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  1. The caste of citizens, including women and children, never had more than 20,000 members. They were ten times less than the helots.

    There’s the rub. Again, I consider that those WNsts who have not read and properly digested Pierce’s last book to be uninformed of the most central issue concerning race.

    This stuff has happened many times throughout history: whites conquer non-whites (or mixed whites in the case of helots) and, after centuries, even with the toughest laws the latter invariably end up conquering the conquerors racially.

    Here in Mexico Iberian whites vs. Amerinds once represented about the same ratio of the above Spartan/Helots figure: 10 percent. Now they are almost extinct (just as pure Dorian/Aryans are almost extinct in Greece). And almost every Iberian-looking survivor has mixed-blood relatives that make him forget who he is. And this in spite of the fact that a racial caste system was implemented for three hundred years in New Spain (1521-1821).

    The only way to save the white race from extinction is what Pierce says: no more slavery or non-white selfdom, but extermination or expulsion. This most relevant lesson of history must be learned. I mean, this is even more important than the Jewish Question!

    No white ethnostate shall have non-whites within its territory (excepting ambassadors, etc). From miscegenation all evils follow—and I am using the term in the broadest sense: the stage where no mestization is taking place yet, but the races mix freely in a society.

    • Do we still have the intestinal fortitude to create an all White ethnostate(s)? To tell the non-whites to take a hike and to take their enablers with them? To tell many White families their little brown relatives are no longer welcome? Some days, actually most days, I really have my doubts. Every time I hear WNs say nonsense like ‘We have to distinguish between the good and bad ‘ almost drives me to despair. The problem is they are here. Its completely irrelevant if they’re good or bad. Honestly, what is so hard about that?

      I think most people want to sidestep what really needs to be done at the end of the day if we are to survive as a race. The Europeans still remember the devastation of WWII, and are doing everything they can to avoid a repeat, but everyday they procrastinate the worse it will be. The Americans, well what can I say, they hope if they close their eyes and wish real hard it’ll all just go away. Whites everywhere are living in delusion at the moment, but they won’t be able to afford that for much longer.

      • Adit says:
        Do we still have the intestinal fortitude to create an all White ethnostate(s)? To tell the non-whites to take a hike and to take their enablers with them? To tell many White families their little brown relatives are no longer welcome? Some days, actually most days, I really have my doubts.

        The masses of the Spartans didn’t have the fortitude either but Lycurgus knew that what they desired was of no consequence:

        “Lycurgus returned to Sparta and his first action was to bring together thirty of the greatest military leaders to inform them of his plans and to harangue them. After these men swore loyalty he ordered to join, armed, in the market square at dawn with their followers to instill terror in the hearts of those who would reject the changes he planned. He compiled a blacklist of potential enemies to hunt them down and eliminate if needed.”

  2. Off topic:

    I wrote this in my new blog today (link) and here you have it translated into English:

    The Children of Martin Luther King

    Fifty years ago today, on Agust 28th 1963, MLK led the March for Jobs and Liberty, in Washington DC (link). The highlight of the event was the Black leader’s speech (link), well-known by the refrain “I Have a Dream” (link). These are probably its most famous lines:

    “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

    Who is not moved by listening or reading this? And who would not agree with such a principle?

    Coincidence or not, today, August 23rd 2013, this is one of the most seen and discussed videos on the web (link) (see below), showing 2 girls and a boy, all of them Blacks, hitting, cursing and humiliating a 3-year-old little White girl in Minneapolis. Originally posted over the weekend on Facebook and entitled “When White people piss Blacks off”, the video was soon watched by tens of thousands of people, outraged a lot of folks and has caught the eye of the international news media (link).

    Indeed, Mr. King: “By the contents of their character”. This is a passage in your speech 100% of White Nationalists subscribe to.

  3. That is precisely the problem! We whites cannot ever live among non-whites and survive long term. We have to have a pure ethno state. Our mortal enemy, the jew, is fully aware of this and that is why he has exerted so much energy in flooding our white world with the muds. Unless we achieve total separation we will become extinct, just as the Spartans did, and all other white societies and civilisations who failed to separate themselves form non-whites. Covington’s North West concept offers the solution but it doesn’t look like being achieved at present.

    • Covington’s novels are a trait, and they enormously boost your white self-esteem. But he doesn’t know (1) that the dollar will crash in this decade and that, therefore, chaos will spread through all the States, especially big cities, not only in the Northwest; and (2) that later in this century energy devolution will take the lives of most of humans (see the articles on these subjects in this blog).

      Even those who are skeptical about the above should consider that if the Yellowstone caldron explodes within millennia or so, whites, who in our century made their home in a Northwest Republic (according to Covington), will face extinction nevertheless.

      One of the reasons I prefer Pierce’s Diaries than Covington’s Quintet is because Pierce fantasies about conquering the whole world for the race, not only a cold corner. Only thus whites will have good survival chances, by fulfilling Nature’s law that a specific species has good surviving chances only of it inhabits several continents.

      Since I live in Mexico I know how ridiculous it would be to hand over California to the brown Mexers. Aztlán would be a crime. The whole States must be re-conquered, even if that means that whites’ moral grammar must change beyond recognition (which is why I am attacking Christianity in this blog: its morals impede whites from taking such actions in the future).

  4. Chechar,
    What makes you so sure that the dollar will collapse within this decade? What impact do you foresee this having on our struggle?

    • See the articles on why it will collapse, here at WDH.

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