Sparta – XVI

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  1. Nietzsche said…

    A society in which corruption takes a hold is blamed for effeminacy: for the appreciation of war, and the delight in war, perceptibly diminish in such a society, and the conveniences of life are now just as eagerly sought after as were military and gymnastic honours formerly.

    And the author of the above chapter said…

    In a time when the Greek city-states were already in decline, voices were raised calling for the adoption of the Spartan model. They were the fascist of the age. Anyway, Spartan laws provided a stability that the other Hellene States never knew.

    Recently, at Counter-Currents (CC) Jeff Costello disclosed his true colors: he says he favors libertarianism and rejects fascism.

    May I suggest the visitors of this blog that, unless and until every contributor of CC discloses his sexual preferences, from now on take CC with a grain of salt. I just cannot trust homos who write for a hetero audience hiding who they are and also what exactly their agenda is.

  2. Sparta is too much glorified, by the mid-4th century BC Sparta was already irrelevant in the Greek scene, when the Romans arrived they became tourist atraction to the masses.

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