Sparta – IV

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  1. Just compare this authentic, historical bond among ruthless warriors with the sick, homosexualist “Männerbund” promoted by some (so-called) white nationalists.

    • Jonathan Bowden actually rebuked the homosexual “traditionalists.” How strange that these views were never aired on Counter Currents or Alternative Right? This little article was pulled from the web archives of Bowden’s site.

      • Thanks for the link. By the way:

        “Pulled”? Do you mean that this little piece was censored?

  2. All great White men accomplish their mission and leave this earth voluntarily, by their own will. Balarama, by fire. Yudhisthira, Bhimasena, Arjuna (meaning “White”) Nakula, Sahadeva and Draupadi by voluntary starvation. Sati by fire. Hercules by fire. Pariksit, by fire. Constantine the IX by the sword. Drtharastra and wife, voluntary starvation. It was a common practice among the Aryan royal families.
    Bhishma, grandfather, died by his own will.

    If my understanding is correct, this earth, called Bharata Varsa, middle earth, midgaard, in the White Aryan (meaning “the civilized ones”) Sanskrit language, was given to Man, Manu, Adam, to manage and harvest the gold, Battlefield Earth, Prison Planet for the fallen ones, as both the Sanskrit Veda and racial Christian Identity independently agree in harmonious accord, was given to us by our Father as an inheritance.
    Incidentally, as today is Jaanmasthami, the appearance day of Krishna, He also committed assisted suicide, in repayment of a debt.Though not sure if he was White.

    “The world is a stool-house; do your business and get out.” A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. (note White)

    In Se Magna Runt

    • Forgot to mention Abhimanyu, whose name literally means “fearless man”, son of Arjuna, and his suicide in battle at age 15, for to single handedly go into battle against 7 of the greatest warriors of his day in concert, was suicide. But he just laughed and plunged forward, the duty having fallen to him.
      You may read of this in the Mahabharata.

      The shit eating bhungis, dravidians, brown monkey hindus, think that these Aryan White men were theirs, just as the stupid Egyptians today think that the pyramids were built by them.
      They were not.

      The simple evidence is that a White person can very easily create brown children through miscegenation, whereas 2 brown parents can never produce a White child.

      The mud races of the earth are wont and wishful to steal the histories identity and accomplishment of the White race, the Lords of the Earth. The Indians wishfully believe the ancient Aryans were brown, and the kikes lie and claim ancient Israelite Hebrews were them; the south americans likewise falsely claim the great architects in south america were made by them when they were made by a White race that was wiped out; likewise the Indians in America claim the stone houses were made by them, if so why were they still using teepees later? The Chinese falsely claim they invented gunpowder and mathematics and astronomy and football and hotwater and soap, when the truth is they have invented NOTHING in the last 2 centuries nor have ever won the world cup despite having a quarter of the planet’s population, and the earliest record of gunpowder was by an English monk and so called “chinese” kung fu in fact was taught to the gooks by a White Aryan prince.

      The Aryans were White, and the very name “Ireland” or “land of Ire” comes from Aryan.

      The enosh, the beasts of the field, consumed with envy, love nothing more than to claim the accomplishments of the Viracochas, the White Race, as their own. They may as well hiss at the sky, howl at the moon and bray at the watermelon and chicken.

  3. @Chechar

    No, merely that I found it in the archives.

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