The beam


And why beholdest thou the mote that is in the Jude’s eye,
but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

In “Lefty river” I said: “Imagine a river that took a very wrong turn to the Left. Those who fancy themselves ‘white nationalists’ are deceiving themselves, for in a way or another they are navigating that river too.”

To navigate the river as westerners do since the 1960s means to be part of the so-called sexual revolution (actually, libidinous ethno-suicide) that includes women’s and homosexual “rights” and civil “rights” for non-whites. Westerners who subscribe the new zeitgeist view all navigating through the river as a mere relaxation of social taboos, especially “taboos” relating to “racism” and “sexism.”

If Hegel is right that music only reflects the spirit of an age, such promiscuous and ethnic relaxation was readily expressed, since the 60s, in new forms of music such as rock; and if today’s white nationalists were as honorable as Commander Rockwell and William Pierce, like them they would also feel revulsion for the outer expression of a rotten soul.

But today’s nationalists do exactly the opposite. They navigate the same river that has been driving Western civilization to an ocean of black sewage. Most white nationalists of course are totally blind about this because, like the rest of whites, they have been navigating it for decades.

A couple of days ago for example Greg Johnson published an article, “Death June in San Francisco,” where he praises a concert he attended in California’s sin city, San Fran: a band of a homosexual who plays deafening folk-rock, post-punk music. Having in mind what he saw in the concert, Johnson claimed that “any signs of cracks in Jewish-led anti-white coalition of homosexuals, feminists, environmentalists, and liberals should be welcomed by White Nationalists.”

This of course assumes that Jews are our only enemy and that whites, including white nationalists—actually including Johnson—are not active actors in the demise of the West. But what if they are? What if any white who navigates the river is a racial or cultural traitor?

I have said it before and I’ll iterate it again: What convinced me that the Jewish problem is not the main problem in the West’s darkest hour was precisely the behavior of white nationalists. Since they are presumably the only group in the West that is fully conscious of the Jewish question, destructive views and lifestyles among them—praising homosexualism and even “gay marriage,” heavy metal, Hollywood filth, sports featuring Negroes and getting laid heterosexually or adding soft-porn pics in some of their sites—proves beyond reasonable doubt that even pro-white advocates are implicated in their demise.

It is useless, and kind of silly for me, to say, “Stop navigating the river and live like our ancestors did.” Very few will do this because they are blind about the beam in their own eyes.


  1. To boot, Johnson is now using anti-white newspeak. This is IFA’s last entry, titled “This is getting trite”:

    Once again, the “premiere” WN site, noted for its dealings with cultural matters, has shown itself to be a dud. Greg Johnson, its editor-in-chief, wrote an essay that discussed his attendance at a rock concert. If this isn’t a non sequitur, I don’t know what is. A man who proclaims a love for the Western musical heritage (classical music) and yet who enjoys acoustic guitars, drums, and rock “singing”. Further, he makes a reference to the “singer” being “openly gay”. Gone is the term “homosexual”. Will he call blacks “African-Americans” henceforth?

    This shows – yet again in the most jejune manner – how corrupt today’s “right wing” intellectuals are. Johnson even notes that there were two “gay couples” and a “lesbian couple”. This man, given his previous musings on homosexuality and promotion thereof, must be a homosexual.


    For my dictionary of Newspeak, see here:

  2. Great choice for a painting.

    I can’t but find the pretentious denunciations of the Old Right by the “New Right” to be riscible.

    • And once again, today Greg praises primitive, monotonous—Neanderthalesque, literally!—music:

      And these are the Übermenschen that will save the fair race…!

      After the remaining two (rather short) installments on Sparta that I have yet to translate, I’ll add an entry where I’ll quote you again, that I might title “Spartan ascetics vs. today’s degeneracy”.

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