Bimbo queen

bimbo!I have now watched the thirty episodes of the three seasons of Game of Thrones and really loved the visuals of the series (with the exception of the botched desert scenes with that dumb blonde).

With racially-conscious directors such beautiful art, in a series filmed in the ethnostate based on fantasy dramas of writers that presently might only be children, will certainly inspire and bring much good to the white psyche and morals.

However, I must rephrase what I said yesterday. Among other problems, the fatal flaw in Game of Thrones is that the bimbo Daenerys Targaryen looks like she will be destined to conquer and rule the kingdoms of earth. Just compare the bimbo with the manly Tywin Lannister. How I would love to dress like him!


Quite a few female characters of Game of Thrones behave like men. In my humble opinion this is Jewish propaganda destined to debilitate our self-image and self-esteem in the real world. Remember my quotable quote of the last week? “If a woman has only manly virtues, we run away…”

Thanks Herr Nietzsche. It is a pity that quite a few feminized western males in the pro-white movement believe otherwise.

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  1. Can we ignore indefinitely the expansive presence of transgender females in the population?

    • After the dollar crashes and they start becoming fair game for hungry niggers; and after whites react violently (what Pierce called the day of the rope), those creatures of long hairs and rather short ideas will come to their senses. No doubt about it.

    • One of the scenes that impressed me. Compare this ruthless, manly character with the so-called “masculine” prototype coming from some of Counter-Currents’ fancy contributors and you will see why I don’t buy that only Jews are the problem. Whites, including those WNsts who are not openly and unabashedly rebelling against Greg’s agenda, are part of the problem too. Fortunately after the crash angry whites will be listening to angry voices, not to the softer ones.

      • I only read CC when a Jef Costello writes a movie review but what do you mean with “Gregs Agenda”? it’s his cookie cutter version of an uprisisng and resistance that is going to perish before enemies that take the swords over the pens?

  2. There is nothing on TV or in films which is not jewish propaganda! All of it: news, movies, sitcoms, comedians, etc. All of it or it would not even be on! The problem with whites is that they are waiting for permission to revolt. They don’t want to be bad, they need justification for violence. That’s why they like a lot of laws, police, military, etc. They keep hoping their laws will save the day, it will be a very rude awakening for suburban whites when they have to protect themselves.

    • They will, and the beauty is that the effeminate liberals who abhor guns won’t be able to defend themselves.

      • Many of those liberals have kids, toddlers and so on.

  3. Here’s one message received loud and clear: link

    “They killed my nigga Ned, man … Fuck the white man – no, fuck the blond man …”

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