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Today is my birthday so I will indulge myself a little in my typical ethnocidal fantasies.

Recently I watched the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz after decades of not seeing it (as a small child), based on the 1900 novel by L. Frank Baum, and the thought occurred to me that each day I realize more that I have little to do with “white nationalism.” I am closer to the historical Himmler; not the fictional Himmler in the effeminate WN literature in denial that he did dispatch millions of der Juden (while the Enemy was committing a Holocaust of Germans).

In my previous entry of today I quote from Faith and Action (1938) by Helmut Stellrecht for the Hitler Youth, and a single line caught my attention very strongly: “He loves the animals that are tortured and tormented in other countries.”

A caricature from Kladderadatsch of September 1933 depicted lab animals, including white rabbits, giving the Nazi salute to Hermann Göring for his order to ban vivisection. My hero Göring prohibited vivisection and said that those who “still think they can continue to treat animals as inanimate property” will be sent to concentration camps.

But the West ganged upon poor Germany right after The Wizard of Oz was premiered and, as Stellrecht implied, in other countries the torture continued.

As you know, I live in Mexico. Every time I learn about how these slightly mesticized Amerinds literally torture the cows in the butchering houses, and continue to perform vivisections on my beloved bunnies and other animals, I cannot but remember Frank Baum’s words. His solution is the only way to put a final, screeching halt to the torture of the animals I love:

With his fall [Sitting Bull] the nobility of the Redskin is extinguished… The Whites, by law of conquest, by justice of civilization, are masters of the American continent, and the best safety of the frontier settlements will be secured by the total annihilation of the few remaining Indians. Why not annihilation? We cannot honestly regret their extermination…

Yes: these are the wise thoughts of the famous author of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz; words that appeared in Saturday Pioneer, December 20, 1890. Just compare Baum’s words with the effeminate, politically-correct pronunciations of the “White” and “Southern” nationalists of today, ready to use Judaic epithets like “sociopaths” and “psychopaths” for any white who dares to think like old Uncle Frank.

Neochristian white nationalism must die. The spirit of William Pierce must live instead. This is why I am posting, and will continue to post in WDH, entries about Nietzsche (let’s transvaluate Christian axiology) and the New Testament as well. As long as, contrary to uncles Frank and Bill, the current generation of “Nationalists” sticks to the old axiology, white Americans will continue to travel on the (red) road to extinction.

follow yellow road

My birthday advice: Start following my yellow brick road if you don’t want to see the U.S. completely turned into the African-American interpretation of The Wizard of Oz.


  1. “Neochristian white nationalism must die. The spirit of William Pierce must live instead.”

    Truer words have never graced the Internet. Happy birthday, kinsman!

  2. Happy birthday Chechar.

    Reading about the KKK recently. They were actually pretty revolutionary during their “first era”, when they were rebelling against the American occupation of the South. They were more esoteric or masonic than mainline protestant (shown in titles like “Grand Wizard” and “Genii”, though these are somewhat tongue-in-cheek), and more tactically revolutionary (IRA) than bourgeois (BNP?).

    The “second era” was much more as Liaucius described, mired in American “paleo-conservatism”, and apparently not even all that interested in the confederacy until desegregation began. Most of what is thought of as the “traditional” KKK is based on the second era, since the first KKK was much more secretive and not as heavily centralized.

    So that explains why the Klan has included people like Bob Miles and Louis Beam, in addition to the usual George Wallace types. I don’t know of any Klan organizations that operate under a “first age” mindset but then again, they probably wouldn’t say so if they did.

    Err, I guess this doesn’t have much to do with your post, but in case you were curious…

    • Actually: it has. Uncle Franz was more attuned to the spirit of the first generation Klan than what we got today.

  3. You are a Lion.
    A lion among pussies is a most dreadful thing!

    • follow yellow road


      Thanks for the compliment!

  4. Happy birthday!

    • Thanks again.

  5. Psychology article on Counter-Currents, one you might find interesting: link

    To take a simple example, suppose a boy honestly does not love his mother. He is told, however, that he ought to love her; that all children ought to love their parents, and he feels terribly guilty as result. He resolves that he must love his mother, indeed that he does actually love her. All negative feelings towards her will thereupon be ruthlessly suppressed, and he will literally compel himself to feel fondness and attachment for his mother. At least, he will convince himself that he has such feelings, and will certainly be careful to give every outward indication that he has them. The result is not only that his true feelings are denied, but that those true feelings are intensified. His resentment towards his mother grows worse, for subconsciously he knows that he is emotionally repressed, and suffering because of her and because of what he “must” feel for her.

    In fact, Lawrence sees the insistence on love and on the idea of “fulfillment through love” as being one of the most pernicious of our ideals: whether the demand is that we must love our family, or that we must love all of humanity.

    • The one who wrote that quote ignores attachment theory in developmental psychology (i.e., the psychology of mammals and birds), but yes: loving mankind is something infinitely stupid. Only a few deserve real love.

      • Hmm, you’re right, he’s attributing it all to social pressures, ignoring biological compulsion.

  6. Happy birthday Chechar. Hope it’s a good one, you deserve it for running this blog, it is always a joy to read. Heil Himmler!

    • Thanks. Perhaps Herr Himmler watched this scene when taking his kids to the theatre? (Lol):

  7. Happy birthday, Chechar. I’m a first-time commenter, but I’ve been following your blog since Venner’s suicide. I have to say that my journey into white nationalism has been difficult at best, not least because I was staunchly anti-Christian before I was a white nationalist.

    There are a lot of ‘soft’ racists here in the South (who’ll accept anything but a bluegum nigger as white, or who talk a lot of shit but don’t mean any of it), 99% of whom are Christians; at the other end of the spectrum are a growing number of Christian atheists; and then there are the shades in between.

    It makes you wonder what’s wrong with you when you first start out: Why is it that I seem to be the only racist that isn’t simple enough to be Christian? Why is it that those who do reject Jehova are attracted to Tolerance instead? I’ve come to understand that in most of these people, the rejection is only superficial; they are incapable of truly changing their world-views. It takes a great deal of stubbornness not to give in to all the doubt that comes with being such an ‘extremist’.

    I’m grateful to you for reintroducing me to Pierce, whom I’d dismissed before giving a chance (I could swear I’d read that he was a Christian Identitarian). I’ve read your first 8 Hellstorm excerpts today, and *that* is definitely a world-changing book, which is first on my list to order when money is available.

    I feel guilty every day for reading and not donating, and I know you don’t exactly have an unlimited amount of time, but my wife and I are also in the process of trying to get the hell out of an infested region and have literally close to no money to accomplish it. Should things go as planned, I would certainly donate and do whatever else I can to help; you’re the only WN blogger that I find agreeable on virtually every level.

    • Thank you idwfb. This blog is exactly for people like you: Neos in search for the redpill due to Hellstorm, etc (even when the casting of that film was so silly…).

      Why is it that those who do reject Jehova are attracted to Tolerance instead? I’ve come to understand that in most of these people, the rejection is only superficial; they are incapable of truly changing their world-views.

      Exactly! See this short piece—:

      —and just follow the white rabbit.

      Never mind about donations. A couple of years ago I was completely unemployed and still wanted to send donations to Uncle Harold of the Northwest Front. I just couldn’t… So don’t worry about that. I perfectly understand.

  8. Disingenuous at best Chechar…the full editorial…


    • What do you mean? That Frank Baum would not have welcome extermination if someone had actually done it? Whatever was exactly in his mind, my point is that today’s WNsts shit in their pants when someone dares to make bold pronouncements like the ones done in the 1890s. They’re Neochristian chickens.

      • This is the pseudo-morality of groupism…selfishness, falsehood and treachery, the word contrived “justice” of civilization is the contempt of the chosen for the sovereign individual not the legacy of the ancient German.The ancient Germans were ready to fight each other, so long as it was a fair fight, and thus removed the treacherous and underhanded from their midst. The ‘civilized’ people restrained individuals from killing the unscrupulous among them; instead, they gave an evolutionary preference to those who used ‘legal’ means — that is to say, group force — to destroy individuals who were not legally minded. At times the Roman Emperor depended almost exclusively on German soldiers to protect him from the schemers who sought the throne. They chose to fight for Rome because their individual freedom allowed them to do so and their oaths of fidelity, their dependability amazed the serpent people of the “civilized” world.

  9. “We have only one task, to stand firm and carry on the racial struggle without mercy.”- Heinrich Himmler.

    Happy birthday, Chechar.

    Dr. Pierce’s conception of Aryan nationalism is the superior one. Rather than water-down our message we should widen the Overton Window. Although, I have my doubts about Himmlerism (from a PR perspective). Drink too much from that fountain and you may end up a caricature.

    • Of course it is too bad for PR! But I hate myself if I don’t say what I think.

  10. There are many thinkers amongst us, but only a couple of them are setting things straight: Himmler, Klassen, Pierce, Kai Murros. We will have to fight, there is no other option. After all, we are autochthonous in Europe, the others are invasive organisms. There will be terrible loses on both sides, but in the end we will win.

    Isn’t it funny? Finland has only 5 million people, but at least 3 very pervasive people: Pentti Linkola, Tatu Vanhanen, Kai Murros.

    We in Slovenia have only retarded marxist-scumbag of Slavoj Žižek.

  11. I am closer to the historical Himmler; not the fictional Himmler in the effeminate WN literature in denial that he did dispatch millions of der Juden (while the Enemy was committing a Holocaust of Germans).

    Don’t forget that the Jews who were actively promoting the slaughter of the Germans (and had previously slaughtered the Russians and Ukrainians) were doing so under the presumption that they themselves would not be bearing the brunt of the war. They hoped to profit from their war while all of the suffering was borne by working-class British and American soldiers.

    The SS made the Jews suffer the consequences of their own war just like the other nations did. The Nazis made them reap the whirlwind, even if it was only a part of it.

    I feel that to reject the humanist mindset we must put raw death tolls (crimes against mass comfort and security) second to the cravenness and banality of our enemies (crimes against honor and wisdom). Thus we need to remind ourselves that the Jews weren’t just extremely hostile towards the Germans, but that they were only willing to be so hostile because they expected to be protected from any counter-attack by more courageous people in uniform (who they had already planned to betray as soon as the war was over).

    There’s an aspect of denial among anti-Semites who insist that the Jews “manipulated” and “tricked” our race through grand intellectual and organizational schemes. The truth is the bedrock of all Jewish power is moral not intellectual. It the sheer inability of our race to believe that the Jews are as bad as they are. The Jews’ “cleverness” is merely superstructure, given credence only by our moral unwillingness to accept that they are sociopaths who match all good will with evil.

    As a side note I think all that shit about “death camps” and stupidly awkward poison-incinerators is typical Jewish lying. There’s a reason research is illegal in the countries where it supposedly occurred. I believe the SS executed all of their Jewish enemies by shooting them in the head or hanging them, just like the SS archives say, and as common sense dictates.

    That’s kind of trivial though, there’s no reason to be morally indignant at the thought of poisoning someone rather than shooting them. Except that the former is implausible for practical reasons, and that the later makes for uninteresting propaganda when everyone else is being shot as well.

    • Your point escapes me. But my point is clear: Even after fifty I crave to serve in the SS or something like that. I would honor the Totenkopf on my cap. Believe me.

      In Covington’s novels there is a new SS but this time in the States. Both Covington and Pierce go for final solutions, but very few on our side, except Irving and that fellow of the IHR, are starting to believe that more than a few thousand of der Juden died during the war.

      Snake says that proclaiming such faith makes bad PR. I say: that’s only because whites are evil in the sense that they don’t want to see the evilness not only of the tribe, but of other races as well. Including animals of course: orcas torturing young whales for hours before tearing their tongues off—fuck the arguments that say they do it for survival: If I had political power more than a single branch of mankind would face extermination.

      Whites’ unwillingness to see evil beyond their own race is the greatest evil of all. That’s why I wrote that chapter on the Aztecs for my book. I have seen that evilness in the Hispanic world, where people who very well could pass for Spaniards side the pre-Columbian Amerinds against their real roots. I don’t blame Jews for this: I blame those who still look like Iberian whites. Himmler and his men had honor. Who among today’s whites, including WNsts, has?

      I would say very, very few.

  12. [YouTube link – Vivisection According To Dr Robert Mendelsohn]


      • Thank you for these links. I fully agree. Vivisection is an animal sacrifice in the religion known as “medicine”.

        People are sleeping in the Matrix. WNsts have unplugged themselves from some of the plugs (visualize it with Neo’s plugs in his arms and back), but not all the plugs.

        One of the plugs they have no idea that plugs them into the Matrix is medicine. Like the rest of whites and non-whites, WNsts ignore that the profession known as medicine has not only the first attribute both others:

        (1) Science
        (2) Pseudoscience
        (3) Big Business
        (4) Religion

        That medicine has also a strong pseudoscientific component is shown in my paper “debunking psychiatry” linked on the sidebar: a “branch” of “medicine” that makes billions of dollars every year.

        In fact, some pharmaceutical companies make more money than the gross national products of Latin America’s smallest countries, so we are almost dealing with nations within a nation (the US).

        The religious aspect in medicine is clearly shown when you want to die due to a catastrophic loss of your life’s quality (cancer, etc.) and the religionists are not allowed to let you go. In their religious temple physicians swore that their goal is to save life as much as possible—obviously a Neochristian tenet insofar as pre-Christian Romans were allowed to commit suicide.

        Therefore, our typical white nationalist ignores that medicine is also 2 to 4: he got to be unplugged.

        Of course, there are quite a few more “plugs” to pull from our bodies besides medicine. WNsts ignore also that economics, as currently taught in the academia, is closer to parapsychology than to, say, a soft science like psychology. In fact, the reason the dollar will crash is what the world is doing economically: something similar to relying on a witch doctor in a medieval king’s court.

  13. Snake says that proclaiming such faith makes bad PR. I say: that’s only because whites are evil in the sense that they don’t want to see the evilness not only of the tribe, but of other races as well.

    I guess that’s similar to my point: even self-identified anti-Semites are reluctant to admit that the Jews betrayed them, and that the conflict is a moral one. They claim that they were “tricked” intellectually, with the implication that Jewish behavior is complex to an objective observer (it isn’t) and can be opposed by merely informing White people of what’s going on (it can’t).

    It’s a reluctance to admit that it’s personal. How can you be mad at the Jews when you treat them like mysterious space aliens to avoid admitting that they’re assholes who cried for help and then fucked you over as soon as they got it? How can you say their death was deserved when you refuse to make moral judgment?

    That the Jews had hoped to let everyone else die in a war they started, while they sat back and raked in the shekels, is accepted among anti-Semites but not really internalized. The Jews, who were the most warmongering faction in the war, also expected to be the only faction to suffer no casualties.

    Can you see how sick it would have been had they succeeded? That would have been the atrocity. It would be inexcusable for the Nazis not to bring the Jews to justice while they gunned down American and British farm kids who were lied to by their own government.

    Heil Himmler, I fully agree.

  14. Happy. Belated. Birthday, Chechar, and may you have many more.

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