Infanticide in historical Israel

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  1. Didn’t Hannibal almost have his nephew sacrificed? I think he saves his nephew by offering to sacrifice 1000 of the enemy (Romans) or some such. Its been a while since I’ve read any Polybius or Livy. But I don’t remember if they mention child sacrifice during the Punic Wars.

    And the traitors of today make movies depicting the non-Aryan Carthaginians as the good guys and the Romans as the bad guys of the film…

    Its been rumored for almost a decade that the actor Vin Diesel is going to play Hannibal in a movie version of the 2nd Punic War. They will probably be sympathetic to Hannibal if they make the film. Although of course Scipio should be the hero. Although I’m still shocked that Hollywood allowed the Spartans to be portrayed in a positive light against the Persians. I’m shocked the Leftists in Hollywood allowed that. Maybe because the Greeks represent democracy in their minds.

    • I’m pretty sure that was a neocon piece aimed at Iran. Leftists think of Athens as democratic but they consider Sparta barbaric. They didn’t like 300.

      • True. But the Left controls Hollywood. My shock was that the film got funded. Frank Miller, the comic’s writer, is something of a neocon/mainstream con. He’s outspoken in his anti-Jihad views. Leftists defend Islam (for reasons I am not entirely sure about, as Muslims would butcher Leftists if they ever had power) which is another reason I was shocked that ‘300’ got made. It was clearly anti-Islamic in its intention.

        As for Sparta, everyone outside of WN circles hates Sparta. It was the national socialist Greek city state to use those terms. But you will find some feminists that say good things about some aspects of it, namely the freedoms Sparta afforded women (which were far superior to those of practically any other Greek city state). Of course those freedoms to women existed in the context of a very traditionalist culture. But feminists don’t see that.

      • Did you read the whole book, Sparta and its Law? A sort of feminism only took over Sparta after its decadence. Curiously, Greg Johnson’s Yin site has lots of scholarly audios discussing Plato and Socrates but none about Sparta as far as I know.

        He’s living in a Yin city after all…

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  3. “The Tophet, located in the valley of Gehenna, was a place near Jerusalem where it is believed that children were burned alive to the god Moloch Baal.”

    Let’s see now where have we heard this story before? Hmmmm. Wait a minute, now I remember –


    Jewish children burned alive at site of Auschwitz crosses
    July 31, 1998 12:12 PM


    JERUSALEM (July 31) – Jewish children were burned alive at the very spot where Polish Catholics are now setting up crosses at Auschwitz, according to Naphtali Lavie, the former Israeli consul in New York.


    Elie Wiesel on the “baby burning pits” at Birkenau

    Elie wrote in “Night” that on his first night in the camp, a night that he would never forget, he saw two burning pits, one for children and one for adults, where Jews were being burned alive.


    David Faber’s tale – “saw Nazis throw baby alive into flames of crematorium oven”


    Why invent new stories when one’s own historical past can be used as a basis for HollowHoax myths and fables?

  4. These Semites can’t help it. Even if you took away all their bizarre scriptures and traditions and left them with nothing, then in a matter of generations they’d spontaneously start building bronze idols with goat and bull heads and shoving their children into its burning fires.

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