Golden Dawn crackdown


Greek government makes it impossible
for GD to win elections

This is such an important, unfolding event that I’ll violate my policy of not posting news in this blog. In fact, I’ll leave this post “sticky” as long as necessary. The below exchanges come from a current discussion at VNN (last page, here):

GD leader

(Michaloliakos shows his face with no shame; police escorts hide their faces like bank robbers.)

The Chief of the Golden Dawn Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos has been arrested, along with at least three or four MPs while about thirty executives led the General Police Directorate of Attica after warrants were issued for “criminal organization.”

Alex Linder said…

Government spokesman Simos Kedikoglou told The Associated Press, hinting that Saturday’s arrests were the culmination of a long strategy to deal with Golden Dawn as a criminal, not a political force. In other words, simply declare Golden Dawn’s political views illegal, since they are too popular. Essentially, it’s a criminal act not to be a leftist. “The prime minister and the government were determined to deal with Golden Dawn solely through the justice system… We have succeeded in stripping them of their political cover and deal with them as what they really are, a criminal organization,” Kedikoglou said. This is democracy: either go along with the System or be branded a criminal.

VNN commenter said…

That’s the rub, isn’t it? Any successful creation of a party that challenges the establishment will be declared illegal. They are branded as criminals against the state for merely having political views and ideologies that fly in the face of the establishment, and have succeeded in gathering support in the populace. Any threat to the continuance of the establishment’s power will be dealt with, not through elections, but by literally declaring any successful opposition to be criminal in nature.

Successful is the key. GD endured the media onslaught and character assassination. The people did not believe the lies the press and government were feeding them—because GD was actually feeding them! When GD was viewed as a minor annoyance, TPTB were happy to handle them in the traditional means, i.e. media attacks, bad press, and harassment (such as any grass roots political party or organization). But because GD weathered these attacks, and continued to gain the support of the people, now we see how the established power deals with them as an actual threat: Arbitrarily making new laws and statutes, ignoring established laws and procedure as they see fit, and bringing the full weight of a corrupt system to dismantle the will of the people.

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  1. Greece gave western civilization its foundation. Now the future of western civilization will be once again decided in Greece. The Golden Dawn faction should understand with Jews it’s always a fight to the death – there can be no surrender. Hitler committed the remnants of the German population, the old men and children to the fight, not because he was mad, but because he knew if Germany lost the war, there would be no future for Germany or its people and subsequent events have proven him correct. This is the reality faced by the Golden Dawn of Greece. If they lose, no doubt the remnants of western civilization will follow.

    • No. The NWO is so corrupt that it actually shot himself with fiat currencies. It will take some time (one week? ten years?) until the dollar hyperinflates but it’s obvious that the NWO’s financially suicidal shot is already causing internal bleeding that, sooner or later, will be manifested when the dollar crashes. Cf. several articles on this here:

      The day that the dollar collapses will mark the end of the interregnum that started in 1945, whether GD has been destroyed by that time or manages to survive.

  2. Chechar, glad you are following this. I believe we are witnessing an event of historical importance, with tremendous and far-reaching ramifications no matter how it plays out.

    It’s early days yet, but it would seem that the system is dropping even the pretense that the ballot box can be used to mount a meaningful challenge to establishment anti-white policies. For all of our lives, the system argument against us has been, “You are unpopular losers.” But when we can prove popularity, in spite of the system throwing every obstacle in the book at us, the hammer falls. Of course.

    Apparently, the only acceptable choices are Anti-White Fast and Anti-White Slow – in other words we can dispute the speed at which we move along the anti-white trajectory, but we are not allowed to dispute the trajectory itself.

    The legitimacy of the modern democratic system is coming under enormous strain, something we’ve been discussing for years. It’s playing out more or less as we’ve expected, and at this point it looks like a win no matter what. If Golden Dawn is crushed, the legitimacy of the democratic system takes a tremendous beating, and the anti-whites will enjoy a Pyrrhic victory at best.

    If, on the other hand, Golden Dawn survives and even prospers, then the legitimacy of the anti-white system STILL takes a beating, perhaps a far more severe beating. All of our lives it has been a case of “heads they win, tails we lose.” In an important sense, that may be reversed here.

    I think that the system has blundered, though it might not have had a choice. Either way the system loses, whether in the short or longer run. And that may reveal the value of democratic politics….forcing a system reaction like this. I hope Golden Dawn has a Plan B, but we’ll see. At least they forced the reaction, revealing that the emperor has no clothes.

    In any event, I’ll check back in the days ahead, and look forward to any commentary that you might have. Long Live Golden Dawn!

  3. I completely agree with Trainspotting. This is an event of cosmic importance for the European Man. It should be clear for everybody now that we don’t live in democracies in our white countries, but in totalitarian states where our governments have declared war against their own nations – against our very physical-genetic existence, against our culture and tradition, past and future, ancestors and children. Thus, any hope that we will achieve something in a democratic framework – free elections, peaceful demonstrations – is truly delusional.

    For a democracy to work, the first condition is that all parties involved would play according to the rules, that it is a basic honesty at the foundation of the social contract between the state and its citizens/ people. Instead, we are ruled by Stalinist kommissars, NWO bankers and maniacs. As long as we are not a real threat to the system they let us live somehow (like Wilders’s party in Holland and EDL in UK), even if with endless demonization, ostracism and harassment. But as soon as a nationalist movement is on the verge to win the hearts and minds of the voters, the mask falls entirely and the devilish System shows its real face: Stalinist kommissars, NWO bankers and traitorous maniacs. Democracy is dead in the West. Only a revolution can save the European Man.

    An event of powerful symbolism also because it takes place in the very craddle of Democracy. Democracy was founded by the white man and it can be understood and perpetuated only in a society ruled and formed by white men. Since its conception in ancient Greece, democracy has had some basic rules to function: only natives / citizens for many generations, men after a certain age, with a property, the necessary qualifications, virtous and wise can exercise the art of ruling and administration. Foreigners / slaves, women, those of weak character, etc. are excluded.

    Nothing in common with what we have understood by “democracy” since the French Revolution, which is the rule of the mob. Thus, Hitler’s Germany, Mussolini’s Italy and today’s Russia of Putin are much closer to the ancient ideal of democracy than anything we have in the EU, the USA and Australasia.

    • Very insightful. Thanks.

  4. All of western civilization is under attack. In fact the attack has been going on for for sometime, but is now intensifying. Apparently only the Greeks have as a group awakened to this fact. The Jews are losing their grip as their hate, lies and most of all, their unbelievable hypocrisy becomes increasingly exposed. Watch for major, world-wide changes to occur in the attempt to maintain power over the hated gentile cultures. Golden Dawn is the canary in the Jew’s global mining colony.

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