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  1. maxfield-parrish_1

    This, our real roots of Ancient Hellas (that incidentally hyperboreans feel like painful blue when visiting the Greek islands) is what should inspire us: not the homosexualist degeneracy in other WN sites which are receiving much more money from donors than this one!

    A soldier far from home, without country, ideal and a feminine image of reference—a model of perfection, an axis of divinity—immediately degenerates into a villain without honor. [e.g., the characters of Fight Club and other Mannerbünd novels authored by homos] Conversely, if he is able to internalize an inner mystique and a feminine symbolism that balances the brutality he witness day after day, his spirit will be strengthened and his character ennoble… Maintain the mysterious appearance of love!

    And this is what I have been trying to say elsewhere in my metaphysics of race (or metaphysics of sex) when I state: “Only the eternal feminine will lead the white race to the Absolute.”

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