March of the Titans

The following sentences of chapter 30 of March of the Titans: The Complete History of the White Race by Arthur Kemp caught my attention:

The lands making up western and southern Russia, Asia Minor (Turkey) and the southeastern Balkans were to be the scene of some of the most dramatic racial conflicts between various tribes of Europeans on the one hand, and various Asiatic, Mongol, and mixed race Muslim armies on the other.

These wars started around 550 AD, a century after the crushing of the Mongolian Hunnish invasion of Europe. They only finally stopped with the defeat of new Asian invaders some 400 years later, with the defeat of an Asiatic alliance known as the Magyars, in Bavaria in 954 AD.

This massive struggle against Asian and Mongolian hordes can rightly be grouped into one heading, even though different players acted in the drama. If these combined Asian invaders had not been turned back, then it would most certainly have given the non-White Moorish invasion in Spain, which took place in the same time span, a far better chance of success. The White race might have been exterminated between the Asians and the Moors—but it was not.


(Notice the dead white baby)

My two cents:

All of these race wars, recounted in that chapter and in following chapters—including “the fifth Great Race War: Genghis Khan” and “the Ottoman Holocaust”—, are a fascinating read.

I’ll not quote more of these specific chapters to invite readers to purchase a hard copy of March of the Titans, which is an updated 2011 edition of the now gone, old online edition I’ve been quoting here.

The fact is that, unlike other races, whites as a people have been on the verge of extinction more than once; and this has paramount importance to understand our times.

Personally, I find it incomprehensible that so few “white nationalists” are interested in the history of their race. Proof of it is that books like this are not bestsellers in the community.

Anyway, in a saner western civilization the sole facts of the largest genocide ever committed against the white race should have moved the West to target Mongols and Muslims for complete extermination long ago—something that could not happen even when whites developed weapons of mass destruction because the whole West has been under the grip of what I have been calling Christian axiology in this blog.

Even today’s white nationalists, with the exception of the late Pierce (my postmortem mentor so to speak), are under the grip of such set of meta-ethics.


  1. The first contact I had with March of the Titans was here at WDH, for which I’ll always be thankful to you. The only reason why I don’t normally comment on your posts reproducing parts of it is that I don’t feel I have anything intelligent to say about it. But it’s one of the most important books I’ve ever read and it’s probable that I’ll end up translating it into Portuguese in the next years. It should be translated into all major modern European languages. Now I see that World History and International Geopolitics, among other fields, simply do not make much sense if not informed by a racial perspective and hardly any other book makes this point in such a striking, powerful way as March of Titans.

    • Absolutely. And I would add that one of the big proofs that the WN movement is in its infancy is their extreme focus on JQ—ignoring the broader perspective on who the hell in the West empowered the subversive tribe in the first place.

      WNsts seem to focus on the 20th and 21st centuries. But Jews were empowered in the late 18th century and throughout the 19th century. Furthermore, once you digest all western history you see that Jews have not been whites’ most genocidal enemy. The Mongols, the Muslims, and Whites themselves have (cf. Hellstorm)! Had the Mongols, Muslims and the White traitors been exterminated, you can imagine what would have happened to the kikes by now…

      In other words, the real issue is Christian axiology and the One Ring. The kike infection is a secondary phenomenon. WNsts don’t want to ponder into the long, excruciating history beyond the century when they were born because that would mean cognitive dissonance. That would mean blaming Whites—including the whites’ Semitic god and their suicidal moral grammar—as Whites’ most deadly enemy. Instead, many of them want to keep their parents’ religion intact and, what is even worse, the anti-Germanism born after the World Wars.

      For instance, I find it almost unbelievable that at Occidental Dissent several commenters have been arguing these days against Golden Dawn because GD’s methods are “macho” like the methods of the Germans in the 1930s. (Incidentally, I suspect that one of such commenters, Silver, is a half-Jew or something—he definitively doesn’t sound like a pure Aryan.)

      • I’m starting to wonder if the Jews aren’t just a bunch of mind-Huns, here to cause havoc with mental tricks we hadn’t encountered yet, but completely neutered by the next century. After all, Bush II does seem like the height of their power. They’re crumbling biologically and culturally now, through miscegenation, secularism, MTV culture, homosexuality, etc. Not that they aren’t going to try and drag us down with them as they sink.

  2. Breaking (old boring) News: our ol’ friends from GoV are shocked (shocked, I tell you!) because David Horowitz proved to be nothing else than a Trotskyst Israel-firster progressivist white-hating Jew. The horror! Oy vey, the soap opera continues! Takuan is there to explain, Baron is there to obey. The soft-Christian gentiles lick once again their wounds – it’s not the Jews, just the destiny. The humorous saga never ends :

    • Thanks for the news. As I said, the culprit is Christian axiology. “Baron Bodissey” and his wife Dymphna have decided to stick to their parents’ silly religion until their death.

      I will now click on your above link…

      P.S. Just read it. A Fjordman article! (a half Jew). With the bigmouth in the comments section of another half-Jew, Seiyo; and Hesperado’s long comments (another Jew).

      The Barons’ extreme philo-Semitism, which contrasts dramatically with old time Christianity, really stinks.

      Sometimes I wonder if the retired GoV blogger Conservative Swede is another half Jew…?

  3. Nope. Fjordman and CS are 100% Scandinavians, the same way Baron and Dymphna are 100% Christian WASPS and Geert Wilders is 100% an ethnic Dutch. That’s why we live in a paradox: the best of the white race are also the most naive. Intellectually and aesthetically, they are the best Whites can produce, but, at the same time, they are the weakest link of our race. Jews play them like a piano. Their idealism and naïveté (of comic proportions) are the final notes in the funeral song of Europe (oy vey! how can Horowitz do THAT?!).

  4. I’ve seen it. He’s a Norwegian. It’s like being surprised that an Italian woman resembles Marlene Dietrich. C’mon… Besides, if Fjordman had been really Jewish, I would have noticed some cunningness in him. But he is really convinced that Israel’s struggle is our struggle and the Jews are the moral dimension of the West, not mentioning his surprise discovering that Horowitz is a lowlife, a scumbag commie who hates the West. A real Jew wouldn’t have been suprised by this reality. Takuan is not surprised.

    • How do you explain that he never answered our question, “Do you have Jewish ancestry”?

  5. Probably he doesn’t consider the question serious enough. The probability to have Jewish ancestors when you are born in a Norwegian provincial small town is equal to zero. It reminds me of the scene in “Inglorious Basterds” when the Jewish female victim is described as belonging to a “typical” French farmers family. This is the most involuntary comic situation of a completely involuntary comedic film. The probability to find a Jewish French peasant family is so low that it makes any sane person laugh. Maybe Jewish French bankers, Jewish French politicians, journalists, “intellectuals” like Henri-Levy… But the idea that some Jews living in France would decide to earn their living honestly producing cheese and milk is laughable for anyone who knows the Jews.

    • At any event, Fjordie has never said, as far as I know, that he is a hundred percent Norwegian—not even after his name was outed during the Breivik incident; hundreds saw the pic of his father, and speculated that Fjordman’s dad may be Jewish. (By the way, Fjordie’s curly hair cannot be a hundred percent of Viking origin, can it?)

    • Going back to the Jews.

      What the Baron and other counter-jihad gentiles don’t want to see is that, if seeing the whole forest is essential to understand the Muslim Problem (in the sense that even law-abiding Muslims living among us are a problem because they’re part of the forest), then the law-abiding Jews are part of the toxic forest too. Counter-jihadists can’t have it both ways: realizing the inherent danger of a Semitic tribe (Muslims) and rejecting the inherent danger of another Semitic tribe (Jews).

      Recently Hesperado tried to rebuke us precisely in the article “Seeing the forest” linked on the sidebar. But after I replied to his question he quit.

  6. There are no half-jews.

    If a glass of milk is 99% milk and 1% arsenic, it is still poison and will still eventually kill you.

    If a half-truth is 99% truth 1% lie, it is not a half truth, it is the most pernicious and effective lie.

    Bottom line, White’s misguided sense of morality, what you call Christian axiology, is our greatest Achille’s heel.

    We do not need understanding and dialogue and friendship with muslims or any other non-White group, we only need to expel them, and should they not like that, exterminate them.

    Jews, Muslims, noble savages, amerinds, whatever, I don’t care if they are nobel prize winners and the heavens itself wafts a laurel out of the skies onto their kinky head, nobody and I mean nobody but Whites should be permitted to live among us, it doesn’t matter how ‘good’ they may or may not be. If a UFO landed in Time Square and out stepped a superior race that was unquestionably better in every way to the White race, they still should not be permitted to live among us simply as a matter of White survival.

    When all is said and done, academics, pundits, armchair intellectuals, knights of the goose quill, champagne soldiers they fancy themselves, can write until metacarpal tunnel syndrome ruins their hands and shout until they have no voice, but all they are capable of ‘doing’ is the saying part, non-doing, pretty word jugglers who cannot reach the masses and achieve critical mass, but hope instead to reach the “3%-ers” who get off their ass and get out their to do the needful, and that means simply, kill who needs killing. Any actual “doing” is going to be done by burly, macho, bumptious, pugnacious, men of action, philosophers of the highest calibre who use few and simple words because their actions are full of eloquent potency.

    And results.

    Anybody who shouts “obey the law” is a sheepherder and controlled opposition. Nations are made only by law breakers.

    There are theories that we need organization and leadership, and one man in the right position can make a difference. I disagree. One man can be shot from over a mile away, and if all the enemy has to do is cut the head off a movement to stop it, then there is no movement. I think it is time for Hunters, lone wolfers, or at least, small teams of less than 5 trusted men who have risked their lives and spilled blood together, leaderless resistance en masse. For some reason we as a race don’t appear to be ready for that. Well what’s it gonna take? They’re already murdering our children by the millions.

    Everyone should look in the mirror and ask yourself: Where’s my line? Where’s my line in the sand? At what point do I say to myself, enough is enough, and grab a rifle and start voting from the rooftop or van window?

    No nation was ever born legally.
    No nation was ever born peacefully.
    Child labor is bloody and painful for a reason by nature’s design.
    Nation birth is even more bloody and painful.

    Anyone not ready to spill blood and shed blood, personally, does not deserve citizenship in the White Republic. There is a reason why to slay an enemy of the tribe was and is a universal rite of passage to manhood, in all manner of tribes all over the world.

    So you need to ask yourself “Am I a man?”

    • There are very few real men in the movement.

      I think it is time for Hunters, lone wolfers

      But Breivik’s action did not elicit copycats. As long as goods and food and circus flows…

      For some reason we as a race don’t appear to be ready for that. Well what’s it gonna take?

      whites will be degenerates. But the dollar will crash in this decade. Could be tomorrow, a month or five years but it will crash. Be patient this decade. The long interregnum since 1945 will be over within our lifespans.

      • I can’t wait.

      • Then you are the perfect candidate for “taking the black”…

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