From Breivik’s desk

“The nation is divided, half patriots and half traitors, and no man can tell which from which.”

—Mark Twain


Traitor – classification system – Category A, B and C traitors

This classification system is used to identify various individual cultural Marxist/multiculturalist traitors. The intention of the system is to easier identify priority targets and will also serve as the foundation for the future “Nuremberg trials” once the European cultural conservatives reassert political and military control of any given country.

Any category A, B or C traitor is an individual who has deliberately used his or her influence in a way which makes him or her indirectly or directly guilty of the charges specified in this document: 1-8. Many of these individuals will attempt to claim “ignorance” of the crimes they are accused of.

Category A traitor

– Political leaders (NGO leaders included)

– Media leaders (chief editors)

– Cultural leaders

– Industry leaders

Category A traitors are usually any current Heads of State, ministers/senators, directors and leaders of certain organisations/boards etc. who are guilty of charges 1-8. Category A traitors consist of the most influential and highest profile traitors.

10 per 1 million citizens.
Punishment: death penalty and expropriation of property/funds

Category B traitor

Category B traitors are cultural Marxist/multiculturalist politicians, primarily from the alliance of European political parties known as “the MA 100” (parties who support multiculturalism) and EU parliamentarians. They can be elected and non-elected parliamentarians, their advisors and any public and/or corporate servant who has been and still are indirectly or directly implicated in committing the following acts.

Category B traitors can also be individuals from various professional groups (but not limited to): journalists, editors, teachers, lecturers, university professors, various school and university board members, publicists, radio commentators, writers of fiction, cartoonists, and artists/celebrities etc. They can also be individuals from other professional groups such as: technicians, scientists, doctors and even Church leaders. In addition, individuals (investors etc.) who have directly or indirectly funded related activities. It’s important to note that the stereotypical “socialists”, collectivists, feminists, gay and disability activists, animal rights activists, environmentalists etc., are to be considered on an individual basis only. Not everyone who is associated with one of these groups or movements is to be considered as a cultural Marxist/multiculturalist.

Former category A traitors; Heads of State, Ministers/Senators etc., directors and leaders of certain organisations/boards etc. can be re-classified as category B traitors for practical targeting reasons (they have lost influence and will not yield the same target value/effect as current category A traitors).

Certain ANTIFA leaders or organisers related to ANTIFA movements (and other dedicated members) are considered category B traitors. Non-essential members are considered category C traitors. Many professionals such as for example journalists, influential sociologists or university professors etc. are considered and categorized as category B traitors as we consider them political activists and not merely professionals. They will of course claim ignorance and state that they are apolitical. This strategy might work for them until the day where they are visited by a Justiciar Knight—their judge, jury and executioner.

1000 per 1 million citizens.
Punishment: death penalty and expropriation of property/funds. Punishment can be reduced under certain circumstances.

Category C traitor

Category C traitors are less influential and lower priority targets (often individuals who have facilitated category A and B traitors) but who are still guilty of charges 1-8.

10 000 per 1 million citizens.
Punishment: fines, incarceration, expropriation (considered as acceptable indirect casualties in larger operations where WMDs are involved).

Category D individuals

Category D individuals have little or no political influence but are facilitating category Band C traitors and/or MA 100 political parties/media companies through various means. They are not guilty of charges 1-8 but work with or for individuals who are. The classification is of relevance when calculating/estimating indirect casualties concerning larger operations where WMDs are involved, as any category D individuals is not considered an innocent “civilian” but rather as a secondary servant/facilitator.

20 000-30 000 per 1 million citizens
Punishment: none (not considered civilian)

Number of Category A and B traitors on Western Europe

There are approximately 400 000 category A and B traitors in Western Europe using the current classification system (1010 per million).

France 65 650

Germany 82 820

United Kingdom 62 216

Netherlands 16 665

Belgium 10 807

Sweden 9393

Austria 7839

Norway 4848

Switzerland 498

Luxembourg 7777

Spain 47 167

Italy 60 600

Portugal 10 807

Denmark 5555

Ireland 6060

Greece 11 312

Finland 5353

Iceland 322

Cyprus 800

Malta 417


Source: Breivik’s manifesto


  1. Spartacus 's followers are crucified

    “There are approximately 400 000 category A and B traitors in Western Europe…”

    Enough for my dream to expose, for a hundred years, of the remains crucified traitors along the roads from Paris to Berlin (although more spaced than the illustration).

    See why the ongoing translated installments on Sparta are important? We must all become Breiviks to save the race…

  2. He threatens death to a minimum of 400,000 people. Is that all we have to offer? The other side at least has the sense to talk the language of peace. That is how they came to dominate the 20th century and they will continue to dominate until we stop fantasizing about global wars of revenge. If you want power you have to be able to offer people more than endless bloodshed.

    • You are so mistaken… Read every single of my recent Sparta entries to grasp our POV, and also what Pierce says about today’s degenerates (almost all whites today) in his article on “why will the West go under”.

  3. Thanks for the link to Breivik’s Manifesto, Chechar. It’s the first time I see a WNlist blog linking it.

  4. I guess this is a more fine-tuned version of decimation, then?

  5. César, how familiar are you with Mark Twain (I know, it’s inappropriate to write here, but this is the only entry that mentions his name)? Because I would say he’s the most dangerous writer for any National Socialist. His books must all be burned in the fires of the coming Revolution. For I can find no rest after reading the following solipsist lines from “No. 44, The Mysterious Stranger : Being An Ancient Tale Found In A Jug And Freely Translated From The Jug” at the age of 14.

    ““It is true, that which I have revealed to you: there is no God, no
    universe, no human race, no earthly life, no heaven, no hell. It is all
    a Dream, a grotesque and foolish dream. Nothing exists but You.
    And You are but a Thought—a vagrant Thought, a useless
    Thought, a homeless Thought, wandering forlorn among the
    empty eternities!”
    He vanished, and left me appalled; for I knew, and realized, that
    all he had said was true.”

    How can any sane human being deceive himself after this? How can anyone put himself back in the illusion of absolute values when there are none? The Nothingness is so total, it doesn’t even exist, words can’t apply to it.

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