On the biological Jew

Excerpted from an article by Andrew Anglin:


The Jew as a destructive force of nature

To begin, I must, once again, bring up the analogy of a virus, as I believe it is the simplest way to present my understanding of the biological Jew (note that a bacterial infection, such as Yersinia pestis— the Black Plague—may also work for this analogy). A communicable disease follows what appears to be an organized pattern of destruction without the need for an internally organized plan of action. Before the age of modern science, such diseases were regularly perceived as a punishment from the gods, or God, given that they appeared to be acting with a force of will, following an orchestrated pattern of destruction. In fact, a virus is merely carrying out a genetic program of infection and destruction of the host organism. It does not require conscious agency in order to act out its organized pattern of destruction. In this way, I see the behavior of the Jew.

The Jew, while parasitical, is also predatory, and as such a secondary analogy may serve us as we seek to understand his nature. In the forest, the deer is eaten by the wolf. The deer, being as he is, the prey of the wolf, could no doubt assign ill-will to the wolf, given that the wolf causes it such suffering. The deer could, if he had the cognitive capacity, come up with the idea that the wolf is part of a conspiracy. Everywhere he goes, he sees a wolf, and each one of these wolves is trying to kill him—surely, the deer may think, these wolves have gotten together and planned a conspiracy to harm him. If the wolf was not organized in such a manner, he would simply behave like a deer, peacefully eating the unconscious green leaves of the forest, with no desire to harm the deer. Such a conspiracy theory regarding the nature of the wolf would appear internally consistent to the deer, so long as he was incapable of grasping the biological nature of the wolf, who, in his unkind treatment of the deer, is in fact carrying out a biological program for his own survival—a biological program which is inconceivable for the peaceful deer, who is quite satisfied living a life devoid of violence against other creatures.

The wolf, for his part, may or may not hold ill-will toward the deer, but, because of his having evolved to feed off of the deer, he must surely take some amount of pleasure in hunting and killing him, receiving an internal reward via chemical reaction in his brain for having fulfilled his biological needs (in the same way that we get chemical rewards for eating a steak or having sex).

Neither of the above analogies are perfect, but both represent specific concepts necessary for understanding the nature of the biological Jew.

Individual Jews, as well as the Jewish race, maintain subconscious and biologically-determined drives which dictate their behavior patterns. As such, they do not require, on the whole, a top-down organizational structure in order to follow what would otherwise appear, to those born without these subconscious drives, as a well-formulated plan of action.

Due to the nature of the Jew, who has evolved as both a parasite and a predator, given that he does not create or do any form of physical labor, his own internal system of chemically-allocated rewards is based around what is good for his method of survival. Given this, when a Jew harms a member of his host society, fulfilling an aspect of the larger survival strategy of the Jewish race to damage the host society and make it more susceptible to exploitation, he feels good at having done so.

Just as the deer has no capacity to understand the organizational patterns of the wolf, White people have great difficulty understanding the organizational patterns of Jew. We grew up in a harsh, cold environment, following a hunter-gatherer method of survival, wherein, though group cooperation was a necessity, individual survival was in very large part based on individual ability. Thus, we are much more prone to viewing ourselves and others as self-reliant individuals. Given the scarcity of resource, there was also a large degree of competition between tribal-family groups who shared very similar genetics.

Being that he functions as a virus within a host society, the group evolutionary strategy of the Jew is based wholly around collective cooperation, involving relatively little competition with genetically similar persons. In order to efficiently subvert and feed off of a host society, the Jew was required to deal with genetically similar individuals in a highly favorable manner. Given this, when a Jew meets another Jew, he is capable of forming an immediate bond with his kinsmen, without needing to go through the series of trust-building exchanges that a White person needs in order to establish a bond with another White person. Due to this genetic capacity to immediately, subconsciously recognize and bond with genetically similar persons, Jews do not require the type of top-down organizational system that European peoples require in order to maintain a cohesive social structure where the individual tends to act in a manner that is beneficial to the group.


Historical foundations for the perception of the Jew as a biological phenomenon

Apparently, when people suggest that the way the Jewish-owned media continually pushes the Jewish racial agenda is the result of a top-down conspiracy, they are literally suggesting that if these Jews controlling the media were not getting orders from a group of high-level Jews, they would be reporting things which could be damaging to the Jewish racial agenda. This, again, simply demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of the biologically-determined behavior patterns of the Jew.

If we look at the behavior of Jew throughout history, it is evident that he is incapable of resisting his fundamental biological drives, even when it goes against his own interests.

The Jews have historically been ejected from more than 100 White European nations/territories. This fact alone demonstrates the lack of a cohesive and structured long-term plan. White European people are the most tolerant of any people on the planet, and if the Jew had been acting on a secret plan, rather than functioning on biological drives, surely he would have recognized the point at which he was pushing it too far, and scaled back his exploitation, so as to allow him to continue to draw sustenance from these host populations.

With the Jewish take-over of Russia through the Bolshevik Revolution, we saw this same inability to regulate the degree of exploitation and abuse of the host population. Here, you had a situation where the Jew had obtained complete and total control over an entire nation of intelligent and capable Whites, a nation with virtually limitless natural resources. Instead of taking full advantage of this monumental achievement, building it up into an engine capable of fulfilling their every need for an eternity, they drove it into the ground. Their biological drive towards weakening the host was not capable of dealing with the level of control they had achieved, and thus they foolishly began destroying everything in a society they had full dominance over, putting people in camps and slaughtering them, crushing the people so completely that at the end virtually everyone was incapable of fulfilling their most basic human needs, and the host was of no more use to them.

And again, in post-WWII America, the Jews had everything they could possibly ask for. A massively disproportionate degree of control over a White society that was highly productive and very friendly towards them. The logical thing, if they indeed possessed a secret plan, would be for them to let things stay as they were, and continue to reap the benefits of feeding upon such a society. Instead, they, as a group, did what came to them naturally, and began to break down the internal stability of the society, sucking more than they could ever need from it, effectively killing the golden goose.

In the 1960s, they began a program of directed collapse of the social order, for no explainable reason other than that this was what came naturally to them. This has continued, as they push their host toward ever more unstable conditions, as we reach the point where there will simply be nothing left for them to take, nothing left for them to destroy. We may imagine again the wolf—if he eats all of the deer, without allowing them to reproduce, he is going to starve to death.

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  1. “We grew up in a harsh, cold environment, following a hunter-gatherer method of survival, wherein, though group cooperation was a necessity, individual survival was in very large part based on individual ability. Thus, we are much more prone to viewing ourselves and others as self-reliant individuals.”

    This phrase alone merits in-depth reflection, since individualism is our Achilles tendon. As to the article’s thesis, William Pierce reached similar conclusions in his piece on the scorpion and the frog.

    Pay attention to why Pierce says in the above-linked article: “The answer, in its simplest form, to Bob Grant’s question is this: Jews do what they do because they are Jews.”

    As to the above entry, the author of the article said:

    “Due to this genetic capacity to immediately, subconsciously recognize and bond with genetically similar persons, Jews do not require the type of top-down organizational system that European peoples require in order to maintain a cohesive social structure where the individual tends to act in a manner that is beneficial to the group.”

    Which is why the only way to save ourselves is through National Socialism. See my review of MacDonald’s second book of his trilogy.

    I was about to reproduce “On the biological Jew” in its entirety when I hit this phrase:

    “…that Israeli intelligence had planned and launched the [9/11] attack for the express purpose of drawing the United States into a war with their perceived enemies.”

    There’s no evidence of such a thing. In fact, I consider a shame that quite a few WNsts not only blame the Jews, instead of the Muslims, for that single incident: they blame them for the Boston bombings too; the killings of Adam Lanza, the Breivik incident at Norway, the London decapitation incident, and some conspiracy theorists have developed crank theories about the 2005 London bombings (in Spain these idiots also believe that the Jihad attack of 2004 at Madrid was also staged).

    • Ironically, Anglin was raging at the people who kept insisting the Boston bombings were some sort of false flag. I honestly can’t bring myself to care about any of it.

      His website is pretty funny some times though. He doesn’t pull punches. It’s worth looking through if you have spare time on your hands.

    • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lawrence_of_Arabia_(film)

      I’m afraid your understanding of the Muslim world is a little lacking. These people are nothing more than zombie-puppets who would still be trying to fight us on camels were it not for European and Jewish intrigues.

      Q. Did Muslim Jinn use some special mind magic to bring down Building 7?

      • It is exactly the opposite. Before discovering WN I used to be involved in counter-Jihad, which means that I am more familiar with Islam than the average nationalist. (As to building 7, I find satisfactory the explanation of the book published by Popular Mechanics in 2011.)

  2. Two of his best articles, in my opinion: link, link.

    Another article I find very interesting, though you might hate it: link

    • It is a matter of opinion to say that Christianity is Aryan. At least the version that conquered NorthAm is clearly oriented toward Old Testament legalism and moralism.

      • Lately I’ve been falling into a sort of Zoroastro-Christianity. It feels like what the religion always should have been. I dunno.

  3. I have recently studied on psychopathy and found an interesting text, removing the last part (Sic, demonstrating exactly psychopathic character this chosen people)

    (….) Some of these aspects of psychopathy that appealed to Mailer appeal to Dutton, who says with obvious admiration that the dividing line between psychopaths and end all others is that psychopaths “do not give a damn what their fellow citizens think of them.” (…)

    (…) In general, the features are fearlessness, focus, Machiavellian egocentricity, superficial charm, externalization of blame, stress immunity, cold heart, risk-taking and impulsivity. (…)

    (…) It turns out that the carriers of MAOA-L actually make better investment choices in games, because they are able to continue to make rational decisions beyond the point where the “normal” people to adopt a conservative irrational behavior. One researcher found that brain waves associated in most people with states sleepy or meditation, theta waves occur during normal waking states in psychopaths. (…)


    I really like this text because Devlin uses the right narrative to begin to understand deeply how the Jewish mind and with our own minds. It’s what I’ve always tried to consider if we are animals then we have to find biological explanations fully to understand our behavior and the behavior of our predators, the Jews.

    • I’m so sorry, no Devlin (wtf…), Anglin. Lol

    • Right on. I believe that many Jews exhibit sociopathic behavior.

      I have said before on Amren that the blacks are lower order sociopaths and the Jews are high functioning sociopaths.


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