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  1. The blind rage with which the Christians destroyed most Greek statues indicates that they greatly feared what they represented, because in them the Hellenes fixed and settled, once and for all, as a goal and template and ideal: the human type that Christianity would never be able to produce.

    This Sin against the Holy Ghost is enough to vindicate my passion to expose the criminal history of Christianity for the WN readership.

    The creation of gods is something capital when valuing a people, for the gods are the personification of the highest ideals and values of that people. One can say that the gods created the race, and the race their gods. Through the gods we can know the people who worshiped them, the same way that through the people—ourselves, our ancestors, our history and our brothers—we meet the gods.

    Apollo must replace Yahweh. It is impossible to beat the Jews as long as we adore their tribal god. Impossible to beat them in their own game… Read the articles by Manu at the sidebar to see what I mean.

    This implies that only after passing the most terrible tests the warrior has earned the right to access to higher states, on pain of suffering the degradation to which it leads the drunken arrogance of the one who has not hardened in suffering and is not able to take the pleasure, power and luxury with respect, care, gentleness, veneration, humility and an almost apprehensive appreciation.

    “The degradation to which it leads the drunken arrogance of…” is exactly what will the Murkans pass through after their dollar crashes.

    Many other states, on the other hand, suffered from a taste for the exotic and the cosmopolitan in which all empires fall when they neglect their attention, authenticity and identity. Gobineau called Athens the most Phoenician of the Greek cities…

    Just as the ’Kwa is the most Judaized of Western nations…

    There was a latent rivalry between the Ionian people of an Athens influenced by Asia Minor, and the Dorian people of Sparta directly influenced by their own Nordic heritage, who never stopped being governed by anything but their ancestral tradition and their own popular consciousness.

    … Nazi Germany was the most Indo-European of Western nations—before it was murdered. Just for the record, after Kevin allowed the anti-Nazi Colin Liddell to publish a couple articles at TOO, I lost interest in reading that webzine. Judaization permeates everything: even the racialist blogosphere, as the case of Liddell clearly demonstrates.

  2. This section tells of the corruption of the cult of Dionysus. How even Sparta succumbed to the asiatic corruptions. Does this not show/ imply that,as the Jewish problem is a subset of the Christian problem, the Christian problem is a subset of the Aryan/ White problem?
    In other words, is it not a problem of whites being white? This is just what we do to ourselves. Or as Horus the Avenger, White Rabbit, would say, ” our race is not racial, and that is racial”.

    • Let’s put it this way, and I am quoting from my response to Matt Parrott:

      So you can see that my position goes far beyond both Christian reductionism and Jewish reductionism. I believe that individualism, universalism, weak ethnocentrism (“hardwired” characteristics in the White psyche since prehistoric times) + egalitarianism, liberalism, capitalism (cultural “software” after the Revolution which ironically strengthened Christian axiology) + the Jewish culture of critique in the 20th century = a truly lethal brew for the White peoples.

      Horus is right insofar as, for those at the farthest north, thinking racially was not really necessary to survive (non-whites didn’t inhabit there!).

      As to Sparta, I read the mini-book that I am translating very rapidly (tonight I’ll add another installment), but IIRC they only degenerated after the Athenians made a breach into Spartan mores through the Peloponnesian war.

      These days I have been thinking that, hardware characteristics aside (for which you cannot blame whites), the Jewish problem is indeed a subset of the Christian problem; and the Christian problem, a subset of whites falling over and over under the spell of the One Ring: the “Aryan problem” as you say—see the articles above the images of the Ring on the sidebar.

      • I’ll dissent on Whites being non-racial. Whites, even the most liberal of them, perceive “Whiteness” to be 100% biological and set an extremely high standard of purity. We would never confuse our race with our religion as Jews and Arabs might. We don’t allow one White parent to have a “White” child as the Jews and Arabs usually do and the Blacks almost always do. We don’t place any emphasis on language like “Hispanics” and many types of Asian do. No actual White person would call Mestizo George Zimmerman a “White Hispanic”, that was purely a media fabrication.

        Whites are very idealistic, and when Whites have a racial ideal they maintain it to a higher standard than any other race (or arguably going even with Northeast Asians). Whites are also very empathetic, which is best seen in their relationship to non-human creatures. Christianity and the later forms of Humanism have corroded the ability of the White race to make moral distinctions between races of “human”, even though their actual understanding of where racial divisions lie is still unmatched.

        The gap between the clear existence of race and the inability to make any decisions based on it (“doublethink”) is one of the main sources of neurosis on the racial issue in White countries. In some sense “racism” is only a White (or NEA) characteristic, because only the White race sees race as it actually is, as a genetic population, and not as a family title or a religion or a language or a social class or a place of birth. This gap goes further in both directions among northern Whites.

        This is part of the reason non-Whites resent us as well. It’s not about how we behave, it’s about what we see. Even if we treat a Black exactly how we treat a White he knows that we know that he’s not one of us. And it doesn’t matter how he talks or what clothes he wears or how much money he has or how many generations of mongrel children he has. And that’s why all Whites be rayciss fo real.

      • The ” witches brew” deadly stuff.
        ” Apollo must replace Yahweh”
        This is what I had intended to question. Other Greeks, notably the Athenians- who are held up as multi-culti models, allowed their religion to be subverted. Later the Spartans, weakened by prolonged war, also succumbed to the infection.
        If Christianity had not spread thru-out the Roman Empire, would our world be very different?
        Is this a cycle we are destined to go through again and again?
        There is a saying ” all that is required for evil to flourish, is that good men do nothing”.
        I do not mean to sound pessimistic. I have no doubt of our victory. What I wonder is- is there a final victory, or do we not have to fight this battle in every generation?

  3. Jesse,

    Christian universalism made things worse. And hadn’t the Roman Empire fell and military science continued, the worst anti-white genocide of history—the Mongol invasions—would have been averted.

    At any event, I blame Aryans’ disposition to fall under the power of the Ring as the main factor. But the subject is so huge that in a mere comment I better use the visual arts to convey the idea.

    The Course of Empire is a five-part series of paintings created by Thomas Cole in 1833-1836. It reflected popular American sentiments of the times when many saw pastoralism as the ideal phase of human civilization, fearing that empire would lead to gluttony and inevitable decay.


    The Savage State ~ 1834
    New York Historical Society


    The Arcadian or Pastoral State ~ 1834
    New York Historical Society

    The Consummation of Empire

    The Consummation of Empire ~ 1835-1836
    New York Historical Society


    Destruction ~ 1835-1836
    New York Historical Society


    Desolation ~ 1836
    New York Historical Society

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