Sparta – IX

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  1. Re: the recent discussion in the previous thread about the movie Fight Club—:

    The Syssitias were very important institutions in Sparta, for when the men were not waging war, they were training for warring better. And if not, they socialized with their comrades in these “clubs”.

    Just compare this legit Aryan club for males with the degenerate and pointless “mannerbünd” promoted in Fight Club.

    Under the natural viewpoint prevailed in Sparta, it was a crime that existing perfectly healthy girls a lad deprived the race of offspring.

    Do you think that for Jack Donovan et al it is a crime to deprive the white race from offspring? Be honest.

    The same occurred in the Nazi SS, where we can see how they…

    Again: Be honest. Do you think that NS Germany would accept membership of those who get laid with rock and drugs, a lifestyle promoted even in some prestigious WN sites of today?

    Both the contempt of material and fleeting pleasures like money itself points to an ascetic, anti-materialist and anti-hedonistic society.

    And what about those “Southern Nationalists” and other Murkans who are too electronically zombified to be able to discriminate between Balzac and Hollywood filth, and even watch sports featuring niggers?

    For the last time: Be honest. Face the fact that the hedonistic society where most WNsts live is the perfect antithesis of Sparta.

    • Yes, let’s be honest. What we have today in the likes of faux-Westerners like Donovan and J. O’Meara is just that: degenerates masquerading as redeemers.

      • “To breed, to bleed, to lead.” The law of the English aristocracy of old proves that Anglos can be healthy ascetics too, but Costello made it very clear: all New Rightists he met have been on drugs. And who among them breeds, or is willing to bleed when the balloon goes up?

        They want to lead without having fulfilled their most elemental duties…

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