Doctor Doom

With the exception of the blogger Mindweapon, no one in the pro-white movement seems to be aware that we are heading straight toward an economic collapse and a foreign debt crisis of epic proportions. This will happen when the US’s creditors impose a lending ceiling to the traitorous US government.

Now that the US government-created phony crisis is over and that the debt ceiling will be raised for the Nth time, I would like to point out that I have embedded quite a few videos by Peter Schiff, called “Doctor Doom” by the media. Many are still clueless that we are living near the end of the long Diktat after 1945.

Schiff’s latest videos in his own YouTube channel can be watched (here). This is the most important subject for all those who desperately crave for the long interregnum imposed by the Americans on Europe to end.

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  1. I know it. I can’t wait!!!

  2. Great post Chechar. I listen to almost all Peter Schiff shows, and tipped him off to interview Chapter Jackson about “it’s free swipe yo ebt.”

    That’s going to be so awesome if Europe gets out of the clutches of JewSA.

    Speaking of which, check this out.

  3. New Zealand is Visa free with a Mexican passport if you need to escape.

    • But could I easily get a job there?

      • After the US economic collapse no chance, but if you go on a scouting trip now you could try to secure something. They have labor problems now with many of their men going to Australia to work for higher wages. Take a CV with you and look around if you are over 30 then it will be a lot tougher. They don’t have freedom of speech so this blog would be illegal there. The Mexican director Guillermo Del Toro has his family living there precisely for the reason of VISA free travel although I think its also because he wants them to live in that environment. When the dollar collapses Mexico will go up in flames, it owns US junk bonds and 90% of its exports go to the US not to mention tourist dollars will be worthless and non-existant. Here in the US no one is taking it seriously and even if they did no one would no what to do about it as they’ve never been through hyper-inflation.

      • The only way that I may move to another country is either (1) that I manage to sell a real estate, or (2) that someone that doesn’t want this blog to die after the crash hires me in advance of any moving. I may be a pessimist but I think none will happen. You may call me “Blogger Doom.” :)

      • Brother I get it but in these times we have to be pro-active this will be worse than the hyperinflations that were triggered after the Mexican sexenios because no one will be there to bail us out or the Mexican government like before it will just keep going until it becomes more like the fall of the Soviet Union. I find your blog interesting and I sympathize although I’m not totally with you I think we have a lot in common. This will be your last chance to make a move out of old Mexico for a long time (barring getting married).

      • It’s impossible to escape with no money.

      • There’s always Russia you could teach Spanish.No money needed. I taught English there for a year it is great.

      • Perhaps you have missed my previous entries on the subject. I still have to get some travel money.

      • Good luck! In Russia they reimburse your ticket. Your English is good enough to be a teacher of it plus Spanish is also in demand over there. When I taught there back in 2007 I never felt more free in my life from the bonds of the thought police. The violence is overstated as it is only gangs against each other. Over time once you get the language you’ll be able to apply for citizenship and have two passports.

      • As I said, you have not been reading my posts on this subject. I have no landing money. Zilch. Which means that I cannot move for the moment to anywhere.

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