Sparta – XI

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  1. “In conclusion, in Sparta Lycurgus’ laws governed, a sort of nomocracy, as formerly in Brahmanic India or as Judaism to this day…”

    Which is why we must take heed of what Kevin MacDonald says about National Socialism as “the mirror image [albeit for Aryans] of Judaism”. We need that sort of nomocracy in the ethnostate.

    • A new Brahmanism?

      • Better, because those guys did miscegenate (though did not married) with the browns in India. In the ethnostate non-whites won’t be allowed to live within the boundaries of the new nation.

      • We’ll also have to do better than the Spartans to avoid internal collapse, and better than the Nazis to avoid being destroyed militarily. Such is life I suppose. As time goes on your failure rate always approaches 100%.

      • IIRC on chapters 17 and 18 (that I will translate) the author deals with the whys of Spartan decline, and yes: we need an improved form of NS to avoid military blunders by a single Führer. The dyarchy, that the Roman Republic also adapted before Caesar’s treason, should be implemented instead as I explained in “Two consuls”.

      • Apparently the Ephorate, or council of priests, had even more power, but few administrative duties I assume. Something Iran-ish?

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