Judeo-America: the slayer of Europe

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  1. An interesting point: the quintessential American culture always seems to exist at the edge, rather than the core. The frontier, the cowboys, Texas rangers, the minutemen, etc. Does any nostalgic picture of Old America take place in a large city? Has there ever been a large city that Americans should be proud of?

  2. “Has there ever been a large city that Americans should be proud of?”

    Philadelphia was once a treasure-house of Georgian architecture, as were some of the southern cities before the Civil War. I don’t think much survives today and you wouldn’t be safe trying to explore these places anyway.

    • Speaking of American cities: the city of New York has had a miserably poor record in the preservation of her historical architecture. Save for the Woolworth building, brownstones & relative others -her general skyline- lacks an overall European derivative character.

      This is what modernity does: it destroys the basic cultural narrative of cities & leaves nothing but dystopia & miscegenation.

      Hence (at the moment), New York has simply become a deracinated economic zone. She has had no intrinsic connection with Mother Europe for decades now.

      Only Buenos Aires has become the remaining majority European American city of the New World.

  3. Simply fascinating! I do have to read & focus on your referred link.

    I must say that I give thanks to God (Him only for I’m no longer a Trinitarian) in that when I walked along Fulton & John Streets in Lower Manhattan: preservation of one’s sanity was necessary.

    A scientifically managed ‘culture’ prevails in that area. That is to say, a complete ‘corporate & marketed air’ rules those inferior streets & the vacuously-minded masses ambulating about.

    New York is the antithesis of ‘that old Europe’. New York is spiritually far from any ascendancy whatsoever.

    Again, I’ll have a look at that link; I have a gruesome feeling it will confirm all that I’ve perceived & concluded about this fallen city.

    • European cathedrals were built for the glory of God. NY, for the glory of Mammon.

    • I know what you’re talking about, it’s like a spiritual stench.

  4. Excellent article, I enjoyed reading the truths within it.

    I’m sure many True Americans and loyal Europeans feel like Yockey everyday, struggling to maintain sanity and preserve the virtues of high culture.

    Currently, the Western world is in a darkness as deep and black as midnight. If Jockey were alive today, I’m sure he’d be amazed how accurately his insight was!

  5. Still a degree of Murkan apologetics and (wait for it!) exceptionalism. New Zion set out to become New Zion long before the “culture distorters” got their paws on it. Actually, had not the preliminary spiritual and cultural work been done, i.e. creation of foundation, the effort of the “culture distorters” would not have been the cakewalk that it turned out to be. Judaized and Negrified, period.

    • Absolutely, and white nationalists still don’t get it. For example in the May interview of Tanstaafl by Guestworker at Majority Rights you can see a commentariat that believes that the monocausal cultists (i.e., those who only blame the culture distorters—the Jews—and spare Murka’s “One Ring”) deserve to be among a handful elite or the cream de la cream of intellectuals in the movement!

      It’s significant that the only sane voice in that MR thread, he who blamed runaway capitalism as the main factor in white decline, got banned.

      To me, it is becoming increasingly clear that, to save the race, WN is a fraud. We need something else.

  6. Re “WN is a fraud”

    The 50-year blind spot becomes increasingly evident on almost a day-to-day basis. The premise is false. At no time did the German notion and comprehension, Mein Kampf inclusive, of “race/Aryan” ever go beyond the ETHNIC Teutonic/Nordic. WN is a revisionist bastardization of Germanic National Socialism, the perception squeezed through Murkan spiritual and psychological filters dating back to Rockwell and Pierce. If the foundation is poorly constructed, the structure in time MUST come tumbling down upon itself. That time has arrived.

    • As I said before, I’ve not read Rockwell extensively, but Pierce definitively moved in a nordicist (i.e., Germanc, Teutonic, Aryan) wordlview, which is why Pierce is dismissed today by WNsts, most of whom believe that Meds are whites just like them.

      Recently I was surprised to see over the WN boards how hostile they are about nordicism; threads that mentioned Pierce’s name. Yes: WN is a bastard, “lite” and revised interpretation of NS. But as far as I can see in Pierce’s writing, he was quite different from the degenerate WNsts of today. They are so entrenched in the current ethos that you can see in a recent article by Greg Johnson on Pierce—:

      “I am still glad he never got anywhere near real political power.”

      —and, typical, Greggy didn’t reply to what Ulf Larsen commented.

      I am rereading The Turner Diaries and it’s so clear that Pierce’s viewed Americans as the worst scum you can imagine. I’ll quote those passages in the book I’m writing.

      • Re “…it’s so clear that Pierce’s viewed Americans as the worst scum you can imagine.”

        Don’t forget that his lineage was Norman, NOT Anglo. ;-)

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