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Saying the truth about race throws even White Nationalists into fits

“Most white nationalists are merely lefties who, understandably, loathe Jews and niggers, etc. They want the 1960s (sex, drugs & rock’n’roll, abortion, absence of any duties, etc.) without the unpleasantness of the aforementioned groups in their midst. The herd needs a great deal of culling.”


felix_von_luschan_skin_color_chartIt’s really a microcosm of society at large isn’t it? I know a swarthy Italian and he’s really pro-White! If you alienate Greeks they won’t vote for you or buy your stuff! I’m not Nordicist: some of my best friends are black (-haired)!

But it goes beyond that. How many White Nationalists are willing to outright say that women, as a biological class, should not have the same legal powers as men? That homosexuals are mentally diseased and shouldn’t be allowed to run rampant? That most people simply aren’t intelligent enough to make important social or political decisions, and that society needs to restrict their behavior unless it wants to become a consumerist MTV hellhole? That in many cases good people should be stopped from reproducing because they have bad genes? That industrial society will always cause genetic devolution unless a comprehensive and mandatory eugenic system is in place? That the world’s resources are finite and bloody conflict over them is an existential fact, unless one faction already has uncontested martial supremacy? That religion and culture can uplift or destroy a society, and cannot be left a “personal choice” by a true revolutionary? That biologically and mentally superior groups of humans lived before us and will probably live after us, and we will never be their equals? That The Beatles mostly sucked?

So it’s definitely an axiomatic thing. Modern Whites can’t accept that a human can be unequal to another—and thus superior or inferior—as an existential quality, and not as a result of some “choice” or sin. This does indeed seem like a problem greatly inflamed by Christian metaphysics, where equal essential being (the soul) is assumed, and only “free will” (faith or sin) distinguishes humans from one another in an ultimate sense.

“Nordicism” among White Nationalists is almost identical to the response to “racism” in society at large. Thus, White Nationalists treat Mediterraneans like Republicans treat mestizos: they put emotional non-sequiturs up against biological facts, and they wind up trotting out “token Italians” because accusations of an organization being “Nordic” in White Nationalism are taken like accusations of an organization being “all white” in the mainstream. We’ve just fallen into the same mentality.


This tone, very light grey and near the colour of ice,
is the eye colour par excellence of a pure White Nordid.

I’m not even really in agreement with Covington; I don’t consider the Greeks to be basically Turks, I place them on the White side of the line, but I can recognize they’ve undergone some degree of mongrelization and that this would constitute genetic damage in an Aryan nation. Not all genetic damage is caused by mongrelization, and my guess is that all humans have genetic flaws of some type. Nonetheless some are much more damaged than others; in extreme cases this results in classification as a non-White or as a deformed/botched White, with exile in the former case and total sterilization or euthanization in the later case is the most sensible solution. In less severe cases the damage should be handled by a comprehensive eugenic system, which would use racial purity as a major (but not the only) determinant of genetic quality.

Psychologically though, I don’t think the “Nordicist” thing is being handled well, and the “transvaluation” thing comes back to light.
I said…

“WNs treat Mediterraneans like Republicans treat mestizos.”

Lol! Another quotable quote.

“I don’t consider the Greeks to be basically Turks, I place them on the White side of the line…”

You meant on the Olive side, not on the White side. Click on pic of the table at the top of the entry. On the left column you will see there more subtle white gradations of color, undistinguishable at first glance if you don’t click it.

With the exception of Greeks like the girls in the image of my most recent entry about Greece (today’s entry), most modern Greeks fall in-between real whiteness and the colored.
Stubbs said…

I meant in terms of allowing them in the Aryan state and attempting to repair any genetic degradation versus banishing them from the state and telling them to form their own country. I don’t think, for instance, that we’d bother trying to “restore” the Aryan genotype of someone like Obama: we’d just tell him to go live in New Liberia or wherever. At some point a human drifts so far from our race we write them off as an alien politically, but I don’t think many Greeks are there yet.

The problem is White Nationalists still have an equality-based mindset. They think once you pass through the walls of the 4th Reich and get a stamp that says “White” on it you’re just like everyone else inside the walls. Basically they want America without niggers, like you said; universal suffrage, freedom of religion, gubmint stayin outta my business, no biological program once everybody in the country is “White enough” to gain entrance, utilitarian goals for making people “happy” and “free” at the expense of anything higher, etcetera.

Pointing out an obvious fact like some “Whites” being purer than others (did you really expect the people who were occupied by the Moors or Turks for 300 years to be comparable to the Swedes?) throws them into fits. Not only does it retrigger all the anti-racist conditioning they thought they’d gotten rid of, but it makes them ask “where does it end?” “At what point can we finally stop paying attention to each others genetic (and non-genetic) flaws?”


A Sicilian

The answer is that it doesn’t end: that all life is struggle and hierarchy and that the Aryan race will never be perfected nor entirely freed from threats. But that’s not what they want to hear. [William] Pierce made eugenics the core of his religious outlook, with nationalism as a means of protecting the eugenically-selecting society, but I see little concern for the subject among modern White Nationalists. Can you imagine a racial state with a comprehensive eugenic policy which didn’t consider the reversal of mongrelization to be a major objective? That it wouldn’t make its population look more like Swedes and less like Sicilians, as time goes on? It’s hard to do so, which is why I believe “anti-Nordicism” in White Nationalism has, among other things, shut down much of the discussion on the subject.


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  1. I believe in the racial spectrum, of course, but I could see not-quite-whites who are loyal to the White ethnostate having Nordic babies by embryo implantation from Icelandic or Norwegian or German donors.

    Have you read Destiny of Angels by Richard McCulloch?

    • No. Link?

      But yes: even nationalists are terrified to acknowledge the dysgenic effects of even a small amount of Congoid sub-human DNA.

  2. I’ve been a little confused these past few days, but here is what I think you are saying:

    The perfect Aryan is an ideal that some come close to, but may be unreachable. We all fall somewhere on the racial spectrum or hierarchy, and at a certain point, a person is no longer white. You are attacking the spinelessness and wishy washiness that you see in WNs. While most WNs regard race as a shallow, practical matter, you see it as a much, deeper sublime reflection of the soul.

    • Right. You know: I was born in Mexico. Before the wars of independence, the Iberian whites elaborated graded categories of mestization between White, Amerind and Black. You would be surprised that the New Spaniards coined the term limpieza de sangre (“cleanness of blood”).

      The image scale at the top is unequivocal: Whites at the left, Colored at the right, in-between on the middle. But Whites are so overwhelmed with guilt that even WNsts are reluctant to believe their own eyes: for example, when their eyes see that a brown person like the Sicilian in the pic is brown. Many WNsts see him “white”. They don’t want to call a spade a spade, and often make tantrums when someone calls the brown by his name.

      The paramount importance of the articles I have been translating and linking from Evropa Soberana can be put in a nutshell: True whites are much fewer than previously believed. That is why we must consider the North, including North America, as the genetic reservoir par excellence.

      I’d like to include below, another image & footnote from the article in Europa Soberana:


      A careful look at the iris can be almost as revealing as the facial features when it comes to appreciating racial contributions. None of these eyes has a “pure” colour, but mixtures between pure colours. The “pure” traits displayed in these eyes are brown eumelanin, dark blue and light grey, in varying proportions.

  3. Most of the Nordic (Norwegian and other Scandinavians) women I know are tattooed and hang around Negroes and North Africans. At the same time- most of the mestiza Central Americans I know are socially conservative, conventionally religious, hard-working family types and well-mannered. At what point does the nonsense stop?

    • I believe that this comment of yours belongs to another thread. Search thru the posts under the category “Sin against the Holy Ghost” for example.

  4. You make some good points. It has always confused me that in my country’s stats they include jews, arabs, spanish, turks, Sicilian, and maybe even asians etc in the ‘Caucasian’ category.

    If you look into genetics the human race is actually split into different species. So the phrase “there is no race but the human race” is even more blind.

    The species are probably: European Asian, Mongolian, Negroid, and Aboriginal, etc. Essentially every piece of anatomy is different between the species. From skull, brain size, joint configuration, hip proportion…..

    This makes the info that black have an average iq of 70 more understandable. In whites a kid with an iq of 70 would probably show signs of retardation whereas blacks do not show the social retardation expected with such low iq. Keep in mind, an average of 70 means that half the black population falls below that. This confused whites into dismissing IQ tests – after all, they didn’t act retarded so the tests must be biased (sic).

    But since we are different species, different abilities are to be expected and there should be species specific tests for more accuracy.

    Mixed races are always so happy to tell whites that they will soon be eliminated.. they say they are superior as they have the best of everything…. Well not really.

    It is like the whitetail deer versus mule deer in the US. Although they can interbreed, they are distinct species like blacks and whites. The crossbred offspring are actually less likely to survive… Whitetails run extremely fast downstream to evade predators whereas mules ‘jackrabbit’ by jumping extremely high and far. A crossbred has reduced ability for both those survival traits. And that is just one example.

    So a crossbred black and white would have a decreased athletic ability than a pureblood black. Blacks have greater running ability than whites due to the law of conservation of energy. Whites and all other human species have larger brains than blacks. This resulted in a larger hip to body ratio to get the baby out. Because the black anatomy is straighter, they are able to run more efficiently. I will link to a video that explains it all.
    At the same time, because of their biology, blacks are much worse at swimming than whites (due to their heavier bone density, body fat ratio, etc). So the crossbred human would be worse that both blacks and whites at certain sports, theoretically.

    I am not saying that blacks are worse, but they are different. They think *differently* which is why they can have a low IQ based on reason and cognition but still blend into society, seeming to have average intelligence. Their social intelligence seems to be separate from their logic/reasoning/mental abilities. I am no expert and there has been very little work on studying this, but that is was all indications point to…

    This should actually make blacks feel better. That is why detroit has the worst test scores in the nation – there should be different scores for different species.

    My question to you is – do you consider Russians to be generally white? I am irish/english/scottish/german and not happy with my genetics so I would want to improve the genetics by having offspring with true nordics. When I first read your article, I thought you meant to exclude all none-nordics from the enhancement of the white rare, however, I don’t think there are enough Nordics for that to be possible, so in the beginning the gene pool would have to include Celtic populations.

    Also, are you aware of the rh blood factor? It is another indication that we are different species. The only comparison would be when a horse breeds with a donkey. If a human female is rh- and has a rh+ kid by an rh+ male than any following rh + babies will be attacked by the mother’s immune system as foreign bodies. Now, modern medicine can give mothers shots to prevent the rejection of the fetus…. but what about in ancient times?

    Approximately 85% of blue eyed people are rh -. Rh – is not seen in the African species (sometimes the rare blood type D is mistaken as rh -). There are a wide variety of theories on the origin of the rh- gene (rh + is called by some the ‘monkey’ gene). Maybe it came from some unknown proto-human. Some people think is it related to the ‘holy grail’. Others think it was aliens. Many theories!

    Additionally, what is your thoughts on redheads? They are actually usually even paler than some blondes. They are going extinct. There are odd population pockets in the Basque area of Spain/France and in the Baltics, Serbian population. Again, they have unique genetics and the highest rh- populations.

    (YouTube link)

    Dr Ruston has some truly fascinating info! Please check him out. There are many lectures online. You have to watch though, The publisher of his llectures on Youtube, American Renaissance, do have a few jewish speakers so you just have to ignore their lies and racist statements.

    This is also interesting: (YouTube link)

    I have bred many types of animals and there are clear differences in breeds… not just physical but mental/emotional/personality. From goats to sheep to dogs or cats.

    Anyway, thanks for much for all the effort you have put into your blog! I have been postponing getting into a relationship or even having kids as I would like to find a white person to improve genetics but at this point I might just use AI.

  5. Very good points on the difference between WN and NS. However, it is precisely the eugenics of a NS system that could allow for a temporary pollution for e.g. political reasons. If you can wash your clothes, shit stains are not as bad as in the case you can’t wash your clothes.

  6. I fully appreciate this fact and even without this post this fact has occurred to me. I know the Scandinavians are the purest specimens of the White Race we have.

    I know Germans and Germany very well and I believe they have a tiny drop of Asiatic blood in them, from withstanding the Mongol invasions. This is the reason why Germans are a tiny bit more communal and ethnocentric than the more idealistic, and individualistic Scandinavians, who for now, as mostly untouched by foreign DNA.

    But considering Europe’s present predicament I think it’s important to have everyone fighting against the Jewish-mobilized masses of untermenschen.

    Afterwards we can settle the Nordic question and find out who’s truly White and who has foreign admixtures. I seriously doubt it’s going to be complicated. 99.9% of the time you can tell just by looking. Like the Nordic in the picture above, either you look like that or you don’t.

    If you do then I say we send them to some isolated territory where they can multiply and replenish. Like the SS, but on a national level. One day their destiny will be to conquer and exterminate all the tainted and non-Nordic Whites left behind.

    That is a cause I am willing to work towards, it will make the world a better place.

    • Thanks for your comments. I do believe however that speaking out about this subject is important. Some anti-nordicist WNsts have no problem with marrying their daughters with the mudbloods—a policy that, in the long run, would mean the extinction of real whites. See the abstract of the long article linked at the sidebar’s top, “Gens alba…” for a brief and a little more formal definition of race.

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