Were the Greeks blond and blue-eyed?

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This piece has been chosen for my collection The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour. It has also been merged within a single entry.

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    Thank you so much Chechar for acknowledging the purposeful targeted extinction of those with the blonde hair and blue eyes. I have lived in the US for thirty years and during this time I have developed an instinctual, protective shield to guard myself from the micro aggressions and attacks from Die – versity. When I began to take notice of the crimes of murder and rape committed against white women in the US, I began to ‘see’ as most of these women were if the fair haired, blue eyed variety. Fair haired men are targeted as well. A specific genotype is under attack in the world and it is obvious to anyone who will just take a minute to observe. I have shared on my blog that I have had all my teen and adult life, a low level anxiety that I realize now was a means of self defense. I can say with certainty that my daughter and son have been in receipt of stares and comments from members of the Cult of Diversity.

    America WAS exceptional, but that exceptionality did not last and was brief because it cut ties with Europe. The US Government has been undermined and bought out since the Civil War by the alien tribe that hates Europeans and Europe. The Tribe has purposely targeted the Aryans for extinction because we are exceptional in our looks and mindset. They have taken our Aryan being and have pornified it and objectified it to the mud masses. The Tribe has done this via media and other methods. The Tribe has set us up to be targeted for extinction.

    Aryans are the Chosen and the Exceptional and the masses and their Tribe handlers know it, which is why they are so intent on destroying it and have been actively engaged in manifesting our destruction for thousands of years.

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