Against the empire of Yin

“The only way to restore vitality
to Western Civilization is to
recalibrate its yin-yang balance.”

Presently, almost all white males are thoroughly and grotesquely feminized (even quite a few white nationalists), most beyond repair. Now that I am reproducing translations of a book on the toughest empire of Yang in western history—Sparta—, I would like to quote what Takuan Seiyo says about the empire of Yin that is destroying our civilization.

What we need is a Hegelian synthesis between yang Sparta and yin Athens: a sort of modern Rome, i.e., national socialism (what half-Jew Seiyo so much fears). Like Rome, the Third Reich incorporated and eliminated—the Hegelian aufheben—the contradictions in both extremes: it was highly cultured as well as a tough military state.

Seiyo wrote (excerpted):


We will examine in later installments in more depth what’s on the scales in the balance that has gone awry. For now it suffices to say that according to Oriental cosmology, the forces in the eternal cosmic play are the hot, male, condensing element, or yang, and the cold and wet, female and expansive element, or yin. Arnold Toynbee, who posited that all democracies die from suicide, applied the ideas of yin and yang to discern patterns in history. For Toynbee, history is like a current alternating between the yin pole, which he equated with a quiescent civilization, and the yang pole, which he equated with turmoil, barbarian conquest and drastic change.

In his 1939 magnum opus, Study of History, Toynbee explained the rise and fall of empires according to this yin–yang paradigm, but a deeper scrutiny of applied Oriental cosmology might find that it was oversimplified. For what is most salient about the force of yin is not its quietism but its expansive femaleness.

The West has careened dangerously out of balance, and its political and philosophical concepts have not been able to identify correctly what it is that’s out of balance. The forces of the West’s postmodern decay are vested disproportionately in such disparate groups as city dwellers, lawyers, teachers, actors, artists, public sector employees, people with graduate degrees and academics; Jews, Swedes, Norwegians, diaspora Irish; blacks; Muslims and Mexican and Central American mestizos (but not in their original countries); women; adolescents; homosexuals.

The entropic motors that seem to be preponderant in these groups may be, singly or in combination, a drive for power or money; identity politics stemming from racial, ethnic, or gender pride wounded in the past but pretending as the present; utopian proclivities combined with naiveté; compassionate feelings overriding empirical analysis; displacement of personal feelings of inferiority—what Nietzsche called ressentiment, or ideological hatred.

People of good faith ought to diagnose and combat in their personal lives the decline that feminism has wrought on them and on the West. Men are at fault here for having caved in completely, instead of employing a reverse Lysistrata tactic, or anything else that might have worked in this dire predicament. At least a varied group of courageous women has begun beating back this particular fungus. The cultural left’s reaction to Sarah Palin shows how effective that can be.

The vast heterosexual majority may want to consider that it’s time to protest the outsize din raised by the homosexual and the comically self-labeled GLBTA minorities. We will not ask if you will not tell; frankly, we don’t want to hear or see too much either. Don’t rub our faces in your orifices.

Maybe it’s time to say to the churches, if this be your retail markup, I am buying directly from the wholesaler. Because, as Chesterton has noted, some humanitarians care only for pity, but their pity is often untruthful.

However mortified by the Holocaust and appreciative of the inestimable contribution that the Jewish minority has made to the West, people of good faith and sound mind may have to start putting public Jewish figures on the spot, as Jews, for the destructive currents they propagate. Because if the establishment club of “racism” “fascism,” “antisemitism” “homophobia” and “sexism” keeps the West’s hundreds of millions of reasonable indigenous people cowering in their diminishing corners, soon the West will have decayed so much that tens of millions of newly-unreasonable people will be rising, and their numbers will be growing at an astonishing rate.


  1. Math is very yang for the brain. Of course one must also do physical activity, but I think math makes for a masculine brain.

    I invented a new way of lifting weights. Do one side at a time and alternate left-right-left-right for several times, and that’s one set and it takes 2 to 4 minutes. so it’s like a round of boxing in its duration of exertion. Do 2 such sets per exercise. Start with 6, then 5 or 4, then 4 or 3, then 2 then 1. By the time I’m down to 1 on each side, I’m about ready to just drop the weight and faint.

    I do a 3 day splti — chest bis, back tris, shoulder’s legs. I do one arm shoulder presses with a barbell instead of a dumbbell as it forces more balance. getting very fast results, both in definition and weight loss.

    also do qigong and when you do it, flex your neck muscles, the muscles in the rear and side of your neck.

    • Spartans would say that Athenian math, and especially the so-called martial arts of the West of the 20th and 21st centuries, are for girls. The standard to measure true yang in the gown-up adult is how many enemies you have killed with you own hands. Blood…
      From this POV only Breivik or those bank robbers of The Order that delivered some of their money to Pierce pass the test.

      Have you read my recent entries on Sparta?

      • yep. I guess I’m hopelessly Athenian!

      • I used to be an “Athenian” too, until I learnt that the white race was in danger of extinction, and that it has real enemies that should be called home.

  2. I hate to tell you, but if you are unwilling to establish patrilinearity, it will be very hard to revive (some) patriarchy. Think of the Croatian Ustashe. Maybe you should feminize enemy patriarchies by teaming with e.g. Israeli feminists.

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