March of the Titans

In his chapter on the Baltic States, after writing about how the Teutonic Knights imposed Christianity, the revival of southern Germany, ancient Poland and the Mongol invasion, the unity of Lithuania and Poland and how a Polish army saved Vienna from a non-white invasion; Napoleon Bonaparte, and finally World War I, Arthur Kemp approaches the subject of the Danzig corridor in March of the Titans: The Complete History of the White Race:


Germany then turned its demands to the German city of Danzig and the corridor separating East Prussia and Germany. The German leader, Adolf Hitler, requested that the city be returned to Germany and that the Germans be allowed to build an autobahn and railway line across the corridor to link East Prussia with Germany. Poland rejected these demands and Germany then invaded, causing the British and the French to declare war on Germany.

The Polish Army although larger but consisting mainly of infantry and cavalry, was unprepared for modern warfare and as a result was no match for the armored German divisions. Poland was overrun in matter of weeks.

The Soviet Union simultaneously invaded Poland from the east, duplicating the German invasion from the west—this act did not bring any reaction from the French or British, in marked contrast to their declaration of war against Germany—one of the most hypocritical and meaningfully deliberate betrayals of the entire war.

The Polish population suffered greatly in the war. Hundreds of thousands were killed, directly or indirectly, with huge numbers of Polish Jews being rounded up and deported to concentration camps. The Polish also suffered under Soviet rule. Nearly 15,000 Polish soldiers who had been captured by the Soviets during their invasion of Poland were executed en masse in the Katyn forest outside the Russian town of Smolensk, where their remains were discovered by occupying Germans in 1943.

The end of the Second World War saw the utter defeat of Germany. Poland gained massive slices of German territory and set about expelling millions of ethnic Germans from these lands. More than seven million Germans were rounded up and driven across the German border, clearing vast areas of land for Polish occupation.

Of this number, approximately 2-3 million died en route. East Prussia totally disappeared. The city of Danzig was cleared of Germans and became the Polish city of Gdansk. In the east, the Soviet Union reoccupied its lost territories once again, forcing about four million Poles to move westward, many of them taking up residence in the lands seized from the Germans.


The outbreak of the Second World War saw Lithuania being invaded by the Soviet Union in June 1940— another Soviet act of aggression which, like the Soviet invasion of Poland in 1939, was ignored by the British government in a gross display of hypocrisy. Lithuania was formally annexed into the Soviet Union that same year.

The German invasion of the Soviet Union in June 1941, brought about an uprising in Lithuania against the Soviets. Facing what seemed like imminent total defeat at the hands of the Germans, the Soviets withdrew their occupation forces.

The invading German armies were welcomed as liberators and many Lithuanians joined the German armed forces in their anti-Communist war. Lithuanians served in almost all arms of the German war effort, in the Waffen SS in particular, fighting with honor and distinction on the Eastern Front against their long time foes, the Communists in the Soviet Union.

By mid 1944, the Soviet Union had re-occupied Lithuania and was pushing the Germans back towards the west. A new Soviet government was established in Lithuania—which exacted a terrible revenge upon the Lithuanians for having supported the Germans—at least 350,000 Lithuanians were deported to labor camps in Siberia as punishment.

When it is considered that the total Lithuanian population of the time was just over three million, the Soviet arrests and deportations to Siberia represented fully ten per cent of the entire population.

This outrage was one more blatant Communist atrocity perpetrated upon the Eastern European people which was sanctimoniously ignored by the West. Very few Lithuanians came back alive from Siberia.

In addition to the imprisonment of ten per cent of the native population, the Soviets also arranged for the mass settlement of ethnic Russians and Poles in Lithuania, creating a massive ethnic Russian presence in Lithuania.


  1. “More than seven million Germans were rounded up and driven…..”

    “Of this number, approximately 2-3 million died en route.”

    A low-balled number. It was more like 12 – 15 millions. You find the survivors all over Germany, and as a matter of fact, quite a few of my present neighbors across the street are such people or their descendants. If you talk to them, and after you gain their confidence, they sometimes can tell you blood-curdling stories. So the dead victims did not just die. They usually had a very gruesome death and were often enough tortured to death.

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  3. The facts surrounding the Soviets at that time amply demonstrate evidence for the “hidden hand” behind the political actions of that era. The “Russian revolution” was actually a Jewish revolution against Russia. While the Germans were vilified for invading Poland, the Katyn massacre, whose Soviet origins were well known by all top level allied leaders, was officially blamed on the Germans for the next 45 years. The fact that the Jewish communist committed far more egregious acts against Europe without any meaningful notice from official sources speak volumes about who was pulling the economic strings funding that war. The fact that earlier in the century, Wall Street Capitalist saved the “Russian Revolution” by infusing millions of dollars by means of a Red Cross Mission also speaks volumes for the real power manipulating the thrones of Western Civilization. Many Germans, like Hitler, were well aware of how the Jews had double crossed Germany in WWI, before delivering their Coup de grâce in the form of the Versailles Treaty. The comment above, alluding to the horror stories surrounding the Soviet expulsion of the Germans, once again clearly identifies the revenge style murders for which Jews are infamous. Strangulation, decapitation, the most horrible forms of torture imaginable, all gleeful bloodshed that is the byproduct of thousands of years of sacrificial bloodletting by the Jews in keeping with their religion based on slaughter.

  4. Note of the admin: excessive links have been removed

    As we speak about Poland… Poland has before war an has very decent facist goverment. Hitler himself was an admirer of Polish head of state, Józef Piłsudski (the first statesman who gives A.H. diplomatic recognition, when he was nominated chancellor!)

    They both planned war against bolshevik:

    Reichmarschall Herman Göring was close friend of Polish president Mościcki:

    Polish and Germany was very close allies, as you see:

    “Hunting in Poland (Prime Minister Göring participates at a Polish hunting as a guest) / Eagles are protected, let others shoot bucks, so we keep with the wolf”
    Kladderadatsch, February 17, 1935

    “Prejudices overcome (A part of the French press still have doubts about the German-Polish agreement) / You see, Marinka, they are also not bothered by the crying of the rooster”
    Kladderadatsch, Jule 28, 1935

    “German-Polish non-agression pact / or the Gallic jaundice [Gallenleiden]”
    Cartoon of the German satirical journal Kladderadatsch on December 10, 1933. Two weeks were left until the signing of the contract, but it was already considered an acomplished fact

    But after Piłsudski’s death Polish forreign policy was lying in the hands of Józef Beck – an alcoholic, a Jew and probably bolshevik agent (when you think about this bastard, you think about next Martin Bormann or Albert Speer, because he was protegee of Pilsudski):

    He ruined everything.

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