From Faith and Action (1938) by Helmut Stellrecht for the Hitler Youth:

The world came into being when order first appeared. It will exist as long as there continues to be order. It will reach its culmination when it has reached the highest state of order.

§ The German has the gift of creating order, living order, whether in the form of factories, armies or states. An order in which each has his place and his task, in which everything flows together smoothly as if it were a single body.

§ The ability of Germans to create order is evident also in small things, in precision. It shows itself in the German home, which has no equal in its cleanliness and order. It shows itself in a machine, in an apparatus, that function so precisely that they are unparalleled in the world. It shows itself in the German soldier, whose weapon is spotless, whose boots are not missing a single nail. It shows itself in the SA man or Hitler Youth, whose backpack or locker is perfectly arranged and maintained.

§ It is always the same German trait. It is not because of the presence of a spot of the absence of a nail, but rather because of order itself, because one must be brought up to do his task as best as possible and maintain German accomplishment at the highest level.

§ Results always depend on small things. A valuable machine is unusable because one part is not quite right. A machine gun on which everything depends fails because a grain of sand got in the barrel.

§ There must be order for there to be accomplishment, because every accomplishment begins with order. That is true for each individual part of life, and for the whole of it as well.

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  1. these are great little snipets, and i have said that before i know, of national socialism. i used to be quite against any form of statism, as i was originally brought rightward through libertarianism and racism (and my fathers ivory tower liberal elitism), but the beauty of the prussian socialism is evident to me, it takes the “yes” saying noble drive of our ancestors and at the same time makes allotments to the altruism of the old christendom era. in a way it is a syncretism of old europe with biological reality, with darwinism and science. it seems to be a new religion for a age of machines and spread sheets.

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