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game_of_thrones-HDI have just deleted my previous post (relegated now to a mere comment in the comments section) because, although I’m watching all seasons, I wrote it before watching the 25th episode of the series, when in the bathtub a naked Jaime Lannister confesses to Brienne his noble intentions as king slayer.

As in long television series, an unexpected switch like this transfigures a dubious character, like Jaime, into almost an honorable person…

This week I’ll watch episodes 26-30 but my general impression remains: this most popular series is politically-correct bullshit.

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  1. This is the removed post:

    Game of Thrones may be silly (women fighting like men and leading large armies and dragons is PC BS), but there’s a line in the entire three seasons that merits recounting here.

    After Locke cuts off Jaime Lannister’s sword hand and Jaime gets utterly depressed Brienne scolds him: “You have a taste, one taste of the real world, where people have important things taken from them, and you whine, and cry, and quit. You sound like a bloody woman!” (YouTube clip: here).

    Jaime Lannister, son and heir of the most powerful man in the kingdom, is a perfect representation of the arrogant American who believes that Uncle Sam will always be there to rescue him from trouble. Westerners in general, and especially the Americans who have become as spoiled as Jaime, will have a taste of what the real world is after their dollar crashes.

    • I was talking to a fellow online today about energy devolution, localism, and how the enemy System runs on cheap energy. His response? “I want cheap energy and imported food!” What can one say to that? Really?

  2. I haven’t seen any of the TV show, but I did read the first 3 books and skimmed the 4th. There are very good ideas for a story in there, but Martin systematically tramples and destroys them, leaving pointless nihilism.

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