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Jef Costello said…

Prudishness about drug use tends to be an “Old Right” thing. Just about everybody I know in the New Right has used drugs [my emphasis!] (except Greg Johnson, who is a bit of narc). Old-time right-wingers tend to associate drugs with hippies, and worry that somehow drug use leads to liberalism (or follows from it). And they are often astonishingly ignorant on the matter. One prominent Old Righter of my acquaintance once referred in my presence to “dopers” “injecting marijuana.”

Sandy said…

I am convinced that the government in its insatiable need for revenue will legalize drugs and I commend Counter-Currents for tackling a difficult subject in such a head on manner. At least somebody might be ready for what could follow such legislation.

Jaego said…

Countless artists have used alcohol to boost their creativity. No one ever questions this despite the horrific side effects and broken lives it often leads to. Why not? It’s their business, their decision, their RIGHT.

Rhondda said…

What drugs have taught me.
Marijuana is better for pain than pharmaceuticals and does less damage to brain.


Chechar’s comment:

A shame that so many people are sending thousands of dollars to CC instead of sending them to WDH!

I mean: This is why I don’t believe in monocausalism. If Jews are a hundred percent guilty, and Whites a hundred percent innocent, how would you explain that even White nationalists are a vector in what Hajo Liaucius calls “dissipationist forces” in current liberalism? The fact is that Counter-Currents not only has promoted rock music, filthy movies, homosexuality and abortion, now it’s promoting illicit drugs.

Just compare this degeneracy with the self-sacrificing spirit of my recent entries on Sparta. Who do you think will make a difference in the coming civil wars: the hedonist New Rightists or the Military Ascetics (like us)?

Sparta-1“Today we need more than morality. We need hypermorality, the Nietzschean ethics of difficult times. When one defends one’s people, i.e., one’s own children, one defends the essential. Then one follows the rule of Agamemnon and Leonidas but also of Charles Martel: what prevails is the law of the sword, whose bronze or steel reflects the glare of the sun.”

—Guillaume Faye

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  1. Fortunately, after I copied and pasted the above comments a dissident voice appeared at CC:

    I think that what is demonstrated here is that even racialist ranks today are heavy with one form of degeneracy or another, one racially harmful subculture or another inundating it.

    How far does one want to degenerate? How far does one want to retreat? One common theme seen in discussion threads here on Counter-Currents is the ‘we will win!’ and ‘victory is certain!’ type of fantasizing. I can only wonder, who is ‘we’, and what precisely would the ‘victory’ consist of? Drugged-out semi-degenerates in an anything-goes self-indulgent society closely resembling our present one?

  2. Just about everything emanating from the “New Right” is corrupt. The type of men, their tolerance and even promotion of homosexuality, their espousal and liking of horrible “music”, their chasm of separation from their cultural heritage, their familial relations, among others, bear testimony to the spiritually and culturally depraved lot that they are.

    What’s even more irritating about them is their pretentiousness. They are the “New Right” and they snub their noses towards and make fun of the “Old Right”: “Look at those curmudgeons! They can’t get over our awesomeness. They’re still obsessing about the demise of Brahms and Verdi. Hell, we have Folk Metal! We have powerful Aryan women in our movement! We even have homosexuals in out midst! We’re enlightened! We watch Fight Club and read Covington: screw Balzac!”

    And they dare call themselves upholders of Tradition! The past and those who lived it were superior. These know-nothings! They are nothing but jejune.

    No matter. Let them attempt to pontificate. They carry no future besides the future of their own destined destruction.

    Read this fatuous segment:

    “Prudishness about drug use tends to be an “Old Right” thing. Just about everybody I know in the New Right has used drugs. (Except Greg Johnson, who is a bit of narc.) Old-time right-wingers tend to associate drugs with hippies, and worry that somehow drug use leads to liberalism (or follows from it). And they are often astonishingly ignorant on the matter. One prominent Old Righter of my acquaintance once referred in my presence to “dopers” “injecting marijuana.”

    Ha, such modernistic impudence and condescension! That same “Old-time right-winger” would know his Mozart while his “New-time right-winger” coeval would not. The former was raised with respect for his elders, a sense of responsibility, and duty. He was – and still is – a higher man than his whippersnapper political descendant.

    • It was precisely the review of Fight Club some time ago, and precisely by Jef Costello, what made me think that there’s something seriously wrong at CC, and not because of the article itself, but because of the cheers it received in the comments section.

      Just compare the nihilistic, pointless, a-racial “fight” depicted in such filthy movie with the sacred fights of the ancient Spartans: who unlike their degenerating neighbors issued iron laws to prevent miscegenation with non-whites.

      • Well Chechar, you have to keep in mind cultural context. ‘Fight Club’ was incredibly non-leftist for this cultural. The movie was made by Leftists for the purposes of, in their minds, a neo-marxist critique of capitalism. But they actually made a movie which is really a reflection of modern Western White Man’s alienation and disgust with feminist, egalitarian, weakness worshiping modernity. Yes the movie as a multi-racial society. As Larry Auster used to say, for the Left race will always trump gender. The left allowed a subtle criticism of feminism but they would not allow an explicit criticism of muiti-racialism. But as Costello argued, for any knowledgeable right-winger, the movie all but screamed pro-White fascism and pro-White patriarchy. That that type of movie could be made in the modern era is mind boggling. Sometimes the Left’s hatred of capitalism and Right-Liberalism (what they call “Conservatism”) blinds them to what they are actually doing.

        Don’t get me wrong, I agree with your point about cultural degeneracy. But when looked at in today’s cultural context ‘Fight Club’ is a *very* subversive movie. And it has made many men aware of the fact that there is something wrong with modernity. Some of those men have gone on to find the alternate/pale/reactionary Right. That’s not a bad accomplishment for a Hollywood film.

      • Fight Club is a *very* subversive movie.”

        You are totally wrong—just like Steve Sailer shouting to the four winds that Elysium “is a very subversive movie”, and that you have to read “between the lines” to see that Elysium is a sort of The Camp of Saints for current tastes!

        There’s no such a thing. Like Fighting Club the whole message of Elysium is nauseatingly leftist and nihilist.

        You must read the real stories of warriors in Western history that fought for an ideal.

        Nothing of the sort happens in Fighting Club: no ideal, no race, no West to save, no Aryan genotype/phenotype to defend, no liberalism or Jews to destroy, no darkest hour to enlighten.


        Just sheer violence for the sake of violence like the novels that James O’Meara loves so much: sex for the sake of sex in highly destructive contexts of “rainbow adolescents”.

      • Fight Club is subversive, up to a point. I’d recommend it to the majority of kids today over and above just about any movie currently being pumped out of the Jewplex in Hollywood.

        I’d recommend it for the simple reason that if you’re going to watch that crap, then watch this crap. This crap is far better crap than the crap you’re used to watching.

        It is anti-Jewplex. It is anti-feminist. It is anti-feminisisation of men. It is anti-cuckoldry. It is anti-corporate. It is a yearning, a howl from the depths of modern autonomous despair. It at least affirms the discontent that the majority of White youth, hell, the discontent that *all* Whites must feel. It doesn’t offer any solutions, and it even turns in on itself in the end, what you call nihilism. But it does deconstruct much of what we’re force fed daily, and shoves it back at the feeders.

        Anyway, back to your post.

        Conchobar made an excellent point in comments at Alternative Right; one that I feel pertains to this discussion about Counter-Currents:

        it is no issue, really i have come to see the whole blogosphere as a means to both help bring people into this worldview, and then help these people validate their worldview through communicating with each other and networking. it is not “a movement”, to assume so is silly. the real folks are operating in secret, if they do exist. the idea that one can be a “serious” blogger as opposed to a “Fantasy” blogger is silly, it all comes down to how people operate in the real world. this is just essentially a facebook for right-wing bookworms.

        There is no “movement”. How can there be a movement when anything one does in public, including and especially online, is spied on, reported on, hacked, tracked, even in many instances leading to incarceration?

        Even the internecine blog wars play a worthy role, like your correct observations re Counter-Currents and its underlying homosexualisation of what we aspire to be as a people again.

        I take the good with the bad, even your anti-Christian diatribes :-)

        Counter-Currents does publish Michael O’Meara after all. A man you and I both respect and admire.

        Here’s one you commented on last year: Sex & Derailment

        The subsequent death of the ‘oppressive’ bourgeois family at the hands of the Sixties’ emancipation movements has since given rise to such civilizational achievements as unstable stepfamilies, no-fault divorce, teenage mothers, single-parent homes, abandoned children, a dissembling and atavistic ‘cult of the child’ (which esteems the child as a ‘noble savage’ rather than as a being in need of formation), parity with same-sex, unisex ideology, a variety of new sexual categories, and an increasingly isolated and frustrated individual delivered over almost entirely to his own caprices.

      • Re Fight Club, I disagree.

        The director copied the homoerotic overtones from Chuck Palahniuk’s novel according to the article “Fiction for real” in Calgary Sun. Also, you hated my quotations on Gore Vidal’s Julian because he was homo and you now are promoting the filth of another homo? Do you know that, like Vidal used to do, Palahniuk lives with his boyfriend?

        Fight Club doesn’t even have the splendid recreation of 4th century Europe in Vidal’s well-researched and fascinating historical novel. It is degeneracy all the way through. I fail to see in it anything in line of the above Faye quotation. And why do you say that the film is anti-Jew (gimme an actual quotation, not esoteric interpretations a la Greg)?

      • Chechar,

        I agree with you concerning your disapprobation, to put it mildly, of “Fight Club”. Nothing good comes from Hollywood. People who say so are snatching at will-o-the-wisps.

        This attempt is similar to their attempts to find redemption through ugly music: folk metal, etc.


      • No, I didn’t know that Palahniuk is a practicing homosexual.

        I didn’t say it’s anti-Jew but “anti-Jewplex” meaning anti-atomisation into consumptionist individualism. My only defense of the movie (I am not defending it) is that it’s not as crapulous as all the other crap that comes out of Hollywood.

        Personally, I don’t like any movies, from any era. The medium itself is one of allowing oneself to be overwhelmed and subsumed into the ideas, and indoctrination, of another. It is vicarious living.

        My only point is that if people want to watch movies then watch this crap instead of the regular crap. Even so, it’s still crap. But, I’m happy enough if other White people like movies, and theatre, and wish that they could make movies with powerfully good indoctrination that would reinforce cultural characteristics that benefit and reinforce our culture.

        So, on a scale of modern day crap, Fight Club is one of the better movies to promote if promote one must.

      • Still, you et al better find inspiration in the histories of “Agamemnon and Leonidas but also of Charles Martel” (which will be filmed when we hostilely takeover Hollywood from the kikes) instead of a movie that, if it promotes some manly values, it does it a la Jack Donovan: nihilistically—like the sex for sex itself in Donovan’s “community”—, not a sacrifice for a higher value.

        You can imagine the revulsion I’d feel for Sparta if such violence and child abuse were performed just for the violence and the abuse themselves, that is, without the goal of protecting Ancient Hellas. But no: all that violence had the noblest of purposes, and therefore I am not prepared to condemn Sparta even though my socio-political model is not the polar Yang.

      • I’d be very much interested in seeing a move about Martel, the Catholic.

        Re. movie depictions of Spartans, have you seen “300”? That movie too is homoerotic and decadent, though it does have some good scenes, like this:

      • I wish our fags were as strong in character as Russian fags: A cure for gay?

        Our fags want to “step over the Jewish Question”. Russian fags step right into the Jewish Question.

      • I am continuing this discussion in my latest entry comment on Sparta:

        But you must first read these series to grasp what I am trying to say.

      • Fight club = Freemasons.

      • And I’ll spell it out; FM lodges have black and white check floor.


  3. Do you even know what the word ‘metapolitical means? Guess what you are more yin that the yinest woman. You are an emotional retard. Whine whine whine. Men are supposed to be logical, not emotional. That is what yin and yang mean. I bet you will not even post this. No wonder the world is so shitty with pansies like you. Grow the fuck up. You don’t have an original thought in your pants. No wonder you think nazism is so cool. You would never get a woman elsewise. Even in a nazi camp she would probably poison you. What a fucKtard.

    • So says a disciple of the “New Right”: no taste, no culture, no manners.


    • I do believe you are projecting northernsea. lol. Don’t worry, you’ll get laid one day.

  4. Greg should just drop the whole act of being a White Nationalist, and commit himself to liberalism. He’s more or less in the process of doing that anyway. Clearly, his support for White Nationalism was just a phase he was passing through. His decadent nature seems to be overriding any higher qualities he once displayed. He would probably be more content grazing with the degenerate mass of whites that make up the majority of Western ‘liberal democracies’.

    • He started well with the first published book by CC: Michael O’Meara’s. But after Greg started to feature far more articles of the other O’Meara, James—in fact much more James’ articles than Michael’s—, its standards dropped sharply. Water and oil: White nationalism cannot be chemically mixed with the lifestyles of the Bay Area in California (where by the way I lived about three years, in my twenties). The New Right doesn’t exist as a real movement and I predict that, some time after the crash, it will disappear (just compare it to a real “Old” Right movement like Golden Dawn).

      • I agree he seemed okay at first, either because he hadn’t been around long enough for us to know the full picture or because he was more commited to actual White Nationalism when he emerged, but the rot has certainly made itself known by now. You have to be resistant and immune to mainstream liberal herd-decadence to endure as a National Socialist/White Nationalist, and ultimately Greg prefers the softer, and shallower, degenerate liberal lifestyle.

        Your right that the ‘New Right’, in the CC sense, will be swept away as the struggle for racial survival becomes more difficult and demanding. Golden Dawn are definitley moving in a good direction, though I don’t see them as ‘the final hope for the White race’. I met some long-time members of Golden Dawn and they said the Central Committee of the party are National Socialist, which was very clear anyhow, while they use the term Social Nationalist for the Greek public. There is certainly no problems with the long-time Golden Dawners, they are authentic uncompromising racialists i.e. genuine men, not infected by the cancer of undemanding, liberal fantasy-land decadence.

      • You’re correct to claim that the “New Right” is not a real movement. Indeed, who died and made the “NA New Right” or whatever it’s called, a “movement”?

  5. COWARD. YOU are the degenerate. Get with the program.How stupid can you be?. He is trying to attract the young. Not you asshole.Get them to think about stuff. While you whine about your mommy and daddy. I didn’t get enough tit. boo hoo.. Do you really think young people will follow you? You have got to be kidding. They see you as a turd and your buddies here too. It is about the YOUNG, not you. Oh I guess you never thought of that did you? IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU.


    I apologize for being so rude. How else would you pay attention to me? You are attacking the wrong people.

    • First this blog’s readers were treated to weeks of anti-homo hysteria by Chechar, and now he’s branching off into being a drug-warrior.

      Oh my. I can certainly understand your frustration northernsea. As a long-time reader of this blog, I’m frustrated too. This represents a new low for Chechar.

      Chechar, you sound like someone who believes all the USA anti-drug propaganda of prior decades. You don’t have to be a drug user — I’m not — to know that the USA’s War on Drugs is evil.

      For example, see the writings of Dr. Lester Grinspoon, such as: “Marihuana: The Forbidden Medicine” at (link)

      • Drugs are not good for your brain: both legal and illegal. Tell me, who for years studied the effects of psychiatric drugs on the brain and have a huge blog on the subject (in Spanish).

        As to “anti-homo hysteria by Chechar”, for the record, Kurt is one of those who have sponsored this blog—in the past. It all finished when I started to point out that promoting homosexualism runs contrary to white interests. After some email exchanges with Kurt (an exchange started by him) I did not change my position, even knowing that I had lost a sponsor.

        Principles are more important to me than money.

      • Yes, Chechar, you did lose me as a donor at that time over this homo subject.

        Just for clarity, in any imagined future and exclusive homeland for “whites” in North America, I believe homos should be allowed and accepted and not actively rejected and persecuted as you want, because one’s sexual orientation is — for at least most people — inborn and not a matter of personal choice or social conditioning and influence.

        And the average higher intelligence and verbal and artistic abilities found in homos has social value. Let them do what they’re good at.

      • “…and persecuted as you want”

        Only those who boast their condition publicly and hysterically demand to be accepted socially. I am far more tolerant to homosexualism than, say, Covington: who wants to psychiatrically commit them all in his Northwest Republic novels. I’d leave them alone as long as they remain in the closet.

    • I disagree, Kurt. Most homosexuals are not congenitally perverted. Instead of accepting their horrid condition, we must reform them. They are social reprobates. They corrupt youth and have a high degree of psychological problems. They are in need of succor similar to zoophiles and pedophiles.

      As to their purported talent, they give everything they tamper with a homosexual flair. It’s both revisionist and unappealing. Yes, like Jews they are articulate, but so what?


    • “He is trying to attract the young.”

      He’s losing

  6. Why does a substance which alters brain chemistry so strongly that it can be used to treat a wide range of diseases coincidentally have no negatives effects on a healthy person’s brain when used continuously for get high off of? It’s a natural plant maaaan, it’s from the earth! George Soros is on our side this time.

    Stoners still aren’t as bad as drunkards, so there is that. I still don’t know if there’s ever been a disagreement between the “Old Right” and the “New Right” in which the “Old Right” was wrong.

    • But look what another idiot has just said at CC:

      Ancient Greece was essentially a fucking mushroom cult.

      Death to the Old Right.

      Surely he has not read my last couple of posts about Sparta…

  7. CC seems to give off a muted but palpable gay vibe. I don’t post there, or try to, any longer.

    • My intuition tells me that Jef is another homo. And even if I am wrong the question is relevant: How many non-outed, hedonist homos are posting featured articles at CC?

  8. Don’t worry about the faggots, they have never built anything throughout history. If faggots were known to be serious, strong men, then the word faggot would not be an insult.

    Time is precious. Don’t waste time.
    There is not enough time to read what needs to be read, the stories of great men, great ideas, that challenge us to rise up, why read filth?
    The worst lies of today, are not blatant lies, they are 99% truth + 1% lie.

    Remember, 99% milk + 1% arsenic, will still kill you eventually.

    Let the toilet attract the degenerate, they can build nothing after all.

    • Costello is now asking CC visitors to send money to Greg:

      I’d advice potential donors asking first Costello to disclose his sexual preferences. It’s unfair to demand money from a hetero readership unaware that he who asks might be a deviant who wants money for a deviant agenda.

  9. I appreciate you exposing their degeneracy.

    The situation with CC is completely embarrassing:

    • Clement, bravo! An incisive and concise summation of this ridiculousness.


      • IFA just out of curiosity, what are your thoughts on religion? Paganism, Catholicism, Protestantism, Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Islam (Shia and Sunni), etc? I’m interested in an Iranian point of view.

      • Greetings Stubbs,

        My thoughts on religion? I used to be an adamant materialist atheist, but after reading Evola and Guenon, a few years ago, I’m not so sure anymore. I think all religions have concepts and precepts that are great mixed in with a lot of nonsense. I think that paganism and Zoroastrianism are dead while Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are still living faiths. According to the Kali Yuga, these religions are becoming more materialistic and ethical and, as a result, are losing their spiritual vigor and permanency. Catholicism (Orthodoxy) and Shia Islam have much in common as they are esoteric. We should foster both (all three) and emphasize their virility and healthy aspects while downplaying that which is hard to swallow. They are part of their respective civilizations and cultures and we can’t throw them away.


    • Clement:

      Thanks for that link. I liked what Franklin Ryckaert said in the comments:

      It is a pity that Greg Johnson has this attitude, because he is fairly intelligent and writes and promotes a lot of good stuff. I could accept an in-the-closet homosexual WN, if only he had no homosexual agenda. But people like James O’Meara, who promotes the idea of a homosexual “Maennerbund” as the vanguard of WN, or Greg Johnson who pleads for homosexual “marriage”, seem unable to do that.

      WN not only means the survival of the White Race, but also its flourishing, and that entails cultural and moral regeneration. Homosexuals-with-an-agenda cannot really contribute to that.

      And also liked Carolyn Yeager’s astute observation that Greg has implicitly acknowledged he is homo (see her comment). I had not noticed that!

      I’d only disagree with you in one issue. Pedophilia is not pederasty. Just compare the YouTube clip of the Fellini-Satyricon film in my “On classic pederasty” (a 25 year-old young man with a 16-year old servant during the reign or Nero) and compare it with the abuse by, say, older priests with pre-pubescent boys that recently scandalized the Church. The best way to debunk the homos in WN is to acknowledge these “subtle” differences instead of painting everything with black without the grays.

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