly stung by scorpions for 2,000 years and have not yet learned to stay away from them, it means there’s something wrong with the humans, not the scorpions.

Thanks Mr. Deinking. I have nothing to add.

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  1. I don’t think blame is divisible at all, so I guess I don’t fully agree with this line of thought.

    If AIDs can’t hurt you by itself, and typhus can’t kill you by itself, any division of blame between the two would seem arbitrary, even from a purely causal perspective. In a more abstract sense, how do you decide how much oxygen can be “blamed” for a fire, compared to combustible material or heat? The ratio of mass? Whichever factor was last added? Which factor had the least justification (in your opinion) for being present? It’s very context-dependent, and blame might be assigned differently depending on your rationale.

    Then you have “moral” blame, which seems even less divisible. Is a gang-rapist 1/4 as bad as a regular rapist? Is a psychotic murderer any less dangerous because he happened to murder someone who was going to die of cancer next week? Is a traitor less contemptible because he conspires with others?

    One of the big mistakes modern anti-Semites make, in comparison to men like Hitler and Rockwell, is their refusal to call the Jews out as traitors to the nations they claimed they were loyal to. They’ll go on and on about how the Jews hate Whites, or how selfish and greedy they are, sometimes going into crap about “Zionists” being “Jewish Supremacists”, typical liberal condemnations based around “hate” instead of disloyalty. The Jews are a race of traitors, first and foremost; all Jewish power is based on stabbing the people who give them shelter in the back. Germany after WW1, America and Britain after WW2, Spain during the war with the Moors, Constantinople during their war with the Turks, Christianity every time they’ve been involved with it, even the Russians after the fall of Communism. They’re like a drifter that kills the people who let him spend the night in their house while they sleep, and make off with all of their jewelry (as hilariously chronicled in the book of Exodus).

    All of their greed and dishonesty and bloodthirst was only made possible by their professing to be loyal citizens of whatever civilization they were trying to destroy. The Jews would be an utterly insignificant force in the world if, say, their loyalty oaths and assurances of goodwill actually compelled them to act in such a manner. If they couldn’t stab their “allies” in the back they would have nothing left. If nobody trusts them they’re powerless, which is the single strongest impetus in their collective behavior. The amount of evil the Jews put into a nation is a direct mirror of the goodwill that nation has put forth towards them.

    The backstabbing and degeneracy of certain White factions (capitalists, liberals, Christians in many cases, homosexuals, etc) does nothing to mitigate the Jews’ slide into the 9th circle of Hell. To the contrary, these factions conspire with the Jews against their common benefactors, and it’s no surprise that traitors work with like. As for the White race, you can say that its gullibility and refusal to accept the truth about the Jews is a fatal trait, and you’d of course be correct, but it’s absurd to say that the (unjustified) good-faith of a traitor’s victim makes the traitor less contemptible. If the White race was comprised of hardened Nazis the Jews would still be just as loathsome, they would just be nullified as a threat, and would be given little consideration.

    That said, I don’t think Jews are all that interesting. They’re pretty damn consistent in their behavior, once you cut through the superficial changes they make. They’re a big negative in the equation, but they’re not the variable, and it’s the variable that concerns us insofar as our diagnosis goes.

    After all, don’t we have to start with ourselves, if we’re going to be the ones taking action? If it’s raining it doesn’t matter if the clouds are “to blame”, you can’t control them. You need to get inside. We can’t control what the Jews do, and it isn’t very difficult to predict what they’ll do, so there isn’t much left to say about them. If asked why we hate them we have our answer: they’re a race of traitors, who exploit the goodwill of others and stab the people who defend them in the back. That description answers that question succinctly. The next question of course is “then why are they still here?“, which is going to be more difficult to answer.

    In other words, I do think that the “Type B” approach is the more useful one, and that in fact the problem with the “Type A” people is actually their refusal to condemn the Jews as harshly and abruptly as they deserve (and in so doing resolve the “Jewish Question” very quickly). Keep It Simple, Stupid.

    • But what is worse: the European nations in the nineteenth century who, one by one, started to emancipate them, or the subversive tribe itself (that’s the whole point of that “B” vs. “A” approach)? White traitors / Body-snatched whites / Neochristian white liberals or whatever you may call them are worse than the Jews, according to my book.

      I see that process even in my family. My father for one idealizes Nezahualcoyotl beyond belief, even after I used to tell him repeatedly that this 15th century Amerind ordered his eldest son to be executed.

      How can I understand my father’s mind except by the old Christian doctrine of willful surrender one’s will to Evil? (Of course, like Schweitzer with his niglets, by idealizing Nezahualcoyotl he believes that he’s doing a great service to his fkn. country.)

      Similarly, if a WASP idealizes Amerinds or Jews or Blacks despite all evidence to the contrary, and if that idealization will be involved in the total ruination of his/her offspring due to ethnic competition & the coming racial wars, shouldn’t s/he be considered worse than them?

      • Hmm, I’d say they’re less selfish and dishonest, but more unhinged and dangerous. I consider the Jews’ behavior more shameful and contemptible but Jewish behavior is also less relevant. Kick them the fuck out of our countries, they never even should have been let in. They don’t change, they never change. We changed.

        I mean who’s worse, your dad or this Nez guy? Well your dad’s in your family, Nez is a dead Aztec emperor, so the problems with your dad matter much more than your problems with Nezzy ever could. Africans chopping each other up to make magic potions isn’t important to me. Hamsters eat their own young but we don’t care about that in the slightest.

      • Spartacus 's followers are crucified

        Perhaps the subjacent point in all of these entries of mine critical of “monocausalism”, etc., is the unstated hate I feel for White traitors. Jews are easier to understand after you read Kevin’s trilogy. But White traitors, precisely because they’re damning the fate of their children, require far more complex models.

        If I may reveal my colors I would say that I want the tribe exterminated; but the white traitors I want to crucify with my own hands, as I said in the other thread, forming a line from Washington to Atlanta and from Paris to Berlin…

      • My concern is that they’ll reappear at a later date.

        I don’t think the Jews will matter much after the Christian age ends, although some White groups have exhibited Jew-like behavior which should be watched. I certainly don’t want to see liberal degeneracy make a resurgence, at a period in time where technology would allow them to be even more destructive.

      • Fortunately, technology won’t be able to do much harm after oil is exhausted in planet Earth. There’s a futuristic novel by Arthur Clarke, The City and the Stars, with only two cities remaining in the whole Earth with opposed lifestyles, Diaspar and Lys. Whites must chose the latter if they want to survive.

  2. Chechar, why do you think most people can´t see what the amerinds were doing to the english and french colonizers?, the atrocities they made with them like cutting their hairs and other body parts in terrible sacrifices?. In my opinion, the “native americans” got what they actually deserved, to be decimated and be expelled from their lands.

    • They don’t want to see it because of the inversion of values after Christianity conquered the white mind, which makes them feel guilty for telling the obvious truth. If you have not read any of my posts on this subject you could start with “Schweitzer’s niglets”.

  3. It is interesting that this topic has come up, as I’ve seen the same idea across a few blogs now. I’ve been digesting the comments everywhere and noticed a common thread. People hate the Jews, but they save their bitterest hatred for the traitors.

    So how do the Jews keep getting away with their nonsense for thousands of years? Could it be this hatred for traitors which is our blind spot? Think of a bull fight. Why oh Why doesn’t the bull just run down the matador instead of going for the red cape? How do you really explain that? Now think of the jews as the matador, the traitors as the red cape, and the whites are the enraged bull. By the time we’ve worn ourselves out punishing the traitors, the Jews are gone. Its always the same comment: “The Jews are our enemy, so their actions shouldn’t be unexpected, but those damn Traitors!” Our people just seem to write off the Jew’s actions as simply as it is the sun rising. Just something else in nature trying to kill us;nothing to get worked up about. Could this be part of our problem? That at the end of the day we don’t really take them seriously as an enemy? That we only take other Whites seriously as competitors? As a race, are we that arrogant at our deepest core?

    • No: I believe that once the racial wars begin the Jews must be handled first. That’s so obvious, as they own most of the media.

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