Were the Greeks blond and blue-eyed?

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  1. Not to forget the “gray-eyed” Athena. By fourth grade I had read all the Greek/Roman myths. I can still bring to mind the marvelous characterizations of these gods and demigods. They were beautiful images to my young mind then and remain so to this day. My favorite was Artemis or Diana in the Roman version. Artemis was goddess of the hunt and twin sister to Apollo, a god noted for his radiant beauty. Apollo was smitten by Cassandra’s flaming, curly, red hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. She was exquisitely beautiful, intelligent, charming, desirable, elegant and gentle. Seeing her advantage, Cassandra bargained her favors to Apollo in exchange for the ability to foresee the future. She said “you first” and then spurned Apollo’s amorous advances and so was cursed by the sun god. Since Apollo could not retract the knowledge he provided, he condemned her fate to one of having her predictions never being believed. Thus Cassandra went mad, roaming the ramparts of Troy stark naked while pulling out her hair because no one would believe her foreknowledge of the destruction of Troy. No doubt some of the readers can identify with Cassandra’s complex as they try informing the sheeple of how their house is coming down around their ears, while the lemmings laugh and sneer at the insanity of such thinking. Terry Gilliam’s “Twelve Monkeys” provides another interesting insight on the “Cassandra complex.”

  2. This is odd, or maybe not. Ayn Rand describes Dominique Francon in the same manner as Athena while the description of Rourk mimics Apollo. More can be read here: http://www.toqonline.com/blog/a-sense-of-life-ayn-rand/

    Howard Roark, the heroic architect of The Fountainhead, is described as having “hair neither blond nor red, but the exact color of ripe orange rind” and “a body of long straight lines and angles, each curve broken into plains.” His great love, Dominique Francon has grey eyes and pale gold hair. The great love of the hero of Anthem is simply referred to as “The Golden One.”

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