Fucking the Red Woman


I have a very obscure past. After I left my parents’ home for horrendous, soul-destroying abuse, I fell in a sort of New Age cult which promised me to develop paranormal powers. Even after I quit the cult the internal damage was done and I spent the most precious springs of my life in a futile search of power through a “psi-development system,” as I used to say in my twenties. (I use the term “psi” in the sense of the purported paranormal abilities studied by parapsychology.)

Presently I not only disbelieve the existence of such abilities. After reading tons of skeptical literature debunking the claims of the paranormal, I have become one of the staunchest skeptics of religion and the paranormal in the pro-white blogosphere.

Notwithstanding such obscure origins, I still can enjoy cinematic experiences on how to “develop psi” as, say, Yoda teaching Luke Skywalker how to levitate a small ship in The Empire Strikes Back. More recently I enjoyed watching even darker “magic” as a powerful scene in Game of Thrones featuring Lady Melisandre: the priestess of fire who, always dressed in dark red, is in service of the phlegmatic Stannis Baratheon.

Stannis is the character of these series who, by right after his brother died, can claim the throne of the kingdom usurped by Geoffrey. In season two Lady Melisandre promises Stannis a son. Stannis has sex with Lady Melisandre on a table, scattering the war models onto the floor. Davos Seaworth (the “Onion Knight”), Stannis’ most loyal hand, vehemently dislikes black magic and always calls Melisandre “the Red Woman.”

In a later scene, Davos enters a cave in the cliff with a pregnant Lady Melisandre. Stannis had ordered him to watch an occult ritual. Davos, alone with the witch, says that it is strange that her Lord of Light asks her to work in the shadows. She counters that shadows cannot live in the dark and are servants of the light. He finds their way barred and says that the bars are new. Melisandre says that their passage cannot be barred and opens her robe. She appears nude and heavily pregnant and Davos calls on the seven gods for protection. Melisandre tells him that there is only one God and that He only protects those who serve him. Davos’ lantern glows with increasing intensity startling him as Melisandre takes off all her clothes. He backs along the wall of the cave as Melisandre lies down on her robe. Laying down on the cave’s floor she begins to moan to give birth and something shifts under the skin of her belly.


Her moans and gasps intensify as Davos looks on. A shadowy, black demon’s hands grip Melisandre’s legs while the dark figure pulls itself free of her womb. It stands before her for an instant before passing between the bars. Davos watches in horror. (As soon as detected, YouTube deletes most illegal clips of Game of Thrones but someone video-recorded the above scene directly on his TV screen with no electronic fingerprint to be detected: here.)

The smoky demon infiltrates Renly’s camp and assassinates Renly (like others, Renly, Stannis’ younger brother, illegally claimed a right to the throne). Thanks to such powerful sorcery Stannis regains control of the majority of his army that his homosexual brother Renly used to command. Catelyn Stark and Brienne of Tarth are in the tent with Renly when the smoky, unkillable creature stabbed Renly right into his heart. (YouTube clip: here. Later in the same season Catelyn is not sure what she saw, but Brienne is sure that the phantasmagorical creature resembled Stannis.)


Davos is so disturbed by what he saw in the cave that he convinces Stannis not to bring Lady Melisandre along when their fleet and army attack King’s Landing to reclaim the throne. Davos wants a clean victory with no involvement of black sorcery at all.

Leaving these fantastic HBO series aside, this “one handy demon per fuck” to assassinate your enemies, even your brother if he misbehaves, reminds me my extremely recurrent fantasy of disturbing the whole anti-white System by means of killing a single human per day.

I confess that, after becoming racially conscious, I’ve indulged in a little fantasy before watching Game of Thrones, especially when trying to get some sleep. Psi or black magic probably don’t exist, but if they existed behold my list for targeted assassinations through ungraspable smokeys:

All heads of states in the West, starting with Chimpanzee

All moguls that own the mainstream media

All headmasters of Western universities

The Pope and all of his Cardinals

All protestant leaders

VIPs of the J tribe

The last point includes the millionaire sponsors of all Europhobic groups that promote anti-racism in their endeavors to exterminate “the best of the goyim.”

In season three of Game of the Thrones Stannis asks Lady Melisandre to make him another “son” to slay Joffrey, the monstrous king—monstrous in soul; physically he’s very young and good-looking—who had ordered the beheading of Ned Stark, thus usurping Stannis’ throne.

The witch refuses explaining that creating still other shadow-creatures may kill him. She needs to use Stannis’ own life-essence to fuel the entities, but this hugely drains him. (In the books more than one smoky demon is created inside Melisandre, and Davos notices that Stannis looks ten years older than before the Battle of Blackwater.) The use of assassins conjured from the witch’s womb is thus limited: the creation taxes the creator to the point of death.

So according to the traditional tales of black magic I would die. But I would gladly give my life to see at least some justice performed out of my above list.

Just curious: Knowing that you would also die in such an effort, would you fuck the Red Woman, the “mother of demons” as Davos once called her in impotent fury? If so, who would you add to your own black list?


Give up Christianity.

Transvaluate all Christian values in your heart.

Only real hate will save the white race from extinction…


  1. I could agree more that all religion (jesus scam etc….) is a load of crap but that doesn’t mean that there is no existence of a Creator or Infinite Intelligence. Just because we do not believe that god is a jew carpenter why deny the existence of a Creator? (Deism)

    The paranormal absolutely does exist but we do not have the faculties to observe it…A better way to look at the paranormal is to be agnostic about it….I walk out of my house and automatically look directly up at a precise 67 degree angle to the left to see someone staring at me from a window…Isn’t that innate faculty the paranormal?

    Your murderous, wisely chosen fantasies are not unique but would be ultimately ineffective if carried out…The furthest we could get would be like the useless vile disgusting nigger in DC 2 weeks ago (who killed 10 Whites & and 2 other niggers because he was fired…). Other people of our OWN race are every bit as toxic to our kind because after 4 progressive generations of jew media brainwashing they are hopelessly afflicted with “jew think”….I read this in an essay by Thom Metzger and he’s absolutely right…. Half the Whites would have to be exterminated as well…Probably 70% of them white slut whores…

    • Yes: I wrote about it in another of my jacking-off fantasies, “Dies Irae”, linked at the sidebar. But the point is that even if you only had the power to kill a single man per day, and that the public knew the rationale behind the killings, that would be enough to seriously disrupt further anti-white actions coming from our elites—black-art terrorism if you want to call it. (By the way, in the above entry I link to another post explaining why I lost faith in the existence of paranormal powers, perhaps the most autobiographical post of my entire blogging in English.)

  2. Seek and ye shall find….

  3. The metaphysical is very powerful. If Anarchists and Communists ally to form Antifa, they open the logical possibility of a God that consists of several persons. This means Judaism and Islam, the main groups protected by Antifa, are plain wrong. Also, every dialogue between Jews and Muslims proves the same; if dialogue can consists of two groups, God can consist of several persons. This powerful metaphysical observation will mean ultimate victory.

  4. Semantically strictly a curse is prayer petitionary for descent of the Wrath of the Entity invoked, upon the object accursed.

    Before one casts a curse, one must be willing to carry the karma thereof.

  5. “All headmasters of western universities”

    Please explain that one.

    • How do you call the university principals, headmasters? If so I thought my point was so obvious.

      • Above you also forgot about all of the kike bankers, leaders of large corporations, celebrities, etc.

  6. There’d be a lot of fucking.

    I’ve been watching GoT for the past days (S3 Ep 8 currently), and I’ve realized one peculiar thing that escaped me before. I’m fine with 7 billion men dying, and dying in a disgusting fashion, – but only if it does serve an end. And there’s a beauty in the logic that guides us there.

    But what if the only way of success is the way of madness? The entire point of madness is that we can’t see the end, and I can’t see the beauty there either.

    I’ve never looked at the “ends justify the means” this way. Ultimately, logic was that honourable means in itself that justified ugly means for me. And sadly, madness could be the only way.

    However, I don’t necessarily pretend the show meant anything this way, I just haven’t got the idea of the cultists yet. They look like Christians with a touch of Nestor Makhno.

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