The Champions


William Gaunt, Stuart Damon, and Alexandra Bastedo

When I was a kid my favorite TV series was The Champions (watch the 43 seconds of the opening titles: here). Recently, before an user’s YouTube channel was axed due to copyright infringement, I re-watched the first dozen episodes of the series.

After a little research, however, I was shocked to learn that Stuart Damon, good-looking 1967 is in fact Jewish. In his more recent pics in the internet his age unmasks better his ethnic origins.

The other two characters are whites. Alas, the gorgeous Alexandra Bastedo, a believer in animal rights, did not leave any children but instead purchased a bucolic farm in England and lives among her many pets. (Compare her behavior with what Nietzsche says about how Aryan men must force their women to behave.) Unexpectedly, William Gaunt, whom I most admired as a kid—believing that physically I resembled him but that my parents considered pompous and inflated—, is the only one whose conduct I could not censure with my standards of today: at least he did breed.

As to the episodes, I don’t remember most of Episode 1, for instance, the conversation between Gaunt and the wise man of an ancient civilization in the Tibetan mountains. More to the point, in Episode 7 the anti-German scriptwriting starts to become apparent. A former German soldier, who survived for decades, very angrily asks a former SS officer why on earth could he have chosen the SS? (Incidentally, after re-watching it I realized I remembered fragments of this episode and many others after more than four decades of not seeing them.)

Episode 8 starts with music in a London club where the name of Churchill can be seen. It is no coincidence that precisely in the decade that mass immigration started in the UK, English music—yes: The Beatles et al—conveyed the feeling that the English society’s mores had been extremely relaxed.

It is unnecessary to recount the episodes that recently I re-watched. Suffice it to say that, as a 10-year old kid I was obviously incapable to interpret correctly the subtle propaganda.

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  1. Always look for the Jew. I did watch the opening clip – the producer’s name was Monty Berman. Jews will always use good-looking Jewish actors, whenever they can. They’ve been breeding for Aryan looks since Aryans permitted them to run loose. Damon is from Russian Jewish immigrants (who fled the Bolsheviks. HA!). He starred in a lavish 1960’s TV version of the musical “Cinderella”, co-starring the very beautiful Russian Jewess Lesley Anne Warren. Oy Vey! 2 JAP’s!

    James Franco is HOT HOT HOT right now. Young, good-looking, and very Jewish. Mommy is a Jew, ad extremely political. He refers to himself as “secular”. His good looks come from his Portuguese/Swedish father, though. He starred in “Oz the Great and Powerful”. The entire cast is Jewish, excepting Michelle Williams, Shiska.

    There’ always been a steady supply of “White” Jews – Leslie Howard, Alicia Silverstone (who is adorable, and does not behave like a PIG), Scarlett Johansson (who does).

    I watched stuff like this, when I was a wee little tot. I was practically a baby, when this was broadcast – but I remember this vividly. I thought everything was just BEAUTIFUL.

    I know it’s impossible to detect propaganda as a child. But we’ve overcome that, as adults, and that is what counts.

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