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The modern understanding of democracy is even more tyrannical than what Plato referred to as the second worst form of civil government. Control over the mass media and the civil school system brainwashes the youth and electorate as a whole to support the agenda of the System. The billions of dollars pumped into buying off politicians and ostracizing “political dissidents” mean that to achieve even a basic level of political power is nearly impossible for any Traditionalist.

The true tyranny of modernity is in the fact that the rules can be easily modified to create a permanent elite, who will crush any challenges to their power structure and creature comfort.

The tyranny of the modern democratic system is not limited to only the United States; it is pervasive throughout the entire Western World. In the early 1930’s, the elites were horrified that nationalism and racial pride took the world by storm. The Jewish capitalist and banking elite financed the beginnings of the Soviet Union and backed countless Marxist movements around the globe. In response to this and the failures of secularism and modernity, revolutionary forces began to organize for the preservation of their culture and their people.

From the nationalists in China to the National Socialists in Germany, peoples around the globe strove to throw off the shackles of Bolshevism that like a cancer was festering throughout the nations of the Earth. Using democracy, nations chose leaders and movements that would lead them forward to freedom from the globalists and the ability to fulfill their own God-ordained destinies. With the blood of countless millions on their hands, the elites decided that through fire, bombs, and intimidation that this nationalist worldwide movement must be crushed. From the raising of the Red flag in Berlin to the surrender of America’s own sovereignty, the elites took a stranglehold over most of the globe. With a battle cry of “never again”, the System has declared that no matter what a people believe or how they wish to run their own affairs, they must be aligned with the New World Order.

The Greek nationalist party, Golden Dawn, is the latest proof of how the message of nationalism and ethnic solidarity is coming. The elites will do anything they can to destroy any credible nationalist threat. Golden Dawn has risen from being less than one percent of the electorate several years ago, to storming Parliament with over seven percent of the vote in recent elections. With programs to feed and clothe poor Greeks, a push for border security and getting rid of the hordes of illegal immigrants infesting Greece, an alliance with socially conservative Greek Orthodox Christians and hardline secular nationalists, and a passionate stand against international Jewry and the mainstream political elites who have time and time again sold out the Greek people, it is no question why Golden Dawn is succeeding at the polls. Through using the democratic process and truly acting in the best interests of the Greek people, Golden Dawn began polling poll results as high as fifteen percent in the past few weeks, demonstrating a doubling of supporters in just the several months since the next election. This is where the System had to step in.

It began with Jewish groups around the world pulling the worn out “anti-Semite” card on Golden Dawn. Nationalists simply no longer wish to be exploited by the international Jewish cabal. Golden Dawn MP’s spoke openly about the degree of Jewish control over the Greek economy, the European Union, and the globalist agenda. The belief in sovereignty of the Greek nation and Greek people from parasitic bankers and capitalists put Golden Dawn on the elites hit list. Nationalists have to made an example of.

The Greek government was harassed and pushed by outside forces and the global choir of “anti-racism” to shut down Golden Dawn. Recently when an alleged Golden Dawn member got into a bar fight with an infamous “anti-racist” rapper and stabbed him to death, the System had the “cause” to declare Golden Dawn a criminal organization and began rounding up its leadership. One wonders how quickly all mainstream parties would be banned if the actions of one or two members became cause for the government to arrest all of the leadership. My old neighborhood in Baltimore alone would have disqualified the Democratic Party on a nightly basis if a felony were grounds for dissolving a political party.

The desires of the people who had elected Golden Dawn to Parliament were irrelevant. Tradition and the law were moot. With thuggery rarely witnessed in the West since the Jewish commissars of the Soviet NKVD, the Greek government sent in shock troops to  raid “the homes of Golden Dawn politicians across Athens, Michaloliakos and five of his MPs were seized. Fifteen other senior party activists, including a female police officer, were taken into custody accused of fomenting violence as members of a criminal organisation.” In the hours following this original round of arrests, warrants were issued for additional Party members and the systematic crackdown intensified. Armed with automatic weapons and covered faces, police went to kick in door after door of those deemed “politically unreliable.” The center Right coalition and the Left and communists have united together to stop Golden Dawn. International praise from Jewish organizations and the European Union have flooded Greece for working to stamp out the spread of nationalism.

Public Order Minister, Nikos Dendias declared to the world that “Golden Dawn tried to test the endurance of democracy, today it got an answer from state justice.” The irony of arresting democratically elected lawmakers simply for their beliefs and then trumpeting values of democracy, were seemingly lost on the Mr. Dendias. Beliefs that aren’t deemed kosher are simply not allowed to exist in the tyranny of 21st century democracy. They will ban us, beat us, and even kill us, and that is why we cannot work to reform this System.

The attempt to revive the United States or the nations of Europe in their current state is a necrophiliac exercise in futility. In the founding home of Western democracy and civil government, and with a boot on the neck of nationalists democracy has officially died. Christ did not attempt to negotiate with the moneylenders or get put in a position of power in the temple, he flipped over the table and beat those who were poisoning the moral well of the people around him. Traditionalists in Greece must take to the streets and dismantle this corrupt and wicked system. The blood of patriots and martyrs will run in Athens, but that is the only way to secure the existence of the Greek people. Golden Dawn is facing a communist coup, it is time to organize and prepare to fight to destroy this System just as other allied Traditionalists must around the globe. Francisco Franco and the Spanish nationalists realized that only through fighting the System could the Traditions of the blessed Church and its nation survive.

We cannot negotiate with our foes, we cannot work within the System, and we must stand behind the brave men and women of Golden Dawn behind the wire.


Excerpted from Matt Heimbach’s latest article (here)


  1. The true tyranny of modernity is in the fact that the rules can be easily modified to create a permanent elite, who will crush any challenges to their power structure and creature comfort.

    This is why the Jews love “law” and why they have made their “law” incontestable on any scale below a supreme court. Western culture has long held a peculiar regard for law. When confronted with yet another Jewish legal absurdity, the goyim will readily support their dictates with the all encompassing phrase, “It’s the law!” Try arguing the case for the insane idea that driving under the influence or “DUI” is not actually a crime against person or property. Instead, “DUI” [driving under influence] is a thought crime, as no one has been injured and no property has been damaged. If someone accidentally hits a car and kills another, then the crime is manslaughter, it doesn’t matter the state of mind. Logically, the concept of DUI could be just as easily be applied to anger. Why not establish a greater penalty for someone who hits another car while they are angry? Not to worry, this is the basis of the hate crime, another Jewish thought crime. DUI is simply the idea that one MIGHT be more likely to commit destructive acts while driving under the influence.

    As a friend of mine, being lectured by a judge on how 40% of the highway fatalities are due to DUI, exclaimed, “Your honor, that means 60% of highway killers are stone cold sober! I’ll take my chances with drunks any day!” Needless to say this argument did not sway the judge’s decision in my friend’s favor. The average lemming has a twisted penchant for accepting the idea that “Its the law!” without ever examining exactly what such laws represent to their inalienable rights and freedoms. Nor do they examine who is behind the creation of such laws. For the average non-Jew, it is as if THE LAW has been passed down from god himself and in a sense it has, only this god is the secular money god of the Jew’s updated priesthood. The Jew Senator Lautenberg fundamentally changed the Second Amendment by making ANY domestic violence, even misdemeanors, a reason to deny one their constitutional right to keep and bear arms. “Domestic Violence” is the only misdemeanor that denies one their Second Amendment right, yet the vote has now been passed on to felons.

    It used to be the other way around until Jews argued the case. This then is the Jew at work gnawing out Western civilization’s legal system. “Hate crimes” are simply another example of a thought crime to which Jews are so partial, after all how much evidence does it take to convict someone of their thought process when one is guilty until proven innocent? Jews love the law because they can easily control the law. What stupid Christians fail to understand is the Jew’s concept of law. Their ancient religion was all about law and Jesus was all about rebuking that law. For Jews, law, religion, politics and culture was a seamless, inseparable system governed by their Temple authorities. To the Jewish mind, law is, and always has been, fully elastic. The fundamental underlying concept of Jewish law is that there is nothing intrinsically right or wrong, it is whomever makes the best argument that wins the case and sets legal precedence.

    Using such legal values, murder, rape, vice, and other crimes once considered detestable in western culture, can be fully justified. This is why Jews claim they can win arguments with god. This concept is also exhibited in their idea of material value, where there is no intrinsic value in anything. Value is established by what the market will bear, which explains why a tin of artist’s feces can sell for thousands of dollars. This also explains how Bill Clinton used what was termed “situational ethics” to defend himself in the Monica Lewinsky case and why the Constitution is called a “living document,” one that can be changed to suit more “modern” requirements, established of course by Jewish “legal experts.” From their earliest years, Jewish boys are steeped in Talmudic law. While non-Jewish children are playing games and running lemonade stands, Jewish boys (and now girls) win gold stars for making the best legal argument in their yeshiva groups. Thus it is only natural for Jews to gravitate towards the legal profession and it it is just as natural to find western laws becoming increasingly Talmudic in their construct.

    “Respect” for Jewish law is the biggest threat faced by the Golden Dawn movement. After being elected to the chancellery, Hitler immediately set about reforming the Jewish legal system that had destroyed Wiemar Germany. After Hitler, there were no more Jewish lawyers or judges and the laws that accommodated Jewish speculative and usurious practices were quickly rescinded, most notably in the area of property ownership. If the Golden Dawn movement is to survive, they must first reject and then overthrow the Jewish legal system effectively being used to suppress their political party.

  2. Obviously the Golden Dawn situation has nothing to do with “Greek” politics, per se, but has everything to do with International Jewish-Capitalist hegemony. The fact that it is happening in Greece is happenstance. NATO will not support any European nationalist movement, and it just happens to be the Greek’s misfortune that it is on their watch that the hammer came down. One recalls the Serbian situation.

    A footnote anent the article: From the nationalists in China to the National Socialists in Germany, peoples around the globe strove to throw off the shackles of Bolshevism.

    This statement conflates two separate social phenomenon, and cannot be supported in any factual sense. Chinese nationalism (I presume Heimbach means the Kuomintang, KMT, or Chinese Nationalist Party) was in power prior to the formation of the Chinese Communist Party, and during the KMT’s mainland reign, up through 1949, there were no “Bolshevist shackles” to throw off. The relationship between the KMT and the CCP was, first, as allies against the Japanese, and then as two factions among many fighting for mainland unification during the Chinese Civil War.

    Bolshevism as an historical Jewish-ethnic-racial global phenomenon, had little practical impact on China, a country where liberal democracy never had a hold, and it could not therefore usurp anything.

    Politically, although at first dressed up in Marxist-Leninism, and later morphing into Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, the CCP is in many respects heir to historical Dynastic systems that hitherto ruled China.

    Finally, Chinese are known as “the Jews of Asia.” They have many of the same social-biological traits as Jews–they are smart, socially cohesive, and adapt rather well to disparate circumstances. Plus, they are rapacious. While Westerners lapse into a liberal stupor, to expect the same roll-over from Chinese is probably unrealistic.

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