Absolute relevancy

I have noticed that people are not interested in my recent entries on Nietzsche and the New Testament (and my next entry will be none other than Karlheinz Deschner’s introduction to his ten-volume Criminal History of Christianity). Why I believe these topics are relevant for the cause?

Let’s put it this way. If inspired by Nietzsche a million Whites transvaluated Christian values, as I have already done in my mind—a process that like this poor man almost drove me mad—, most of our current problems would evaporate in a decade or so.

Incidentally, today I moved my toughest post ever written to the Addenda only because the pic of the Star Child, symbol of this New Christ or transvaluated Overman who returns to Earth over the clouds with great power and glory, combines better with the bluish colors of the Addenda than with the reddish background of this main page.


  1. “I have noticed that people are not interested in my recent entries on Nietzsche and the New Testament”.

    I’m very interested in discussing how Christianity had a negative impact on Whites. One cannot seriously discuss the current White plight without addressing it. But Nietzsche and child abuse… I’m not so sure. Child abuse is an important subject in its own right, of course (just like Nietzsche’s writings and ideas), but I can’t see how it is germane to the sort of debate that this blog promotes.

    • It is because you haven’t paid attention to my article on the “body-snatched Spaniard”.

  2. Well I am interested in the subject. And I agree that the transvaluation of values is the root problem.

    The subject is not light reading, and requires a lot of concentration and spare time to reflect upon. I still read the majority of your entries, but at the moment dont have the time to comment.

    • Thanks. Hope you won’t find my recent excerpts of Deschner “light reading”.

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