The One Ring

“In ancient Rome, as in modern America, the economic system and its imperatives are treated as absolute and fixed, whereas the people are treated as liquid and fungible.”

—Greg Johnson

“After all, the chief business of the American people is business.”

—President Calvin Coolidge

Yesterday I listened Tom Sunic’s interviews of Andrew Fraser, author of The WASP Question. Fraser is a Protestant and Sunic, of Catholic background, like me has given up Christianity. Although their very friendly discussion on the role that Calvinism and Puritanism may have played in today’s suicidal zeitgeist was fascinating, what piqued my interest was the view that both Sunic and Fraser share: how White Anglo-Saxon Protestants fell into the spell of the One Ring (economics-over-race policies).

Since the Jewish Question was almost absent in this two-part interview, it reminds me very strongly Michael O’Meara’s view that the JQ is secondary to America’s Low Church worship of Mammon. In the heated debate at Counter-Currents between O’Meara and the monocausalists (those who believe that whites are blameless), that I copied and pasted, O’Meara said:

Kevin MacDonald, unlike his epigones, knows how to make an argument and support it with substantiating evidence. Nevertheless, his argument proves nothing (except his own intelligence), for with the same methods but in reference to different facts, I could make an equally convincing argument to “prove” that corporate capitalism (or the Cold War state, Catholicism, Protestantism, or a half-dozen other factors) were far more influential in legalizing the formal de-Europeanization of the American people.

I think that Sunic, Fraser and O’Meara are right. In fact, the moral of the historical books by William Pierce and Arthur Kemp is that non-whites have always overwhelmed the white minority after some centuries. Pierce and Kemp have proven, to my satisfaction, that ever since the civilizations of the Ancient World to date, whites have been losing because they don’t follow the golden rule: total separation from non-whites. Instead, they have fallen, and still fall, in the temptation of trying to use non-whites as “capital”: whether slaves, servants, second-class citizens, or wet-backs in the US and elsewhere.

From this meta-perspective that reviews several millennia of history the culprits of the West’s darkest hour may be listed, in order of importance, thus:

1) The One Ring

2) The Christian Problem

3) The Jewish Problem

This blog has been focusing on the second etiological factor because other white nationalist blogs are reluctant to fully discuss it. Nonetheless, both the Christian and the Jewish problems are far from being the most influential factors, and it is a pity that nobody is sponsoring O’Meara because, in addition to his published articles, I believe that his thesis must be expanded as thoroughly as MacDonald has presented his views on Judaism. (But why does this movement have no wealthy sponsors…?)


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    • Hmm I don’t.

      • Thanks. I see this notice on every post: “Occasionally, some of your visitors may see an advertisement here.”

  2. Why doesn’t WN have wealthy donors? Because WNs are not unified in a movement that is palpable.

    • Palpable what?

      • Palpably present or functioning.

  3. Chechar, “what picked my interest” should be “what piqued my interest”. It’s rare to see you use a wrong word in your writings.

    Aside from that, your ordering above of the three most important factors in the USA’s ongoing downfall is probably correct in terms of their overall contribution to that downfall.

    You ask: “But why does this movement have no wealthy sponsors…?”

    Besides the reason typicalniggerbehavior gives above, another reason is that rich people don’t want to lose their money, and going against the current mainstream can be seen as possibly inviting retaliation against them from that mainstream, which could endanger their wealth.

    Also, if the movement were to succeed, they might lose all or a large part of their wealth somewhere along the way, so why should they contribute, many of the rich would think.

    • Thanks. Already corrected that mistake. I believe I make a lot of similar mistakes but most visitors don’t tell me.

      If you are right about the rich, they could still contribute anonymously. How much do you think that O’Meara needs? I guess that $3000 or perhaps a little more every month would be enough to continue an intellectual career.

      I believe that, as Pierce said in his last novel, most whites “are fucking animals”, including the rich. This and only this explains it all.

  4. Dear Chechar,

    I just want to tell you that I think your blog is by far the most decent and esthetical white nationalist blog I have come across. Like you, I am looking forward to the Day of the Rope.

    The One Who Comes Back

    When justice is crushed, when evil rules supreme, then I come. For the protection of the good, for the destruction of the evil-doers, for the sake of firmly establishing righteousness, I am born in age after age.

    Bhagavad Gita 4.7-8

    • Thank you. And yes: without proper justice an ethnostate, let alone a thousand-year Reich, would be practically impossible.

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